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On to way I am here .. Sharing from Secret Craving Publishing today let’s see what they have going on over there


Attorney Anna Kincaid doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It’s been a time of loss and sadness for her for too many years.

Matteo Sanchez, a criminal prosecutor, has been searching for the right woman for more years than he cares to recall.

In a local deli, Matteo, seated at the next table overhears a conversation Anna has with her friends that she wants a one night stand for Christmas. The next day, he introduces himself to her at the local bar association Christmas party. After an evening of passion, Anna discovers that Matteo knew about her wish before meeting her. Believing him to be a stalker and a cad, she throws him out of her house. Christmas may prove to be her enemy yet again.


Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane. Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won’t save her. She’s the target on a serial killer’s radar. The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado. To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.

Navy SEAL Thane (Ghost) Austen is forced to choose between Kayla and his duty. If he deploys, she’ll die. If she returns to Canada, he’ll lose the woman who cracked his armor, and exposed his heart. Her abusive past is holding her hostage. There are two battles to be won: to light Kayla’s Fire and extinguish the Shark’s. Life broke them both in half, but together they’re whole, and he’ll walk through hell to keep her. The conclusion to Ghost and Snow White’s fight to survive in, “A Warriors Challenge” series.

Prologue video


Tired of her good girl image, Lily Parks is determined to let her wildest fantasies free, even if it is just for one night. She plans a night of seduction – the only thing missing is her ex-husband Charles and his lover, Paul. She wants them both and she knows just how to get them.

Charles Henderson is surprised when he receives a call from his ex-wife inviting him and his partner to Christmas dinner, but he can’t deny that her threesome idea is the greatest Christmas present ever. After one night of ecstasy with the two people he loves, he’s determined to make this arrangement permanent.

Can the three of them make this love triangle work, or will jealousy destroy the attraction they all feel for one another?


Will her past destroy her future?

But when Beth meets this giant of a man her heart beats a little faster. But no man would look at her, and she has a son…a son who she will fight to keep.

He tries to fight the attraction, but can he resist this woman?

Corey can’t help falling in love deeper than he ever wanted to. And when an old enemy of Beth’s turns up on the doorstep he steps forward to put an end to her past.

Will this be the beginning of their future together or the end of their dreams?


Cinda isn’t ready to become a glorious butterfly.  She’s still in the caterpillar stage with her generous curves.  All she really wants is for a man to appreciate who she is.  The way Jack did when they met at the airport. They shared a romantic day as they both waited for their flights. He kissed her goodbye and tucked his card in her suit pocket with instructions to call. It figures she’d lose his card. Luck never dealt her a romantic winning hand, but it’s time to reshuffle the cards.

Six months fantasizing about Jack was enough. Raven determines not only to help her friend to become the butterfly she is, but also to give her friend a gift she’ll never forget.  Cinda voices her doubts about attending the masquerade ball. Raven reveals that Santa left her special gift at the ball. Her job is to retrieve it.


Grace Addington thought she could escape the pain of losing her first love. Three years and a college degree later, she continues to imprison herself in her dreams where she controls her happily-ever-after. But those dreams can’t protect her from Trevor Stone and his mysterious, icy-blue eyes. He’s everything she should run from but is eager to taste.

Trevor Stone took to the streets at a young age, running from the anger of his father being arrested and his mother’s death. With the death of his adoptive father the year before, he’s left to run Stone Engineering and put aside his college days. And now he’s been asked to go above his Engineering skills. His only job is to get Grace to live a little. And after a few days of wild adrenaline rushes they both feel the addiction to one another. It’s one that neither seen coming.


Alan Richards returns to Lake Point for the holidays, counting the minutes until he can accomplish the dreaded goal of dealing with his aging parents and get back to the city.  Finding his former soul mate living in the town they left together and swore they’d never return to tosses his ordered plans right on their head.

Ivy Nowell has never looked back since she left the city and her ballet career to raise her daughter in Lake Point. Alan’s homecoming dredges up old hurts and the love she never quite let go, but he hasn’t changed, with his relentless commitment to goals that differ completely from hers.

The attraction and instant understanding between them lingers, but neither are who they used to be. Alan wants to give it a chance, but Ivy is worried he’ll change his mind and won’t risk hurting her daughter.

It’ll take Santa and all his magic to keep them from walking away from each other again, maybe for forever this time.

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Romantic Comedy 8/14/13


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Tatum Stewart is trying to make it on her own without her over-protective father.  She starts a new computer consulting business and buys a new bungalow on Laird Avenue in Sugar House, Utah. She has no idea that the forces of evil are working against her──that is, Burke Woods. His grandfather owned the home during Prohibition, and Burke wants the valuables stashed in her basement.

Tatum’s dream home soon turns into her worst nightmare requiring her to hire the local renovation expert, Ryan Bulldarren.  Who knew he would come with his own protection manual when he buys her a Bullmastiff dog as her new security system and sets about sabotaging her dates.

Can these two quirky individuals figure out what Burke’s up to before it’s to

Love On Laird Avenue


Missy Harder is reluctant to ruin a good thing and meet her on-line lover, Sam Kentley, in person. Sam is the first man she’s had any kind of relationship with in the past two years, and their on-line conversations, sexting and recent upgrade to phone sex, all suit her just fine. And the picture he sent makes her panties wetter than a summer downpour. But what if it’s all fantasy and there is no chemistry when they actually meet?

Sam Kentley is dying to see if the connection he and Missy have is real. She is easy to talk to, her picture is sexy as hell, and his sex drive’s ratcheted into high gear by her ability to play along with scenarios on text. When she agrees to phone sex, he thinks he’s in heaven. He can’t believe his good fortune when he accompanies a friend to a woman’s surprise birthday party, and the lady in question is Missy. However, he hadn’t expected their first meeting to include her zany family, or be witness to a tiny primate marking his territory on his woman, and then get attacked by the little monkey!

Humiliated enough for one evening, Missy wants nothing more than to be left alone. But when Sam refuses to leave Missy to her misery, they both learn that humor will get you through anything, and sometimes great sex and love sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Monkey, Sex, And Other Birthday Surprises


Can Viagra mistaken for a cold capsule conjoin an unlikely couple? Answer — in more ways than one.

A relationship with Elmoro, her new Italian-stallion brother-in-law was not something Colleen set out to accomplish. When it happened, she couldn’t ignore the impact on her feelings.

Elmoro wasn’t searching for love either. Settling into his life, his career as a partner in the family firm was plenty to keep him busy.

Meeting Colleen again set off episodes of fun, laughter and spontaneous sex that rekindled his rebel nature and opened up his heart.

Under The Tuscan’s Son


All good things have a beginning and with this story, it all begins with a call. Marcie Reynolds thought nothing of grabbing the phone that evening but she never thought that once she answered and heard the amazing voice on the other end that anything would happen, since the fact that the man had the wrong number.

Jonathan Sutton thought he had the right number and after the second time he calls, he couldn’t help but be enthralled after listening to the sweet voice on the other end. Soon he strikes up a conversation with the girl who calls herself ‘Joan’ and quickly sparks fly.

Watch as Marcie and Jonathan make what seems like something as innocent as a phone call into something that neither one of them will never forget.

Sorry….Wrong Number


Can a djinn and a magic slot machine bring two geeks together?

Riley McGregor is a geek trapped in a Good Ole Boy body and as owner of a microbrewery, smart chicks never look at him twice.

Rejected by a geek who wanted to “trade up,” Mirjam Linna would rather immerse herself in work than be the girlfriend-of-the-moment. Stranded in a Vegas hotel, she accidentally makes a wish—a night of hot sex with the man of her dreams. It’s granted. She agrees to dinner, but afterward, she’ll say thanks, but no thanks, and see what’s on the SyFy channel. But when they meet, they’re surprised to find they had a shared connection in their past. Sparks fly as these two learn to be in the moment, be themselves and find love.

Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Firefly and Marvin the Martian will enjoy this romantic comedy.

Beer And Groping In Las Vegas

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Hot Flash Reads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/12/13


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Today I am sharing Hot Flash reads from Secret Cravings Publishing wow that site has alot

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What a lousy forty-second birthday Charlie Reynolds is having, the only gifts—a pair of cowboy boots she bought and cake by the town’s diner proprietor. An embarrassing moment with the new veterinarian tops the day off. Divorced and lonely, she soon discovers her libido isn’t dead. Lusting after the tall and handsome doctor can’t go anywhere. No way would he be interested in a plain, older woman ready to be put out to pasture. Or so she thinks.

Zach Callahan is heating up the ladies in the town of Brady Hills. He returned to his Texas roots from Virginia to start a new life taking over a thriving practice. The first day, he meets a gorgeous woman, and is instantly smitten—cowboy boots and all. He’s only interested in heating up the sheets with one woman in Texas, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or so he thinks.

Temperatures rise as the heat between Charlie and Zach reaches the boiling point.

Texas Heat


Margaret Nelson, thirty-five year old country music talent agent. Her dream job and she’s good. She’s got four needy but extremely talented clients. One problem, her boss wants her to take on the newest, hottest rising star to hit Nashville, Lee James. Making him a huge success should be easy. He’s gorgeous, sexy and oh-my-God, hot!

Lee James, do your momma proud country boy turned sizzling country star. He’s on the fast track to be the biggest thing to hit country music since George Strait. The talent agency hired by his record company to promote him comes with a huge issue—his attraction to his agent. She’s beautiful, funny, and smart, but she seems to have this hang up with being older than he is.

No way could Lee be attracted to a woman with cellulite, love handles and sagging breasts or at least that’s the way Maggie sees herself. He could have any woman he wants, why her?Can desire this blistering continue to ignite long after their one night of passion?

Country Minded Cougar


Do younger men treat a woman better? At least that is what Karen Wild is about to find out. This forty-year-old, divorced mother of two children is about to find out what being a cougar is all about.  She believed she could battle anything that came her way…that is until Nick Marshall entered her life.

She never anticipated Nick, thirteen years her junior, being interested in her. He’s hot and he wants Karen all to himself.

Join this cougar as she learns to accept her sexuality and finally learns what it means to love and how a younger man can melt the years away.

A wild Older Woman


Mark and Diane have dealt with loss in the past. It has hurt them to the point where they refuse to love anyone else.

That is until they meet for the first time…

Their friends are getting married and it is time for the made-of-honour and the best man to meet. This is more than a dance. This is a hunt.

Mark wants Diane and he is prepared to go to any length to keep her. Mark is the first man who has made Diane feel. She is scared, terrified but she wants it.

If you want something that badly, you fight for it. After everything she has been through, can Diane learn to love and trust this younger man with her life and her heart or will it be too late for them to admit to their feelings for each other?

Trust Me


Tasha Lane never realized how boring her life had become until one phone call in the middle of the night totally changed it. Can this forty-two year old accountant put aside a nine-year age gap and perpetual “foot in mouth” disorder to find love and happiness with an ex-rodeo star turned rancher?

Three years ago, Devin Grant traded the rodeo circuit for a cattle ranch. If someone told him, he would fall in love with a woman he’d never physically met, he’d think they were kicked too many times in the head by a bull. When her brother is thrown from his horse, it was finally time to meet the sexy woman of his dreams and convince her, he was worth taking a chance on.

Can he convince her before she goes back to her boring life? Will she be able to overcome their age difference and her own insecurities?

Saddle Up


Susan Dean didn’t have any idea that taking a job at her brother’s law firm would change her life. Then she met junior partner Blake Daniel’s. They are complete opposites. Blake is young, confident, dominant and determined to claim anything he wants in life. Not that he’d want a woman who turns into a clumsy, nervous wreck that can barely string a sentence together when he’s in the same room as her, or would he?

Blake is a patient man, and it’s a good thing he is because waiting for Susan Dean is driving him to distraction. The attraction between them is obvious. He turns her into a horny mess everytime they’re in the same room, not that Susan appears ready to admit that fact. Once Blake decides it’s time to make a move on his voluptuous co-worker, Susan will have no option but to submit to his seductive demands.

Seducing A Cougar


Who ever heard of a divorced marriage therapist? It didn’t inspire confidence, but her fake wedding ring did. Of course, the ring sounded a death knell for actually meeting men. Not that she’d date her clients because they were already married. She just needed a different life on the side, one where she dated hot professional men who’d wine and dine her. Fat chance.

Instead she spends all her time at King Crab restaurant discussing her failed dates with Jackson, the young bartender. Why did love have to be so hard? Oh yeah, that’s why people came to her for advice. If she were to advise herself then it would be to grab Jackson, and forget his age.

By the time, she makes up her mind, Trinity shows up; she thinks Jackson would be the perfect third husband. Elise has to play dirty to win her man with hilarious results.

Unexpected Cougar

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Free Reads From Secret Craving Publishing 8/10/13


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bc23690e7dca8766c51b796407f0b206.image.125x200This story is complete

Sheriff Kane Saucier had no intention of falling in love, again – ever.  Love was for men who weren’t married to their careers; men who had never experienced betrayal by a woman who was supposed to belong to him.  Until he met Lilibet.

The wallflower of Kerrville County has never been kissed, never been on a date, never been asked to dance.  Due to a childhood injury, she does not move with easy grace, but with halted movements that causes everyone to view her with a mixture of pity and disdain.  Until she meets Kane.

Kane only sees an incredible woman with the face of an angel and a smile that determined to show her how truly beautiful she is.

A Brown-Eye Handsom Man


New installment coming to you every Wednesday

Layla Hunter

Paranormal (Ghosts)

Heat Level 3

Special Agent Analiese Valentine – aka “Val” – lived and died for her career. Possessing a sixth sense for as long as she could remember, Val always knew she was different – and so did everyone else. So different, in fact, her own abandoned her, forging internal scars so deep most relationships, if any, were cultivated at a safe distance. A near-tragic accident opens unexpected doors – some otherworldly – changing her life in ways she’d never imagined possible.

Dr. Maxwell “Max” Thornton, a psychiatrist, ironically lives an almost reclusive life except for his practice. Although his empathic abilities allow him to help his patients in ways most practitioners never could, the effort is taxing, at times debilitating.

When a guarded agent and a reluctant empath cross paths, unexpected revelations occur and a delicate thread binds them to one another as a predetermined Fate begins to unfold, sending them plummeting into a war between good and evil.
My Soul To Keep


New installment coming to you every Friday

Confederate Breed

Jack Mull

Heat Level 3

After the Civil War, there wasn’t much for soldiers of the Confederacy to do and there were even fewer options for Native Americans. Hundo, a quarter–breed Creek who was a CSA Army Captain, and his friend Luke, a full blood Creek, head for the west to start a new life after the destruction of their beloved South. But everywhere they go they find the aftermath of the war—lawlessness, greed, cruelty, loneliness—but also, opportunity.

This story is complete

Confederate Breed


New installment coming to you every Thursday

Goodbye Agony

Lacie Nation

Heat Level 4

Jason Mitchell is a firefighter. He loved once, but when his wife succumbs to cancer leaving him to raise their daughter, it leaves him empty. He goes to work and does what’s right for his little girl, but women and especially love are out of the question. When he saves a beautiful woman who dances like an angel from a fire, will he be able to resist her? Follow Jason through a tale of heroism, a broken heart, healing, and possible love.

***The story is complete.***

Goodbye Agony


A mysterious stranger named Beckett Conrad walks into Elizabella Powell’s life bringing news of a great-grandfather, a Cherokee Chief. After the death of her mother, the joy of Christmas had no significance. The hope of a family has her agreeing to travel to Tennessee on Christmas Eve.

Elizabella is independent and controls everything around her and quickly loses it when the stranger arrives. Beckett is an Alpha Wolf Shifter, a fact he keeps hidden, sent to bring the lost Elizabella wolf princess back to the clan. The attraction between them is strong. She thinks he has killer eyes. He thinks she has a killer body.

A Christmas With A Stranger

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Erotic Fantasy at Secret Cravings Publishing 8/9/13


Hello everyone I am sharing some Erotic Fantasy  today .. Let’s call today Freaky Friday I have had a hell of week , let’s begin


Mike Sneider is one lucky guy. He has a gorgeous wife who is always in the mood for sex. Anytime, anywhere.There is only one problem in their lives. Mike can’t give Lainie the one thing she desires most. Her own penis.

A local woman might be able to help. Lawanda has potions that could make their lives perfect and give Lanie the one thing she wants more than anything. After one whirlwind weekend in each other’s bodies, the possibility of making it permanent looms on the horizon.

What happens if they do?

All The Time

059802eda754f2b4dbbfbc7bc2a2de7e.image.125x18799 cents

Jaynie Reynolds believes in her team. She promises them top jobs and wants to deliver on her word. The man she fantasizes about blocks her path.  Being ambitious comes at a price, locked away behind years of study and hard work a sensual woman lurks wanting to break free. With the company Halloween Party coming up, her main competitor is in for the surprise of his life.

Brendon Marshall enjoys his job. Strategy and tactical surveillance keep his mind alert and his skillset one of the best. One woman crawls under his skin and he burns to give it to her good. Setting an easy trap he sits back and waits for his plan to come to fruition.

All Bets Are Off


Joe is a blackmailer with exceptional sexual skills who teaches at every step.  Jill is a girl just graduating high school, but with some very special skills and a lust for all of life.  Joyce is a liberated psychologist with a firm belief that sex is good clean fun and pleasure is a career goal.  Jimmy is a shy narcotics cop, a gentle martial arts wizard, a giant of a man with a dark past.

What starts out as a forced seduction takes a radical turn when Jill teams up with Joyce, who shows her that good sex is an art and that the pursuit of pleasure knows no bounds, especially when pleasure is a weapon.

Throw in one big cop with total control of his own body – protector, teacher, friend and lover – and one very secret mission, and this will be a graduation to remember.



During a massive archeological dig, identical twins Clay and Cliff Ramstaff uncover a rare, but incredible find.Legends has it whoever uncovers the Golden Phallus will have tremendous powers and inexplicable sexual prowess.

Which man will become the proud owner of the Golden Phallus and woo the woman he loves? Will the twins survive the intense tropical dig to find how the statue works?Will the love of a good woman prove to be the best medicine a man can get?

The Golden Find


Desperate for sex after years of abstinence, Yoni buys a love slave, a criminal from a neighboring planet.  Nubile, young and fresh, Sasha is all he could have hoped for. But he can’t bring himself to touch her because the nature of her crime, to him, is not really a crime.  In desperation, he is forced to resort to self-pleasuring.

Sasha would rather be a love slave than a prisoner on her own planet but can’t understand why Yoni doesn’t touch her.  When she catches him self-pleasuring she wants to please him. The floodgates open.  She responds to Yoni’s love-making with gusto.

When she suggests that he be the love slave and she the mistress he refuses. But what if he’d be missing out some really great sex? Will he insist on them keeping their rightful places? Or will he allow a slave to take the upper hand?

Love Slave


I hope you have a great Freaky Friday and go out and enjoy yourself , Denise