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Jenifer Ruff Author Spotlight 1/2/15

Everett 453x680


At Everett, perfection has a dark side….

Brooke is a highly-motivated coed at prestigious Everett College. She is determined to graduate number one in her class, get accepted at a top medical school, and become a surgeon. She is brilliant, tenacious, beautiful.

Everything is going according to plan, although she’s not sure what to do about Ethan, an attractive guy who would like to be more than just friends. Her classmates and professors are all captivated by her achievements and her outward appearance, with the exception of one student. Only Jessica, a wealthy socialite and Brooke’s complete opposite, senses that Brooke might not be all that she appears. But Jessica has her own problems, fueled by too many prescription pills, energy drinks, and a huge case of snobbery. She’s too busy looking down her nose when she should be watching her back.

As the semester progresses, Brooke’s carefully laid plans are inadvertently threatened. Her sinister past is revealed, and nothing is off limits when it comes to achieving her goals.


One reviewer had to say

E-thriller book of the month, 2014


“With great attention to detail, Jenifer Ruff grabs the intellect as well as the nerves to take the reader on a great ride in this psychological thriller. I couldn’t put this book down and look forward to the next one in the series!” – Karen D. Scioscia, The Charlotte Observer

“Jenifer Ruff’s writing style is exquisite”.- Author, Penny BroJacquie

“A beautifully written thriller with mesmerizing characters, Everett takes the reader on a nail-biting journey that builds with suspense until its shocking conclusion” – Author, David Roberts

“Jenifer Ruff has redefined the term ‘Psychological Thriller’ with her amazing character development, fast-paced writing, and intricate back-stories that will have any reader of the genre begging for more.” – Author, Paul Winters

Yale University campus at evening New Haven Connecticut

Another school….another disappearance…

Brooke is thrilled to be a first-year medical student at Rothaker. Committed to winning a coveted scholarship for future surgeons, she has vowed not to repeat the “necessary”, but extreme acts from her years at Everett College. She is also intrigued by a classmate, the mysterious Xander Cross, a former college football player and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, hiding dark secrets of his own. Thanks to her single-minded obsession with excellence and achievement, Brooke’s plans are rolling along smoothly, until her integrity is questioned by Rachel, a rival student.

Does Brooke discover a soul-mate when Xander is forced to confront the truth of his haunting past? Or, will her determination to vanquish all obstacles, remain unscathed, and come out on top be her undoing?

This chilling mystery of psychological suspense will have readers wondering just how well they actually know their friends, neighbors, or classmates.

Everett Book 2


One reviewer had to say


5.0 out of 5 starsA star author on the horizon

Bydpon June 18, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I read this book in one afternoon. After finishing the first book Everett it was like a continuation. Upon completion I wanted more information about Brooke and the author informs me there will be a 3rd book. I can hardly wait. I didn’t find any other books by Ruff and if this is the start of her writing career readers are in for a pleasant surprise. James Paterson you have some competition!!!




Bio:  Jenifer Ruff is the author of psychological suspense thrillers. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College and Yale University. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her family and retired racing greyhounds.


Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller by Lorraine Evanoff Book Blitz &Rafflecopter giveaway 1/2/15


Book Blitz

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Book Title: Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller
Author:Lorraine Evanoff
Genre:Spy Thriller
Release Date: October 19, 2015
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Book Blurb

Investment banker Louise Moscow loves her new life and career in late 1980s Paris. With a high-profile dream job, plus fascinating friends and love interests in a glamorous city, things couldn’t be better. When she stumbles upon criminal activity at her company, the FBI and CIA force her to cooperate and bring down the murderous brazen bankers in what turns out to be one of the greatest scandals of the twentieth century.
Code word: FOLIAGE!


As she descended, the temperature changed markedly. At the bottom, she found the first signs of the bones of six million people that had been stacked up against the two thousand seven hundred feet of Catacomb walls. The juxtaposition of the ancient bones and architecture with scattered graffiti of philosophical sayings and quotations on the walls was striking. The aura was sacred, somber, and spooky. There were bandits hiding out in corners, as well as people hosting parties in the “unofficial” sections. Louise hurried past them, trying to go unnoticed, keeping the flashlight beam low to the ground.

The flashlight and the intermittent candles were all that lit her path. Her eyes adjusted, providing clearer focus on the walls and corridors. She searched for any sign of a lotus flower or any other symbolic meaning for lotus. She read graffiti and plaques but found no lotus. She seemed to walk for more than a mile, possibly in circles. As she hurried along, a rock jutting up from the dirt and stone floor sent her stumbling down to her hands and knees.

Her flashlight escaped her grip, clanked, and rolled to a stop about ten feet in front of her. The beam was all she could see in the inky darkness. Now, being on her hands and knees provided a new perspective. She crawled toward the light beam, which faced the bottom of the wall on her right and illuminated an engraving. Louise recognized it as the Om Mani Padme Hum, or Hail the Jewel in the Lotus, a twelfth-century Buddhist Sanskrit mantra, meaning the lotus of whose navel forms our universe.

– Lorraine Evanoff, Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller



“A deft mix of spy thriller and romance set against a backdrop of real events, namely the 1991 collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the first of the recent wave of big financial scandals. Evanoff’s protagonist, Louise Moscow, is a sexy, smart, likable heroine who finds herself enmeshed in the shadowy world of high finance and international espionage. Set in New York and Paris, Evanoff weaves in historical details with her fast paced thriller making this a riveting and educating read.”

-Robina Gibb, LA-based writer and journalist

“Finally an intelligent romantic spy thriller! Lorraine Evanoff’s new book, Foliage: An International Spy Thriller starts off fast and keeps you hooked. The series heroine Louise Moscow is sexy, brazen and fearless in business and in love. The twists and turns keep you guessing and wanting to read on. Plus the historic events blew my mind and the depictions of the exotic locations made me feel like I was there the way Dan Brown does. I can’t wait to read book 2!! Hurry, Ms. Evanoff!”

– Nelle L’Amour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Lorraine Evanoff is a very skilled writer! Her new novel, Foliage – An International Spy Thriller, takes on some complicated historic events and wraps them in a riveting, fast-paced novel. I can’t wait to see where our title character, Louise Moscow, goes next in what should be a great series of books.”

-Mitch Kaplan, Kaplan Stahler Agency

Meet the Author

Chicago native LORRAINE EVANOFF graduated from DePaul University with a degree in French. She lived in Paris France for seven years, first working as an English teacher and film translator (for subtitles), then in film production and distribution. She moved to the Silicon Valley, and after earning her credentials from the Institute of Management Accountants, she worked in finance during the era. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she works in film finance. Her first novel was inspired by and is loosely based on events that occurred when she was living in France.

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BLACK CAT BLUES by JO-ANN CARSON PRE-ORDER BLITZ & Rafflecopter giveaway 1/2/16

Black Cat Blues
by Jo-Ann Carson
Series: Vancouver Blues Suspense, #1
Genre: Mainstream Suspense, Strong Romantic Elements
Cover Designer: Steven Novak
Release Date: January 15, 2016

A nightmare waits in the alley…
Stabbed in an alley behind the Black Cat Blues bar, private investigator Jimmy Daniels clings to life just long enough to tell Maggy Malone a secret.
Maggy, a curvy, Blues singer with a sultry voice and a razor sharp mind is starting her life over after a lousy marriage. Reluctant at first to get involved with a murder, she tells no one the secret.
But when the murderer stalks her, she changes her mind.
Maggy teams up with Jimmy’s brother, Logan, a handsome suit with a tidy view of life. They figure out the killer is looking for gold buried on Gabriola Island by the notorious, cult-leader Brother XII.
As the murderer tracks down the gold, the body count rises. Will Maggy catch him? Or will she be his next victim?

And the lady sings the blues…
Black Cat Blues
An Award Winning  Suspense set in the Pacific Northwest.
Vancouver Blues Suspense Series, Book 1

The opening…

Walking through a dark alley at three-thirty in the morning wasn’t smart, but Maggy Malone didn’t have a choice, or at least not one she liked. A bone-numbing, cold wind off the Salish Sea hit her face as she opened the back door of the Black Cat Blues bar. Pulling her jacket close to her body with one hand, and holding her guitar case in the other, she descended the stairs into the inky darkness of the night. But her first step, she checked over her shoulder.

Vancouver in November—endless grey skies and drizzle. The waning moon slipped behind layers of dark clouds leaving her little light to help her on her way. She quickened her pace. A warm glow beckoned from the street lamp, just a hundred yards away. Her scalp tingled as if a dozen spiders slipped across it. She took a deep breath of the salty night air.

What the hell. She could handle a few minutes of fear. Singing in the best blues bar on the coast had been her life dream. If it meant getting up close and personal with the creepy, back alley on occasion, then so be it. Her shoulders tightened.

Stepping over dirty needles, used condoms and Micky D wrappers left behind by the people who shared the alley, the prostitutes, the addicts and the homeless, she tried not to let the sadness of their lives reach inside her. But the stagnant stench of rotting garbage and urine turned her stomach. If only it would really rain, then the city would be washed clean.

Where are the street people? Usually there’d be one or two around at this time of night, huddled against the cold brick walls with only a blanket to keep out the cold and misfortunes of the night. Something felt wrong. She couldn’t put her finger on it… but something. She looked over her shoulder again. No one.

A chill crawled slowly up her spine. She adjusted the weight of her canvas guitar case into her other hand, and prepared herself to run. She wasn’t sure what she would be running from, but just in case. A woman in an alley has to be ready.

It had been a long night. She should never have descended into this God forsaken alley. Friggen Frank. It was his fault. She took a deep breath, as her eyes darting in every direction. The feeling of darkness, much darker than the night around her kept picking at her senses. Her throat tightened and she couldn’t swallow.

I’m just scaring myself. The lights of the street were only a few yards away. Everything will be fine.

 Then she saw the body lying still in a pool of blood. A silvery spike protruded from his chest. Her breath stopped. It was the handsome stranger she had seen in the bar an hour ago. Maggy ran to him.

She checked his breathing. It was shallow, but he was still alive.

She punched 911 into her cell phone.

Waiting for the connection, she yelled into the dark night, “Help.” But no one came running.

Alone with a dying man. Was his murderer close by? No one gets a spike in their chest by accident. Was the murderer watching her? Tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose.

 “911. State your emergency.” The operator’s toneless voice cut into the night.

“There’s a man. He’s been stabbed…” Maggy took her scarf off and pressed it on top of his wound around the spike. Could she stop the flow of blood? “Hurry.”

“Where are you ma’am?”

“In the alley behind the…” Her own voice sounded dry and robotic. She needed to get the words out. “The Black Cat Blues bar on Fifth.”

“An ambulance is on the way.”

Maggy looked at the man. Would they make it in time?

“You need to apply pressure to the wound…”

I’m friggen doing that. Bright red blood oozed through the scarf and onto her hand. The man’s face paled as his life force drained out of him. She put down the phone, swallowed hard, and used both hands to apply steady pressure on her scarf. “Hang in there, buddy. Don’t die on me.”

His eyelids moved just a fraction. But they moved.

Swollen and cut, his face looked like it had taken a beaten. She leaned down to listen at his mouth. His breathing was faint and ragged. Seconds ticked by slowly.

Then his lips moved. Maggy leaned in.

“Tell Logan,” he rasped. She waited for him to say more. Pain flooded his eyes. His lips trembled, but no sound came out.

She could barely breathe herself. The man’s life was sliding away in front of her, and there was nothing she could damn well do to stop it. She pressed down anyway, and his blood seeped through her fingers.

“Tell Logan,” he repeated. She bent closer. “The Emer…old…”

He made a horrid gurgling sound and a gush of blood flowed from his mouth. His muscles jerked and quivered. He was fighting to live, as his organs shut down.

As the sound of sirens pierced the night, Maggy sat up and met his dead eyes. Shivers ran through her body. Tears streamed down her face.

“May you find peace,” she said. She closed his eyes and waited.

Jo-Ann Carson has lived most of her life on islands off the west coast of Canada, surrounded by snow covered mountains, lush rain forests and pristine beaches.

Growing up, she dreamed of traveling the world like James Bond, searching for relics like Indiana Jones, and finding true love, so it’s no surprise that in her Mata Hari Series she combines elements of adventure, danger and steamy romance.

In her Vancouver Blues Series she slides into the realm of Urban Noir and explores the dark side of the city. These  books are mainstream suspense with strong romantic elements and are very-Vancouver.

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