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What Is a street team ???/ 4-26-13

Good Morning , I had a few people ask what a street team is ??

Author Street Teams are very similar. The difference is that today, Author Street Team members aren’t passing out bumper stickers, plastering billboards, and throwing house parties. Author Street Teams tend to be more focused on making an impact in their social networking circles. There are a few real life things team members can do, but most of their effort should be focused on helping you to spread their word about your novel launch to their friends and fellow readers. – .

Okay, now that you have a team, what do you do?

  • Now that you have a team, you’ll want to keep them updated with regular emails. Now these aren’t newsletters. These are inside information and very personal. Make sure you’re sharing important information about the book with your team first. They’re your troops and they’ll greatly appreciate the inside scoop.
  • Create a team page on your website. You can make this a password protected page where your Author Street Team has to sign in. Again, WordPress has tools and plug-ins to allow you to have a member area on your site. [As an aside, the application I’m working on called NovelLaunchApp will have these tools, but there’s no reason to wait you can use these methods now with existing software].
  • Your Author Street Team page should be a place where you and the team can communicate. This means that your team can comment here and grab Book Profile Assets. Here are a few possible book profile assets:
  • Animated gif banners and buttons to drop on webpages and forums.
  • Nice large graphics to pin on Pinterest.
  • Video posts from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Avatars, Facebook headers, Twitter backgrounds, and HTML snippets.
  • Plot summaries, book quotes, and short synopsis that sell the book
  • Create a reward structure. Plan ahead the type of rewards that fit the tasks. Author Street Team members are interested in rewards related to the book. If you can give out early copies of the book or even feed it out a chapter at a time, you’ll have a great way to keep your little community hooked.

What sort of things should your Author Street Team do? – 




  • Talk about your Novel Launch to their social networks and communities. They are your cheerleaders.
  • Post images, banners, and video clips to their blogs, to forums, and their social networks.
  • Recommend your book to book groups in GoodReads and on Amazon.
  • If they’ve read early arcs of the novel, they should post reviews on the sites of their favorite booksellers.
  • They should go to their favorite review bloggers and request that your book get a review. Be cautious here. A friendly email from a few people is normally all a reviewer needs to agree to read and review. Don’t swarm someone’s email box with multiple requests, because it might really turn them off to your book. Let your elite group handle this.
  • They should be commenting, liking, and communicating with you on your social network sites and blogs.
    • Recommend your book at their local library and bookstores.
    • Pass out flyers or bookmarks at their local genre conventions, book clubs, coffee shops, libraries, and other places where readers congregate [Starbucks occasionally allows flyers, but the Author Street Team members should always ask.]

    Remember that your Author Street Team is made of volunteers. Reward them for their effort, but most importantly, be nice to them. They are doing you a huge favor. They are getting the thrill of being a part of something elite and working with a favorite author, but you’re getting access to a larger group of readers from a trusted source. Maintain that trust and you’ll have a group of people willing to help you launch every single book. 


    Ok so know you know what a street team is and what you need to do ..  

    I have some  street team post for authors who need help .













also here is her fan page as welll


























Please feel free to use the links to contact them telling them you would like to be a part of something special … Also only join if you truly  enjoy the Author , This is totaly a free serivce and it’s honor to be on anyone of these teams …

Have a great Friday everyone , Denise