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Billionaire UnBound by J S Scott Release Blitz 11/10/15

Chloe Colter is finally able to fulfill her dream of getting married
after over a decade of school to become an equine vet. But her dreams
of a perfect life are shattered when her fiancé becomes abusive, forcing
her to finally break away from a destructive relationship.Life has always been simple for Gabe Walker…until the moment he
kisses Chloe Colter at a New Year’s Eve party. He wants her, and he’s
used to getting what he wants. Can he convince Chloe to accept a job at
his horse ranch so he can see her every day and slowly watch her
passion emerge as she learns to trust a man again?The fire between Gabe and Chloe burns hot, but can Chloe finally let
go of her horrifying life before Gabe and give him a chance?, Is she
strong enough to reach out and take a man who wants her, doesn’t want to
change her, and who cares about her exactly as she is? or will the
emotional turmoil of how Gabe makes her feel make it even harder for her
to heal, and force her to walk away?

Not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

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Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy
romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature.
Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary
steamy romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost
always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she
just can’t seem to write them any other way!

First Ride by Tara Oakes Release Blitz 11/10/15

First ride is now available! Grab your copy today!

*** This book is intended for those 18 years or older due to strong, mature, sexual content that is dark at times. ***

“Since when are bikers the good guys?… They’re filthy as SIN.”

Dawson McCade is used to having to fight for everything. He fought hard for his position as the President of one of the most ruthless, bad-ass, outlaw motorcycle clubs… the Riverdale chapter of the SLAYERS, MC.

He’s prepared to fight with everything he has against the newest threat to his organization… the Conquistadors drug cartel as it begins to move in on his club’s territory.
One thing he’s not used to fighting, though, is against himself. Ever since the moment he first laid eyes on the innocent, angelic, Molly Donovan, his world’s been thrown upside down.
He’s a killer, an animal, with dark demons buried deep. Demons that he’s used to help fuel the drive that’s gotten him to where he is in life. He’s not looking for redemption, he’s not looking for temptation… hell, he IS the temptation.

Molly, his “angel”, brings a whole new threat to Dawson’s life. One that can’t be fought on the outside like everything else he’s used to. She’s going to cause a war within him, one that’s more dangerous and terrifying to him than the bullets that the Conquistadors are sending his way.

The Slayers MC are soldiers, fighters. Dawson’s going to need every single bit of those things to lead both his club and his heart to victory.

*This is a BRAND NEW series by Tara Oakes, authoress of the Kingsmen MC series. Although the two series will have slight overlap, this series is fully written to be read as a complete standalone from the Kingsmen. For those of you that have already fallen in love will Tara’s sexy bikers, fear not… you’re about to get a whole new group of alpha book-boyfriends to add to your collection.

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More About Tara Oakes
Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She’s a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she’s not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.
Her series’ include the Kingsmen MC Series, The Chianti Kisses Series, The Badge Boys Series and the newly begun Slayers MC Series!

Floating by Michelle Dare Blog Tour 11/10/15

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Fear wasn’t a fleeting emotion for Lucy Abrams. It was something she felt every day of her life. The night she almost drowned was seared into her memory, marking the beginning of her problem with anxiety. Her oceanfront home and the crashing of waves against the shoreline served as an ever-present reminder of her past. Until the day she saw someone on the beach whose very presence calmed her.

Ellis Sullivan was a recent law school graduate, spending the summer with his best friends at his family’s beach house in Ray Point. It was their last chance to have fun together before they entered the workforce. Summer was supposed to be full of days on the sand and parties at night, but that changed the day he first saw Lucy. She walked into his life and rendered him speechless. He knew he’d never be the same.

A relationship between the two was unexpected, but their connection was strong. Not everyone thought they should be together, though. Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, Gabe, wasn’t ready to give up on a future with her. After all, he was the one who saved her life.

Love and trust came together to help Lucy find the peace within that she had searched for since that terrible night. Only with the right person by her side was she able to move on, beyond the fear that had ruled her life for far too long. The person who made her feel like she was floating.

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Michelle Dare is a Jersey girl living over the border in Pennsylvania. She started out as a reader, then became a book blogger. She loves the book community and thought she’d try her hand at writing. She writes romance.

She is a married mom with two wonderful children and a German Shepherd that she considers her third child. She is a lover of books, music, and movies. Her favorite band is Maroon 5 and has too many favorite movies to list. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to read.

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Cross the Line by Julie Johnson Release Blitz &Rafflecopter giveaway 11/10/15

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Release Day Blitz

CROSS THE LINE by Julie Johnson front cover
Book Title: Cross the Line 
Author: Julie Johnson 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy 
Release Date: November 10, 2015 
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Book Blurb

Phoebe West has been head-over-heels in love with her brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember.

Not that he’s bothered to notice.

Despite several mortifying attempts at seduction and a decade’s worth of unrequited pining, nothing Phoebe does seems to make any impact on the man she’s obsessed over since her bra-stuffing days. She knows it’s time to let him go, though just the thought is nearly enough to shatter her…

Nathaniel “Nate” Knox has only ever seen Phoebe as one thing: forbidden.

There’s a darkness in Nate, the kind you can’t avoid after years working in special forces and private security. He’s no good for anyone — especially not someone as sweet as his best friend’s little sister. He knows he can’t have her. Not ever. Even if she makes him feel things he barely recognizes…

Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed.

When an unforeseeable series of events sends Phoebe stumbling headfirst into danger, there’s only one man who can protect her. Though, in his quest to save her life, he may just break her heart…

CROSS THE LINE is a full-length contemporary romance about a woman who can’t seem to walk away… and the man who’ll go to any length to keep her safe. Due to sparks flying, suspenseful moments, steamy scenes, and one sassy heroine, it is recommended to readers ages 17 and up.


My champagne glass is poised at my lips when my eyes cut through the crowd and find the one thing I’ve told myself over and over I haven’t been searching for all night.

There’s a man standing by the wall, practically blended into the shadows, his every muscle on high alert and his stare locked on me. His muscular body fills out a pair of dark slacks dangerously well. His biceps strain against the confines of his black button down; his tanned throat is on display with the top buttons of his shirt left undone.

My mouth feels suddenly dry.

Dark eyes meet mine, trapping me in an instant. I’m a deer in headlights, frozen, staring at him across a crowded sea of people. There must be fifty of them, standing in the space between us, but as seconds slip away with our gazes locked, every one of them simply falls away until we’re the only two in the room.

Nate, Nate, Nate.

Every atom in my body starts to sing, totally entranced by his presence. There’s something terrifying about a man who holds that much sway over you. A man who can just look at you — not even with kindness or love, but with a hard-set mouth and cold-burning eyes — and unravel you like a spool of useless thread.

One glance and I’m a goner.

I hear Cormack saying something at my ear but for the life of me, I can’t make out his words. He’s a candle throwing faint light… and Nate’s the sun — eclipsing everything else, pulling me into his orbit.

I’m not breathing, as I look at him. I can’t. Every ounce of control I have over my body is being used up with the effort of keeping my eyes steady on his face. His goddamned beautiful, haunted face. I wonder, if I ever got the chance to trace its harsh lines with my fingertips, to stroke that ever-clenched jaw with gentle hands… would it soften at all beneath my touch? Or would loving Nate be like touching stone?

You hate him. He’s terrible. Stop looking at him.

Those dark eyes burn into mine and I think they’ll never let go, never release me. That I’ll age and wither and die right here, in this spot, because I can’t look away.

But then Cormack moves, his hand skimming my arm in a useless call for attention, and those consuming dark eyes shift, releasing me. Breath whooshes back into my lungs as Nate stares at the man by my side. His eyes flash with something indecipherable, his jaw clenches, and then he’s gone.

Slipping into the crowd like a ghost, until I’ve lost sight of him.

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· Clean Getaway by Maria Taylor
· Beautiful Birds by Passenger
· Landfill by Daughter
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· Like I Can by Sam Smith
· Shame On You by Mariah McManus
· Ace of Hearts by Zella Day
· Take Me to Church by Hozier
· The Last Time by Taylor Swift
· Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith
· Compass by Zella Day
· Let the Light Back In by Maggie Eckford
· This Love by Taylor Swift
Meet the Author

JULIE JOHNSON is a twenty-something Boston native suffering from an extreme case of Peter Pan Syndrome and an obsession with fictional characters. When she’s not writing, Julie can most often be found daydreaming, drinking too much coffee, striving to conquer her Netflix queue, or stalking Goodreads for new books to add to her ever-growing TBR list.

She published her debut novel LIKE GRAVITY in August 2013, just before her senior year of college, and she’s never looked back. Since, she has published three more novels: SAY THE WORD, ERASING FAITH, and NOT YOU IT’S ME. Her books have appeared on Kindle and iTunes Bestseller lists around the world.

You can find Julie on Facebook or contact her on her website Sometimes, when she can figure out how Twitter works, she tweets from @AuthorJulie. For major book news and updates, subscribe to Julie’s newsletter:

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S.O.B., a Stepbrother Romance Release Blitz & Rafflecopter giveaway 11/10/15

SOB Blitz Banner

by J.C. Valentine
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

SOB Cover

BUY: Amazon • Amazon Paperback • Amazon UK • B&N • Kobo

Synopsis: Levi Black is an s.o.b.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s a pretentious, obnoxious, womanizing jacka** who thinks the world revolves around him.

He wouldn’t be wrong.

A famous soccer player, his skills on and off the field have won him medals, trophies, women, and the cover of every heartthrob magazine in the country. He’s broken nearly every bone in his body and a few hearts along the way, including mine—his stepsister—and lived to tell about it.

One night changed everything, and I’ve avoided him like the plague ever since. Just long enough to finish college, to bury the hurt, and to outrun the memories. But now that’s all changed. I’m back, and there’s no more running.

My hands are supposed to be my livelihood, but now they’re my curse. Levi’s reckless ways have landed him in a sticky situation, and his father has given me an offer I can’t refuse. One month, and all I have to do is put my hands on his body. Easier said than done. The problem is, even though I know it’s bound to bite me in the a**, I can’t bring myself to say no to the s.o.b.

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When I open my eyes, I meet hers. They’re wide and full of confusion, maybe a touch of horror, too.

“How—Why—Did we…?” She shakes her head then throws her leg over mine, scrambling off me.

I watch her as she runs her hands over her clothes and through her hair, and her expression makes me laugh. “Did you know you snore when you sleep?”

“I do not!” Snatching a pillow from the floor where I tossed it last night, she lobs it at my face, but I catch it one-handed before it can reach its target.

“You’re right. You were too exhausted to do much more than drool.”

Her eyes flare and I can tell she’s about to scream, so I decide to take mercy on her and put her mind at ease to save myself the ruptured eardrum.

“Don’t worry, princess. Your virtue, or what’s left of it, is still intact.”

She scowls down at me, but when she speaks her voice is soft and filled with doubt. “We didn’t sleep together?”

“Oh, we slept together,” I say as I push myself up and place my bare feet on the floor. “Just not in the way you’re hoping.”

“Oh, get over yourself. Believe it or not, not every woman in the world wants to sleep with you.”

With sharp movements, she strides toward the stairs. I watch her go for a moment before remembering that I can match her pace now, and then I get up and go after her.

“You’re right. Not every woman in the world wants a piece of me. Although, they’d be crazy not to.” She glowers at me as we reach the top of the stairs, but her eyes betray her as they fall to my bare chest. She wants me just as much as I want her, and when she lifts her gaze back to mine, I wink at her.

Huffing, she picks up her pace.

“But you know what I’ve come to realize?” I ask. Taking two large steps, I reach her bedroom before she does and plant myself in the opening, blocking her entry.

Her expression twists and I can see the rage burning in her eyes. “What?” she snaps. “What is this big revelation?” Again, her gaze drops to my chest, then falls to my abs, then comes back up, sweeping over my arms, which I cross over my chest because it makes the muscles look bigger.

I love her attitude. It’s the right mix of pissed off and intrigued. She can’t resist me and she knows it, and that’s what’s got her all riled up. I can read the truth all over her. I decide to enlighten her.

“What I’ve come to realize is that it doesn’t matter how many women want me, just which woman wants me. And there’s only one woman whose opinion of me matters right now.”

I hold her narrowed gaze until dawning lights in them. For a split second, the little lines around her eyes vanish and I almost think she might smile, but she recovers herself quickly.

“Keywords: right now. I wasn’t born yesterday, Levi, so don’t presume me to be one of your nitwit groupies who can’t tell the difference between the truth and a crappy pickup line.”

With more strength than I would have guessed her to have, Vista places her hands on my chest and shoves. Knocking me off balance, I fall back a couple steps, just enough to give her room to pass.

“So you’re saying I need to work on my technique?”

Gripping the door, she’s practically seething as she stares up at me. “I’m saying you need to find yourself a different practice dummy.” Then she slams the door in my face.

A smile tugs at my lips. Vista has more guts than I realized. No woman has ever turned me down. Up until last night, I thought that was pretty damn awesome. I never understood why some men got off on chasing women around, dating, and buying them things to earn their attention. Now, I’m beginning to appreciate the thrill of the chase. Is that what Vista’s looking for, a guy who will chase her?

Leaning in, I push my face close to the door so I know she’ll hear me. “You know what I think, Vista?” Her silence only spurs me on. “I don’t think you want me to go away. I think you want me to chase you. Well, princess, you’ve got your wish, because you’re the only dummy I want to chase.”

Something slams against the door and bounces twice on the floor. A shoe? Throwing my head back I belt out a laugh. Damn, she’s a spitfire.

Game on.

SOB Teaser 2


JC Valentine

J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.

J.C. earned her own happily ever after when she married her high school sweetheart. Living in the Northwest, they have three amazing children and far too many pets and spend much of their free time together enjoying movies or the outdoors. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

Sign up for J.C.’s newsletter and never miss a thing!

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Her Kind of Man by Nona Raines Release Blitz &Rafflecopter giveaway 11/10/15

Her Kind of Man Blitz Banner

Her Kind of Man
by Nona Raines
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBT, Romance

Her Kind of Man Cover

Buy: Loose-ID

Synopsis: During the day, Roy Girard works with truckers. It’s a macho environment where a man is judged by how tough he is. And everyone knows Roy as one of the toughest.

On his own time Roy helps mentor young people who are LGBT, and cares about them as if they were his own. He’s in love with Venetia, a trans woman.

He’s careful to keep his nine-to-five completely separate from his private life. He knows his work buddies wouldn’t understand. And he doesn’t want Venetia exposed to their crude, narrow-minded views. It’s his job to protect her.

But when his two worlds collide, he has to make a choice. In trying to protect the woman he loves, he asks for more than she can give. In his need to keep her safe, he risks pushing her out of his life forever.

*NOTE* Her Kind of Man is the sequel to His Kind of Woman.

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His Kind of Woman, Book #1 in the SPECTRUM series…

His Kind of Woman Cover

His Kind of Woman
by Nona Raines
Publication Date: June 13, 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBT, Romance

Buy: Loose-ID • Amazon • B&N • Kobo

Synopsis: When Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano, he never expected a woman to answer the door. He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia. Roy’s startled, but even more surprised by his attraction to her. As they spend time together, he doesn’t want to let her go. But she’s sure to dump him when she learns his secret.

Venetia’s falling hard and fast for Roy. But when she learns that his brother was the bully who tormented her in high school, she’s shattered. She can’t wrap her head around the fact that the man who made such amazing love to her could so completely betray her trust.

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Nona Raines

Nona Raines is a former librarian who lives in upstate New York with her many pets. She’s currently working on her next novel between walking the dog and shooing the cats off the laptop. Her erotic romances are published with The Wild Rose Press and Loose Id. Her transgender romance His Kind of Woman was nominated for the 2014 DABWAHA sponsored by the Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review blogs. Her most recent work is the erotic romance novella Read to Me.

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His Young Queen by Tiff P. Raine ReleaseBlitz & Rafflecopter giveaway 11/10/15

His Young Queen Blitz Banner

His Young Queen
by Tiff P. Raine
Steel Jackals #1
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance

Preorder: Amazon • Amazon CA • Amazon UK • Amazon AU • Kobo

Synopsis: Her mother’s drug addiction forced Tish O’Malley to grow up too early. It forced the two of them to move around constantly, so that no place felt like home. When the clouds finally parted and Tish found shelter and happiness for the first time in her life, her mother’s addiction was there to take that away, too.

After three long years, Tish’s sun returns to Queen Creek, and her secret love for this man nearly twice her age surges and is revealed when she makes an offer that shocks them both. An average man would have difficulty passing on a young, innocent woman willing to do anything to please him. How will a fierce alpha biker who has spent the last thirty-six months in prison fare?

Pretty damn well, Tish soon discovers. Because he’s Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan, the Steel Jackals’ viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms. But will Tish’s protector have what it takes to stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman she’s become? Or will he cave despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

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Now he wasn’t only shutting her out; it seemed as if he was attempting to cut their ties completely. And again, she didn’t know why.

Or maybe she did.


And how could Tish blame him? She couldn’t, she realized with a sinking heart.

The same heart that nearly burst from her chest when the sound of the front door crashing open reached her all the way in the back of the house. She surged to her feet when it slammed shut hard enough to shake the walls, and the bricks and mortar continued to shudder with every pounding step that hit as the owner of those heavy boots got closer and closer to her room. By the time Josh threw her door open, Tish was breathing heavy from a mixture of fear and anticipation. Her stupid body reacted to the sight of him by readying for sex. She felt moisture pool between her legs and her muscles warmed and loosened. Simply because it was him.

But all that did now was make her want to hide. She should have put on a robe, she thought, embarrassed to feel how sensitive her nipples were when the material of her tank scraped across them.

“Where the fuck do you get off offering yourself to me?” he demanded as he stormed into the room, shrinking it with his size. “To me! How many other cocksuckers have had the pleasure? How many?

“None,” she whispered. Even though she knew he’d never hurt her—physically—she wanted to take a step away. He was big and intimidating, and she wasn’t comfortable with confrontations. But with the backs of her knees already flush with her mattress, she had nowhere to go.

“Aw, come on, Tish!” He swiped a hand through the air, his expression turning thunderous. “Give me some goddamn honesty! That’s what you and me are about. Don’t start bullshitting me now just because you turned out like this.”

Like ‘this’? She looked down and tried so hard to see what awful thing he was seeing. Normal-looking feet, toenails painted pink, longish legs, flat stomach, a pair of nice breasts. Her head snapped up as anger ripped through her. She wasn’t going to allow him to do this to her.

She whipped aside the towel she was still holding and barely refrained from stamping her foot.  “What the hell is wrong with the way I turned out?” She’d wanted to scream the demand, but she hated yelling. Her mother’s many meltdowns over something as small as a knocked over cup of juice had been enough to last her a lifetime. Being this mad was a feat in itself for Tish.

Josh looked at her as though she’d just popped another head out of her neck. “You fucking with me?”

She stamped her foot after all. “No! What’s wrong with me?”

In a matter of seconds, his lids got lazy and went low over his eyes as they traveled the length of her body. “Not one goddamn thing,” he said slowly, clearly enunciating each word.

Her anger ceased to exist with a quiet pop, leaving her floundering and more confused than ever. “But, you said I turned out like ‘this.’ As if ‘this’ was gross or something.”

He made a face. “Yeah. Gross,” he muttered sardonically. “I meant you filled in.”

She ignored the excited jump in her pulse and flipped her hair back. She fluffed it for a second but then quickly dropped her hand when it felt as if she were scratching her head because she was too blond to keep up. Which she was just then. “I filled in,” she repeated.

“Uh-huh. You filled in real good, Tish-Tosh.” His voice went as low as his lids. “Long legs, prime hips, itty-bitty waist, fuckin’ sweet rack. And that face. Jesus Christ, that face is killer. You should have left the makeup on. Fresh and clean like this you’re a goddamn ex-con’s wet dream.”

About Tiff P. Raine

Tiff P. Raine

An award winning, bestselling romantic suspense author turned erotic romance author, Tiff P. Raine writes about her possessive alpha males and their spirited women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. And, yes, she is a happily a reclusive cat-lady, but currently has only one beauty of a feline to keep her company.

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