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The Way Home by Linda Oaks Cover Reveal & Rafflecopter giveaway 3/18/16

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Title: The Way Home
Author: Linda Oaks
Series: The Chasing Series
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Releasing: April 12

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Cover Design by Jena Brignola

TWH Synopsis

“Not everyone you love is going to leave you…but what if they do?”

For Nate Lucas, this was his reality.

When he lost her, he was left with no choice. Life was impossible in Crawley without her. He couldn’t live with all of the memories or her ghost.

He vowed to never return again.

It was business that brought him back and the chance to right a wrong, but then she needed him; his best friend’s little sister. Her life and her child’s were in danger.

It was an arrangement until it became more.

He vowed to never love again; to never allow the past a chance to repeat itself, but sometimes you’re left with no choice.

When the walls around your heart are finally breached, do you run and save yourself or stay and fight for the chance to love again?

When you lose your way, how do you find the way home?

**The Way Home is an Interconnected Standalone in The Chasing Series. Each book features a different couple.**



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The Way Home Teaser #1

TWH Excerpt

We’d spent Sunday celebrating with her family never even managing to have a moment alone until the end of the night when she’d walked me out to my truck to say goodnight. The sky had been splattered with stars, thousands of them piercing the darkness above us. The tiny pinpoints of light were not nearly as captivating as Natalie; nothing was. We walked with her tucked against my side, gazing up at the sky. Her face had been radiant as she pointed out the constellations. In her excitement, she’d stumbled, dragging my attention away from Orion’s Belt and back to her. I’d only looked away because she’d insisted. I’d much rather have looked at her. I’d gripped her close. Both of us laughing. I could still recall the expression on her face. Her smile had shined brighter than any star I had ever seen.

The promise ring I’d saved six months for had been sitting proudly on the fourth finger of her dainty left hand. My birthday gift to her, and I hadn’t given two shits if her parents had liked it or not. Natalie was mine. She’d smiled at me, peeking up shyly through her lashes before sliding her hands into my hair and tugging my head closer to hers. My girl had loved to tease me. So in tune, I’d known exactly what she’d wanted and had fitted my mouth against hers while pulling her body close to mine. She’d fit me perfect.

That had been our last kiss. Thinking back on that day, I’d wished I’d held her a little tighter and had kissed her a little longer. Instead, I’d taken it all for granted; thinking we’d have tomorrow, our whole lives ahead of us. I wished I’d taken the opportunity to memorize every single fucking detail no matter how small. Now, my last memory of her was measured in a single moment in time, and selfishly, I wanted every second, every minute, and every hour of it back just to spend it with her all over again.

The Way Home Teaser #2

TWH Trailer

TWH The Chasing Series

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TWH About The Author

Linda Oaks

Linda Oaks has always had a passion for books. At the age of five, she was a book of the month club member. Her love for books eventually led her to a love of writing. She resides in Eastern Kentucky with her husband, two children, three dogs and a pet rabbit named Dozer. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad and Instagram. She can be also be reached by mail at She loves connecting with her readers.

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The Accidental Slave, Book 1 by Elin Peer Release Blitz 3/18/16

Accidental Slave RB Banner

Accidental Slave 1 Cover


What would you do if you had your morals tested, your values violated, and your boundaries broken? How many of your own rules would you break to survive in a world beyond your worst nightmare? And who would you become then?

A young nurse, Aya Johansen, is working with refugees in a war zone when she is captured by fanatic religious warriors, fighting for their right to keep slaves and perform human sacrifices.

Their violence and brutality shocks her and her panic rises when she discovers the most terrifying man she’s ever met has bought her as his personal sex slave.

Aya is determined to break free – or die trying!

She quickly realizes that her only chance of escape is to navigate a forbidden attraction to a man fighting on the wrong side of the war. Is he only out for himself, or can she trust him?


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Elin has traveled the world and lived in different countries. She has studied psychology and worked in both the private sector and as a successful entrepreneur.

When Elin was a little girl she lived in Scandinavia and was trained to be a certified troll hunter by her granddad, who told her it was a family tradition and that he himself had been trained by his grandmother. As an adult he could no longer see the trolls (as you might know, only children can do that), but he was still sharp on pointing out their tracks, and for Elin the adventures they went on together every summer became treasured memories from a childhood full of fairies, trolls, and goblins.

With a vivid imagination and a thirst for great stories, she emptied the library as a child and continues to be a voracious reader still – when she isn’t creating great stories that will entertain, shock, touch, and excite you.

Elin lives in the United States, and troll hunting has been exchanged for the study of random people as inspiration for her books… if you find a blond woman watching you closely from a distance… that might be her, trying to decide if you are a hero or a villain.




Same Page by GL Tomas Book Blitz & Rafflecopter giveaway 3/18/16

Same Page

book blitz


Book Title: Same Page
Author: G.L. Tomas
Genre: I/R Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2, 2015
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book blurb

Naima vibed with Timothy from the first moment they met. Attraction wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did—with no time to turn back.

Timothy knew better. But that moment—her mouth pressed against his—made him forget about his girlfriend and he would do anything to get another chance to kiss those lips.

Can two close friends get on the same page in this Brown Sugar meets Love Jones interracial erotic romance!



She laughed and, in turn, made me laugh. Naima’s laugh was wacky but drove me crazy. I tucked the money into my back pocket and was met with Naima kneeling down in front of me, rubbing her palms up and down the fronts of my legs.

“I hate to admit this, but you have me so fucking curious.”

I suppose that was a step up from dissing me earlier, but I didn’t blame her for how she felt. If it were me in the same situation, I wouldn’t fuck a girl who had a man either. Yet there was something that drew me to Naima. I felt it. She felt it. We just vibed.

“I guess that can only be good, right?” I said, licking my lips. I interlocked my fingers in hers, and it was then I noticed how small her hands were.

“Look, this might not mean much, Naima, but I am really, really, really fucking attracted to you. I just want to be honest. Just in case you decide that being my friend is something you decide you still want to be. I won’t ever disrespect you, but I can’t pretend I don’t feel a certain way when you’re around.”

If she was just a pretty face, it would’ve been easier to ignore. All my homegirls were pretty, but that didn’t mean I was trying to cross that line with any of them. She was different. Relaxed, fun, intelligent, and didn’t take herself too seriously. I could be myself around her. To me, there wasn’t anything sexier.


Teaser Three Same Page

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Teaser Four Same Page

Teaser Two Same Page


meet the author

Guinevere is the G. Libertad is the L. Seems fitting to go by GL Tomas as twin coauthors with a mission. Known to most as the “Twinjas” from the platform Twinja Book Reviews, a review blog that supports and promotes diversity in YA titles and speculative fiction, they hope to successfully cross genres successfully with their romance debut Same Page.

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WHAT THE CLOCKS KNOW by RUMER HAVEN RELEASE BLITZ & Rafflecopter giveaway 3/18/16

What the Clocks Know
by Rumer Haven
Genre: Women’s Fiction (with romantic and paranormal elements)
Publisher:  Crooked Cat Publishing
Cover Designer:
Release Date: March 18, 2016

Twenty-six-year-old Margot sets out on a journey of self-discovery – she dumps her New York boyfriend, quits her Chicago job, and crashes at her friend’s flat in London.

Rather than find herself, though, she only feels more lost. An unsettling energy affects her from the moment she enters the old Victorian residence, and she spirals into depression. Frightened and questioning her perceptions, she gradually suspects her dark emotions belong to Charlotte instead.

Who is Charlotte? The name on a local gravestone could relate to Margot’s dreams and the grey woman weeping at the window.

Finding a ghost isn’t what she had in mind when she went ‘soul searching’, but somehow Margot’s future may depend on Charlotte’s past.

Woven between 21st century and Victorian London, What the Clocks Know is a haunting story of love and identity.

The Ouija session began straightforwardly enough. Derek initiated the “séance” by questioning whether there was indeed a spirit present that would like to communicate with three mortals. None were surprised to see the plastic indicator skid toward the calligraphic Yes, and a ghostly “Wooo!” or two infused their chuckles.
The game was on.
Straight away, the trio learned that, Yes, it was a good spirit, No, it wasn’t a male, and, for good measure, Yes, it was female.
Warming up to the ritual, Sylvie clapped. “My turn!” Her toothy smile radiated rainbows and kittens; no wonder children gravitated toward her Story Hour in throngs at the public library. She boldly asked how the specter had passed away.
The planchette didn’t budge.
Again, Sylvie prompted, “How did you die?” Nothing. She pouted. “I’m not good at this.”
“C’mon, neither of you can come up with a reason?” Margot accused, and the game’s typical argument ensued, with each of the three blaming the indicator’s movement on the other two. And every one of them denying it.
They opted for a less open-ended question (“How old are you?”) so that someone could think up a quick answer. The triangular plastic nudged to the lower-left quadrant of the board until 2 was visible through its circular window. Then, with some friction, the device tugged their limbs toward the right in a non-linear path; it reached a point where it faltered and subtly wavered around the 6. After dawdling there for a few seconds, the energy lost strength and stopped.
Margot shifted, unnerved that she’d just celebrated that same birthday. “Huh. When did you die, then?”
Nothing happened.
“You guys wanna skirt around that topic, don’t ya?” she asked, trying to lighten the mood in a literally darkening environment, to which Sylvie replied they might say the same of her.
“Fine, we’ll sidestep the D word, Miss Eggshells,” Derek sassed at the ghost, “and do the math ourselves. When were you born?”
Then, zigzagging to the right with less conviction, the plastic planchette ultimately settled on 8 and powered out.
“Eighteen,” Sylvie contemplated. “That could mean the eighteen hundreds. Or the last two digits of the year, which could be in any century.”
“Or just one and eight,” Margot said, “as in any of the four digits in the year.”
“Or it’s a month and date: January eighth or August first,” Derek offered. “Or the eighteenth of some month. Her birthday, maybe? If we really stretch, it could be the eighteenth hour in military time, too. So, like, six p.m.”
“Let’s get some clarification.” Clearing her throat, Margot asked, “Is that your time of birth?”
“Your date of birth?”
“Your time of death?”
The pause lasted nearly half a minute, and Margot assumed their session had ended. But she followed the others’ cue and resisted talking, just in case.
Their darting glances still carried suspicion, though. Who was moving the planchette, and would they do it again, one last time for some closure? Margot knew they were all curious how at least one of them would continue weaving this fictitious life story. It was the death story, though, that she wanted someone to tell, be who or what it may.

Rumer Haven is probably the most social recluse you could ever meet. When she’s not babbling her fool head off among friends and family, she’s pacified with a good story that she’s reading, writing, or revising—or binge-watching something on Netflix. A former teacher hailing from Chicago, she presently lives in London with her husband and probably a ghost or two. Rumer has always had a penchant for the past and paranormal, which inspires her writing to explore dimensions of time, love, and the soul. She debuted in 2014 with Seven for a Secret (in which a Jazz Age tragedy haunts a modern woman’s love life), and her award-winning short story “Four Somethings & a Sixpence” (about a bride who gets a little something she didn’t register for) was released in 2015. What the Clocks Know is her second novel.

Learn more about Rumer at

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Billionaire SEAL by Alexa Davis Release Blitz 3/18/16

Billionaire Seal RB Banner



When Navy SEAL, Ryan Powell, is called home after his father, Dr. Alan Powell, unexpectedly dies, he arrives to find that his billionaire father’s assets have all been frozen and that he is without a place to go. His father’s assistant, Echo Frost, offers Ryan a place to stay while he tracks down the money. After Echo is fired, she begins receiving cryptic emails from Ryan’s dead father which lead them into a maze of mystery. As the attraction between them grows, Ryan and Echo band together to find out what secret is so important that someone would be willing to kill to keep it under wraps, and when Echo is kidnapped, Ryan is forced into action in order to rescue her from people who are willing to kill to get their hands on his father’s research. Will he find her or will time run out on the Seal son’s secrets?


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Lucky Leprechaun Four Leaf Clover Featured Author Nicholas C. Rossis & Rafflecopter giveaway 3/18/16


Welcome to the 
Lucky Leprechaun Four Leaf Clover Giveaway!


Free Booksy/Red Feather Romance has partnered with eNovel Authors at Work to bring you a week long celebration with great books, great book deals, and let’s not forget the great giveaways!
Check out today’s featured author and book below and be sure to scroll down to the bottom and enter to win some awesome prizes, including a $200 Gift Card and a Kindle Paperwhite from Free Booksy/Red Feather Romance and eCopies of PEARSEUS, RISE OF THE PRINCE from today’s featured author Nicholas C. Rossis!
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#eNovAaW Featured Author
Nicholas C. Rossis


Pearseus, Rise of the Prince
by Nicholas C. Rossis
Series: Pearseus, #1
Genre: Fantasy

Three hundred years after humans crash land on Pearseus, Styx, the Capital’s cruel ruler, learns of a dark prophecy: Cyrus, a young boy, will one day slay her. She imprisons him, but days before his execution he escapes with the help of the First, the planet’s native inhabitants. On their way to safety, nightmarish monsters attack. Cyrus flees, scared and alone, until a pair of First warriors rescue him and spirit him away to the mysterious Old Woman.

All Cyrus wants is to reunite with his family. But the Old Woman insists Cyrus is the foretold instrument in the First’s ancient war against a shadowy enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent him from fulfilling his destiny. Heart and mind war within Cyrus as he must choose between rejoining his family and preventing humanity’s extinction.

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Meet Nicholas C. Rossis:

Nicholas Rossis lives to write, and does so from his cottage on the edge of a magical Greek forest. When not composing epic fantasies or short sci-fi stories, he writes blog posts, chats with fans and colleagues and plays with his baby daughter, who claims his lap as home.