Alexander The James Children by Kathi S Barton Free Read

Book Two In Series

Heather is exhausted most of the time. Holding down three jobs, trying to finish high school and caring for her elderly grandfather and son are all she knows how to do.
Alexander doesn’t know if he wants to like the feisty baker. She has a smart mouth, beautiful, and makes his blood stir like no one ever has. But he can’t trust. Not anyone. Not with his heart, not with his money and especially not with his love. He decides that while he wants her, he’d just leave her alone and go about his business.
Already broke and barely hanging on, an apartment fire robs them of everything they own. The little family doesn’t know what they are going to do. Devastated, she throws herself on the mercy of Alexander James and strikes a bargain. She’ll sleep with him if he helps her and her little family get back on their feet. Alex agrees.
Alexander wants the sexy baker in the worst way, and when they come together the attraction can’t be denied. But can they breach the walls that they’ve built around their hearts and learn to trust?




Book One In series 

When Jared Stone goes undercover to investigate an employee of his father’s company he expects to find a man abusing his power and ignoring his responsibilities. Willow James in neither a man nor an incompetent site foreman. And soon Jared finds himself going undercover of a different sort. Together they must navigate a world of drugs, murder and intrigue.


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Sizzling Summer Freebie Promo Hosted by Author Kimberly Kincaid

Sizzling Summer Freebie Promo Hosted by Author Kimberly Kincaid

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HUGE Labor Day Sales Blitz 9/5/16




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Maid for the Rock Star by Demelza Carlton

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Close Encounters 1 and 2 by C. C. Cartwright Freebie & Rafflecopter giveaway 11/13/15


Close Encounters 1 and 2
by C.C. Cartwright
Close Encounters New Adult and College Series #1
Publication Date: March 30, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Freebie: Close Encounters 1 and 2 by C.C. Cartwright

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~Four beautiful and fun-loving college coeds embarking on their first year at USC, each wants to experience everything college life has to offer.~

One of them is a naughty girl and she tries to corrupt them all. She challenges her new roommates, who can be the naughtiest girl over thirty days, they have exactly one month.

Clarissa is the first one to try and meet the challenge by surrendering to a forbidden tryst with the hot Professor Montgomery who all the girls sit up front for and swoon over. But the Professor doesn’t like the attention she’s getting from the billionaire frat boy Jason Bancroft, heir to the Bancroft Publishing House fortune. Clarissa knows she wants to enjoy all college has to offer, but will her heart get in way?

Deena aspires to become a USC Song Girl and enjoys a variety of men and makes no apologies for it. Many a frat boy is ready and willing to satisfy her insatiable appetite. Will her fantasy of becoming a USC Song Girl become a reality?

Kara seems all sweet girl on the outside, but to everyone’s surprise she succumbs to the USC motorcycle riding bad boy who lives upstairs in Apartment 72. Jake Morris actually has a heart that Kara might just break.

Lexi is hung up on her ex who cheated on her, so what does she owe him, absolutely nothing. She needs to let her hair down and get out there and be single and ready to mingle. Will her roommates convince her to come out of her shell and party like the rest of them?

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About C.C. Cartwright


My passions lie in writing and reading sexy contemporary romances. Personal experiences are the inspiration for my sexy romances, there is a little bit of me in every story I pen. Listening to music while writing inspires me to create my characters and makes their love story come alive.

When I am not getting lost in my writing, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them!


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Limerence II Release Day & Spotlight 10/10/14

Limerence release poster









lime (1)



When you see life through the eyes of a vampire, you see the true colours of the world.

It’s been almost a year since Mia’s life was forever altered, and each day is a battle as she fights the dark vampire trapped within her. She is strong, and powerful, and she wants control. She will do anything to be free. Even if it means destroying them both.

Evan, a strong Bastion vampire is fighting a darkness of his own. And though their Queen won’t allow it, Mia’s connection with him is intense & addictive. They find it impossible to stay apart. But as their emotions grow stronger, Mia fears Evan’s secrets will destroy the very strength she needs to keep her inner vampire under control. 

Is she strong enough to survive a love which is not allowed, while fighting the monster within?
The Queen is sick and the world Mia has only just come to know is changing. In the end, there can only be one survivor.

teaser for L2


The door swings closed behind me, and I’m embraced in the darkness. I follow Lora along the darkened hallway, my hand clutched firmly in hers to stop me running away. We reach another door, and behind it I feel like I’ll find my nemesis, my saviour, and maybe even freedom. Lora turns to look at me with a sly grin, her eyes gleaming and red-tinged with hunger, and as I stare at the aura floating around her in a cloud of colourful commotion, I know that this was a ridiculously stupid idea. We’re friends—as much as selfish vampires can be friends anyway—but when it comes down to it, in her eyes her happiness, her freedom, will always come first. I will be forgotten and abandoned in favour of her own desires and needs. I don’t take offence to this: that’s just the way things are; that’s just the attraction of blood and what it does to you. Like any addiction, it strangles everything out of your life.

She swings the door wide open, pulling me inside with her, and I am swallowed into the lion’s den.

It’s dark in here also; of course it is—isn’t this the typical cliché of things to come? The room is full of writhing bodies both warm and cold. With the Queen away, it seems everyone has gone wild. Perhaps this is a normal vampire’s way of letting off steam. Perhaps. Or this could be just a normal way of life here in this particular coven. Either way it screams danger, fun, and temptation. And I know it was a stupid decision to come here, but I can’t back down now—couldn’t even if I really wanted to; my own inner demons are excited, my nerve endings spitting out sparks.

Music plays, but nobody dances; instead they sway, the music more like a backdrop to set the mood for everyone. Almost everyone is huddled with another vampire either talking, feeding, or…doing something that under normal circumstances would be described as inappropriate in public, but here it’s okay. Here everyone is safe. We protect our own, watching over them as they feed, or fornicate. Nobody feels shame: it’s hard to believe that this could ever be wrong when so many are doing it. And I feel myself being swallowed easily into the sensual atmosphere.

My body shivers in anticipation, travelling up and down my spine like a tiny trail of ants marching towards something dangerous.

We make our way across the room to another lounge area lit up with red lights like a cheap brothel, and Lora pulls me over to the human in the corner on tap for everyone to use. She kneels down between the human’s thighs and drops her face to his inner thigh, biting down and drinking deeply. I watch, growing thirstier by the second. Mad Donny is the steward tonight, of course—as if he would ever let one of his humans escape his clutches.


Claire C Riley is a Best Selling British Horror writer.

Her work is best described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements to develop storylines that pay homage to cult-classics while still feeling fresh and cutting-edge. She writes characters that are realistic, and kills them without mercy.

Claire lives in the UK with her husband, three daughters, and one scruffy dog.

Her works namely include, old school vampires and apocalyptic zombie ridden worlds, with several full-length books, and short stories to her name, with plenty more coming up in 2014.

Awards and Accreditations.

Odium. The Dead Saga is a top #100 dystopian selling book on for 2013, ‘Indie book of the day’ winner December 2013 and ‘Indie Author Land 50 best self-published books worth reading 2013/14’

Limerence featured book in the ‘Guardian newspaper for best Indie novel 2013’ and is a finalist for the eFestival of Words ‘best novel’ category.

Odium II The Dead Saga is a #1 Best Selling British Horror book and top #100 dystopian book.

She is also a very proud contributor to the ‘Let’s Scare Cancer to Death’ charity anthology as well as several other anthologies such as ‘State of Horror Illinois’ & ‘Fading Hope: Humanity Unbound’.

She can be stalked at any of the following.





Good morning today I am sharing some amazon freebies so sit and take a look and pick up some amazing reads by great authors




Newly Edited!

Francesco Giordano wants to retire and turn over his shipping empire to his only son Daniel. But the young, gorgeous, and sexy Daniel is more interested in fast cars, the family jet, and bedding women.

When Francesco decides the best way to make his son grow up is to change his identity and move him away from his Manhattan penthouse, Daniel’s world begins to rock.

Sent to a little town in Tennessee, stripped of his family name and all access to money, Daniel finds himself on a mission to prove to his father that he can make it. If he doesn’t, he risks losing the family business and billions of dollars.

Country life isn’t setting very well with the fast-paced New Yorker, until he meets the woman who stirs up every one of his senses. Katherine is beautiful, sassy, and has no intentions of hooking up with the new stranger in town. She leaves without a word. Will Daniel risk it all to find her?

This book contains adult content.



Noel travels the world for work, only coming home for the holiday season. With so little time spent in one place, relationships are a no-go.

Dean, a firefighter with a serious disdain for the holiday season, is sent to Mistletoe, a small town that lives and breathes Christmas. To keep his holiday exposure to a minimum, Dean avoids relationships from November through January.

Will two people who are so adamant about being single be able to ignore the feelings that are heating up their Christmas season?



Still grieving the loss of her fiancé and best friend in a car accident on Christmas Eve at Sapphire Ridge, Niki Lusk returns to the popular Lake Tahoe ski resort one year later to find closure and make sense of a stunning betrayal following their deaths. If only the snow, pine trees and holiday cheer could help her heal and reclaim her Christmas spirit.

Niki isn’t counting on the massive avalanche that roars down the mountain in the middle of the night to bury alive dozens sleeping in one of the resort’s lodges. Nor does she expect devastatingly sexy Bryce McInnis, whose mysterious accent is impossible to pin down, to show up on her radar, demanding she help him save one of the avalanche’s victims.

What Bryce must never know is that Niki has a secret. She was born with a special gift she’s spent her entire life concealing from others. Yet it’s this unique talent she’ll need to call upon to rescue not just those in danger, but her own critically damaged heart.

Length: 18,500 Words (novella)
Action Level: Intense
Heat Level: Warm




**The Start of Us is a prequel novella to The Thrill of It and can be read before or after. **


A new adult story of First Times. Last Times. Connections. And No Regrets…
I only wanted a tattoo. A mark on my body to remind me of who I used to be. Something to hold onto when I started my penance for all the things I’d done wrong, the bad choices I’d made by the time I turned nineteen. Instead, I found a night of possibility, of truth, of hope for the future. And the most intense physical connection I’ve ever had.

The only one I’ve ever had, and one I will never forget.

When she walked into my tattoo shop, I knew she was like me. Harley had secrets. She had a messed-up past, and things she wanted to run from, or forget ever happened. I couldn’t let her go. So we agreed on one night – to spend it together wandering around the city, getting to know each other, the clock ticking because we knew tomorrow would bring an end to the possibility of an us.

Unless tonight was only the start.

How can one night be the start of something when tomorrow it has to end?



Tender, funny, and thought-provoking, this novel is one you’ll remember long after you’ve turned the last page.

Rock star Jackson Bell has just given his heart to God. Resolved to abandon his wicked lifestyle and eager for instruction in Christian living, he heads home to Owatonna, Minnesota and the girl-next-door he’s secretly loved for years. Dismayed to find Laney Ryland in the midst of a faith crisis, “Jeb” quickly formulates a plan: he’ll help Laney get her faith back, and then he’ll find her a good Christian man to marry so she can get started on that big family she longs for.

It won’t be easy, watching another man slide a ring onto Laney’s finger. But she deserves only the best, and Jeb means to see that she gets it. Now if only her great-aunts, those pesky 79-year-old matchmaking triplets known as the Three Graces, will just stay out of his way . . . .

Brenda Coulter’s first four novels were published by Harlequin’s popular “Love Inspired” imprint. One of them won a HOLT Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, and another was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award (Best Inspirational Romance).

Brenda Coulter brings to light real-life faith struggles and God’s healing grace. —RT Book Reviews

Ready to read some feel-good romance? Scroll back to the top of this page and snag your copy of Her Minnesota Man right now!


I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there are probably like three good-looking billionaires on the planet. Generally speaking billionaires look a lot more like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet than Channing Tatum. Don’t get me wrong, Bill and Warren are great guys, but no one is breaking out into a sweat thinking about either one of them. Now there aren’t all that many Navy SEALs floating around either and the ones that are available are generally so busy being, well, Navy SEALs, that you’d be hard pressed to find one with some free time to date.

If you chuckled at the above and enjoy a little sex related humor, this short parody of all the billionaire and Navy SEAL romance novels may just be for you. If you didn’t at least giggle and don’t enjoy that type of humor, you probably should keep looking for your next read.

With that out of the way now on to the real book description…

Heir to a chocolate empire, Brock Fullman joins the elite Navy SEAL team in order to avenge the death of his high school sweetheart. With his billionaire family one bad day in the stock market away from the dreaded “Mm Mm Mm…” word (Yes Millionaire… he’s the only family member who can actually say it), he’s torn between the woman he must marry to guarantee his family’s future and the new woman he secretly loves. Out for revenge, will he destroy the company, his family, himself and all those around him in the process?

Chocolate Covered Billionaire Navy SEAL is a short story (approximately 18,000 words) and falls somewhere in genre between a romantic comedy and contemporary romance parody.
The “SEALionaire” is sometimes off-the-wall absurd, sometimes steamy, but always funny. It contains explicit language, sexual content, features a hot, rich, let’s call him unique, military man, a bitch we love to hate, lots of chocolate (some might argue too much) and a handful of not so bright terrorists. It’s intended for mature audiences and a complete work with none of those pesky cliffhangers!



Her life isn’t glamorous, but Rhea Griggs does her best.
In her small town of Wakefield, Virginia she lives the life she has been given, but loving your older brother’s best friend is always a gamble. For Rhea, it’s an unspoken truth.
Chad Payne is a sailor, a SEAL, and he loves his job, but the danger and unknowing is starting to weigh on his heart and soul. He’s ready to settle down, but confessing his love for his best friend’s little sister is easier said than done.
When heartbreak and loss find Rhea, Chad knows it’s now or never.
Is two weeks enough for them to share the love of a lifetime? To mend two hearts into one? Can Rhea handle what comes with loving a SEAL?

Contains rowdy country fun, heart warming love and one heart wrenching farewell that will leave you speechless.


“Very good reading; could not put them down. I will read them again and would like to read more of Sylvia McDaniel’s books.”

“Scandal, bigamy and murder in this southern historical romance will keep you turning the pages. Another best-seller for Sylvia McDaniel.”

Shock, anger and humiliation were the only emotions Marian Cuvier felt for her murdered husband, Jean, especially after the detective informed her she’s not the only woman he married. There are three Cuvier widows and each one is suspected of murder.

After Jean’s death, Marian must enter the male dominated New Orleans business world and battle Jean’s handsome business partner, Louis Fournet to safeguard her children’s future and save their only source of income, Cuvier Shipping. Yet Louis has a way with women that Marian that arouses feelings she’s never experienced. Meanwhile Louis is wielding his power to sell the business without her knowledge. Can Marian learn to trust again or will Louis’ ruthless ambition shatter her heart as well as her future.


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Smash Words Freebie’s 11/29/13



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*Book One in the Through Glass Novella Series*

No one expects the world to end, for life to change, and for the sunny life you live to turn into a horrifying disaster.
I didn’t.
But there were signs


Liviana is young, strong-willed, and shackled. She is a slave to the Roman Empire, but unlike most slaves, she has a rare, special talent; Liviana has a medical education, one she uses to tend to the wounds of the performing gladiators, including the cuts and bruises of a man she comes to find irresistible, Servius. That same day, however, Liviana is summoned to the Emperor’s Palace urgently!



Lacey, a small town kindergarten teacher seems to have it all. She has the perfect job, terrific friends, and the love of her life helping her to plan the wedding of her dreams. However, she soon discovers that her dreamboat fiancé is actually a liar and a cheat, leaving her heart broken and destitute. Realizing that her meager teacher salary will never help her escape the avalanche of debt she now resides under, she desperately turns to a part time profession she had never considered before. Though this new job challenges her, it also gives her sense of empowerment, and awakens within her a sexual temptress she didn’t even know existed…but can Lacey withstand the learning curve?

This book contains exciting and naughty descriptions of romantic activity that are sure to leave you hot and breathless.



The last thing that Carly Davis wants is to return to her hometown but she does not have much choice. Her band just broke up, her manager skipped town with what little money the band was owed, and her boyfriend just landed in jail for extortion.
Arriving home, she finds things are not much better. Darren Gates, a multimillionaire developer, wants her parents’ faltering farm, since it would make a great site for a strip mall, and apartment complex.

This series is a contemporary romance featuring a billionaire, alpha male bachelor with some submissive themes. This ebook contains searing depictions of romantic activity.


Continuation of Love Through Cobra’s Eye 5, Love Poison Series… Naina had a long term crush on Avinash Subedar, the genius scholar of her school. It was totally another thing that he never paid any attention to her but, suddenly, something changed and Naina instantly caught Avi’s eye. Why? Before she could answer that question, her Dad’s death caught her off guard and made her special…


Melissa is a successful career woman who escaped the small town she grew up in. That is, until she is laid off and forced to move back in with her overbearing parents. Desperate to escape Melissa takes a job as a flight attendant on a billionaire’s private jet. Follow her journey as she searches to find herself and her long repressed sexual desires.


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Maid For The Billionaire By Ruth Cardello & contest 10/22/13


Good afternoon  Today I am sharing one of my favorite Authors  Ruth Cardello

Did you know she has a free book out that you can download for free!!!!!! Yes I said FREE..

Image BOOK ONE IN SERIES IF A FREEBIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dominic Corisi knew instantly that Abigail Dartley was just the distraction he was looking for, especially since having her took a bit more persuading than he was used to. So when business forces him to fly to China, he decides to take her with him, but on his terms. No promises. No complications. Just sex.

In China, Abby must decide if she will save him, even if it means losing him forever.

Links on where you can get this amazing book

Meet the Author


Ruth Cardello lives on a small farm in Northern Rhode Island with her husband, three kids, three dogs, two horses, and some assorted chickens. If there is a happier place on Earth, she hasn’t found it.

If you’d like to email her directly, you may contact her at

You can also find her website at: or



Other books in series


9781467936705_p0_v1_s114x166 2940014652599_p0_v1_s114x166 2940148734741_p0_v1_s114x166 2940148784760_p0_v1_s114x166


All Now Available


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