A Draglen’s Wedding By Solease Barner Cover Reveal & Pre Order 10/18/16


An Erotic Paranormal Romance
Mature Audience Only
It was love at first sight for Gemi Draglen. As soon as he set eyes on Shalisi Narmon, Gemi knew he could never love another. After almost losing his life as well as the woman he loved, he’s finally back on his home planet with Shalisi, and more than ready to make the beautiful witch his Wella. Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple for a Draglen prince. Not everyone is happy to have Shalisi living in the palace. Witches have been the enemy of dragons since the dawn of time and have never been welcome in the kingdom. And worse, everything and everyone keeps getting in the way with no one being able to agree on anything…including him and his hopefully soon to be bride. And his family is certainly not helping one little bit!He wants tradition…she wants her dreams…and the queen… well, she just wants the witch gone!
Shalisi loves Gemi and wants nothing more than to be with him forever. But all the people of Cortamagen hate witches and sadly, that includes her. No one seems to want her here… especially Gemi’s family. She’s already lost so much. Would becoming Gemi’s Wella mean sacrificing her former life along with her witch heritage forever? Or worse, would she be giving up all hope of one day finding her parents? How do you explain to the man you love you’re afraid of uncertainty, and possibly not ready to give up your dreams?
How does a dragon warrior and a beautiful witch satisfy everyone including themselves???
This could turn out to be a royal fiasco!
But come what may, it’s sure to be A Draglen’s Wedding to remember!



Solease M. Barner


Author Website


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