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STORM MC Series Cover Re Reveal by Nina Levine 8/20/15

It’s recommended that you read this series in order.

#2 FIERCE (Scott & Harlow) – OUT NOW

#3 BLAZE (Jason & Madison) – OUT NOW

#4 REVIVE (Nash & Velvet) – OUT NOW

#5 SLAY (Blade) – OUT NOW


#6 ILLUSIVE (Griff) – Releasing August 25th

#7 COMMAND (Scott & Harlow) – Releasing October 19th 2015

just Jack by K.L. Shandwick Release Blitz 8/20/15

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Being Lily Parnell’s best friend was effortless for Jack. Growing up together, Jack loved Lily and was fiercely protective of her and for most of his life all he wanted was to make her happy. When she was happy he was happy, except Lily lived a world away from him now and Jack missed her dreadfully. As far as Jack was concerned there had never been a time in their lives where they hadn’t shared everything. In recent years Lily’s ambitions took her overseas and even with an ocean between them, Jack still managed to support his best friend. One day things changed everything between them and their relationship began to shift. Lily was carving her own life and after observing a scene involving her, it made Jack take a close look at his own. Feeling confused, Jack decided to take a difficult decision never realising the potential fallout from doing something he felt was the right thing at the time. With his life laid bare Jack and as a simple, uncomplicated guy he thought he had things finally figured out. Women loved Jack and they came and went in his life apart from Lily. She was always there, until one day she wasn’t. Jack felt betrayed and abandoned by the one person who he thought he could rely on no matter what. During his journey from that moment on Jack faced more separation and loss than he could ever have imagined how would it shape him both as a man and can he forgive her?
Rick cracked the door open and padded through it hacking a cough and reaching for the mini-bar. “Mornin’ Lothario.” He croaked in my direction without making eye contact, reading the labels.
Chuckling loudly, there was just no way I was going to live down that after party Mark was talking about, but when I took in the sight of him I couldn’t help but throw a come-back at him.
Did your mother send you that get up, or are the pyjamas supposed to turn the women in your room off enough to leave?”
Rick looked down and smirked at the wine coloured paisley patterned silk pyjama bottoms he was wearing.
Waving his hand at the chair for me to sit down he pulled a glass and poured himself a miniature of gin and a small bottle of tonic water into it. “Long story.”
“Can’t wait.” My hurried comment was followed up with a wide grin as I settled back in the chair with one leg crossed over the other, my ankle resting on my knee.
“Allergy. I’ve got a rash from the starch on the hotel sheets the other night.”
As soon as he said that I knew he was going to regret it and I could see from the startled look on his face he’d been caught off guard and didn’t mean to be so open about it. He knew he’d walked right into something that I’d use against him, even if I was managing to keep my face straight.
“A rash?” I couldn’t keep the humour out of my voice, and there was even the hint of a breakthrough giggle in those two words.
Rick stared pointedly at me as if to say, “Laugh and tear you a new one,” but my sense of humour just overrode any potential fall-out consequences he may have been planning.
“That’s a bit like saying I got pregnant from the sheets, Rick. Don’t you think you’re more likely to have caught something from one of the women in your bed than the sheets? Or don’t you want to believe that just in case you get pussy-fright?
Rick threw the lid of the gin bottle at me and it bounced off my forehead but by that time I was chuckling loudly. “Laugh all you want, I’m allergic to starch. So they got me these from the hotel store because I needed something to make sure I was protected in bed. It was fucking murder trying to play with the itch in my pants the night before last.”
“Most guys wear condoms for protection, Rick not theatrical pyjamas.”
Rick was being deadly serious but the more he spoke the more uncontrollable my laughing became until he stood up and pulled them down to show me the red welts on his legs, his dick at eye level with me. Just as he did this, the door opened and the two girls he had in his bed came through the door.
Turning my head to look at them, I was still stifling a grin. Rick was true to form and had two classic groupies for his sleepover, skinny girls with big tits, no bras, dyed blonde hair with black roots dressed in the usual rock-chick attire of leather mini-skirts, fishnet stockings and tight dark brown and cream t-shirts with the ‘Cobham Street’ motif on them.
“Sorry ladies, I was just about to part-take would either of you like to join me?”
My quip was out before I’d even thought about it. Hell, I was probably going to be sacked after this, but I grinned widely and Rick smacked me around the head, making me cry out— partly in surprise, partly out of pain.
“You’re such a smart ass Jack Cunningham.” Pivoting the top half if his body in their direction he gestured at me with his hand, his pyjamas still at his ankles. “I was just showing him my rash.”
Laughing raucously I stared helplessly at Rick taking in his pathetic form with the patterned material draped around his feet and his dick dangling in front of him. As soon as I knew he felt the need to explain what was happening all of my professionalism suddenly deserted me and I was struggling to catch my breath, let alone stop laughing. The skinnier one of the girls gave a loud snort, then her resolve was gone and she joined in laughing, but I think she was laughing because mine was so infectious more than anything else.
Rick continued protesting his innocence when suddenly the second girl who had been standing staring deadpan erupted in the oddest hee-haw laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. The look on Rick’s face was a picture as he gawped in disbelief with his jaw open taking in all of us laughing hysterically at his expense. I was sure he was going react badly, but even at that I just couldn’t get it together at all.
Rick bent down and pulled his pyjamas up, which I found even funnier for no particular reason and this set off a fresh bout of laughter. Striding over to open the door, Rick waved a finger in the direction of the two women and Jed made short work of evacuating them from the scene. All I could do was watch helplessly because I couldn’t get my laughing fit under control, and I was sure I was going to be next to be thrown out, but probably via the roof terrace.
Closing the door again, Rick bent forward, his hands on his knees and he suddenly cracked up with laughter. “Jack fucking Cunningham, I should bury my size eleven up your ass for what just happened there, and I don’t understand why I can’t…I fucking love you, dude. You have no idea what a breath of fresh air you are in a world full of ‘yes men’. How the fuck have you been?”
KLShandwick just Jack 2015©
K. L. Shandwick lives on the outskirts of London. She started writing after a challenge by a friend when she commented on a book she read. The result of this was “The Everything Trilogy.” Her background has been mainly in the health and social care sector in the U.K. She is still currently a freelance or self- employed professional in this field. Her books tend to focus on the relationships of the main characters. Writing is a form of escapism for her and she is just as excited to find out where her characters take her as she is when she reads another author’s work.
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A Story of Now by Emily O’Beirne Book Blitz &Rafflecopter giveaway 8/20/15

A Story of Now book blitz

Book Blitz

cover_A-Story-of_Now_500x800Book Title: A Story of Now
Author: Emily O’Beirne
Genre: New Adult
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Book Blurb

Nineteen-year-old Claire Pearson knows she needs a life. And some new friends.

But brittle, beautiful, and just a little bit too sassy for her own good sometimes, she no longer makes friends easily. And she has no clue where to start on the whole finding a life front, either. Not after a confidence-shattering year dogged by bad break-ups, friends who have become strangers, and her constant failure to meet her parents sky-high expectations.

When Robbie and Mia walk into Claire’s work they seem the least likely people to help her find a life. But despite Claire’s initial attempts to alienate them, an unexpected new friendship develops.

And it’s the warm, brilliant Mia who seems to get Claire like no one has before. Soon, Claire begins to question her feelings for her new friend.


At some point, Claire has been dancing so long she’s worried she’s never going to find her land legs again. It’s not long after that they completely run out of steam and depart the dance floor in search of air and somewhere to sit.

Mia finds a vacant armchair, a decadent, beige monstrosity lodged between the front door area and the edge of the dance floor. It’s covered in discarded jackets and coats. Mia squashes up to one side, with her knees pulled to her chest, and pats the cushion next to her.

Claire backs in, flops down, tucks the bottle in between them, and puts the glasses on the arm. They are so close to the dance floor that Claire could nearly reach out and touch the wall of moving bodies if she wanted. Instead, she turns inward a little, toward Mia, and leans her head against the back of the chair, spent and sweaty.

She stares across the room while she catches her breath. She spots Robbie near the wall on the other side of the door talking to a redheaded girl, his hand on her arm.
It must be Megan, the model. She’s super tall and skinny, but she doesn’t look that pretty. The best models never seem to. Claire’s learned that from the embarrassing amount of
Next Top Model she’s consumed over the years. The weird looking ones always win. They are all gawky and awkward and then turn beautiful in front of a camera.

Mia pours them another shot each. They throw it back in unison and tuck the bottle back into the sofa cushions between them. Too exhausted and now too drunk to get up, they stay put, snuggled around the bottle.

“So, what would you be doing if you were here with those old friends you used to party with?” Mia asks, playing with her shot glass.

Claire looks out at the swell of bodies around them and shrugs. She tries to recall all those parties through the fog of distance and drunkenness. She doesn’t remember much, just a sameness shaped by routine rounds of drinking and dancing and gossip—-gossip about things that seemed so vital at the time and are so forgettable now.

“Same as everyone else, I guess.” She notices a girl on the dance floor looking at them. She turns and says something to the one next to her. The other girl glances at
them briefly and nods. “I’d probably be wondering why those two weirdos are perched on top of a pile of coats on that chair in the corner.”

Mia laughs and leans back against the seat. “I think I prefer to be the weirdo.”

“What would you be doing tonight?” Claire asks, curious. “If you weren’there?”

“Maybe watching movies with Pete and his housemate like they were planning before I dragged them here. Or studying for exams.”

She tips her empty glass against Mia’s. “Well, I, for one, am glad you’re here suffering with me instead of toiling over your books or watching sci-
fi movies.”

“You’re not suffering. I saw you on the dance floor.”

Claire laughs. She hasn’t really been suffering at all.

Mia pokes her in the leg. “And sci-fi movies? What makes you think that? Just putting us firmly in your science-geek box and shutting the lid?”

“Maybe. What would you be watching?”

Mia rolls her eyes. “Probably some really niche indie film or an undiscovered gem of a famous director. Pete’s housemate is a total film freak.”

“So, still geeky then?”

Mia ignores her jibe. “I’m glad you’re here. I probably would have left pretty soon if you weren’t.” She corrects herself. “Actually, I know I would have. No fun following Robbie around at these things.”

“Thanks for staying on my behalf, Mia.” But it’s only a part joke because it does, sadly, warm her that she’s deemed worthy of sticking around for.

“I couldn’t leave you on your lonesome with these people.” Mia gives her a smart-ass grin. “You might have been re-infected.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I kind of needed this-—weird as this party is.”

“Me too.”

They smile at each other, slow smiles of recognition and something else, something like mutual sympathy. With that, Mia pours them another shot, and they drink it down with sober ceremony.

They debate dancing again, but the music has taken a turn for the worse. Instead, they share random memories and fill the huge gaps in their knowledge of each other. Then, as they dissolve into tequila drunkenness, they play a game. Taking it in turns, one of them picks someone from around the room, and the other one has to make up a story about him, to invent dramas, or concoct secret fears and habits. It’s dumb and pointless, and they are just drunk enough to get a complete stupid kick out of it.

After Mia finishes telling her all about the random middle-aged man who just walked in, and his penchant for the feet of young girls, it’s Claire’s turn to make something up.

“Pick someone!” She slaps Mia leg.

“Ow, okay. No need to brutalise!” Mia winces and rubs her thigh. She scans the room. Finally, she finds what she’s looking for. “Them.” Mia leans her head sideways on the back of the chair. Her hair tickles the side of Claire’s face as she points through the dance floor to a couple standing by the food table, inspecting the contents.

For a fleeting moment, Claire wishes she hadn’t drunk so much and felt like taking advantage of the free food, because it looks really good from here. The couple have their backs to her, and there are twenty people dancing between their chair and them, so it’s difficult to get an idea of what they’re like, except they look basically the same as everyone in the room-—
brand-named, moneyed, and boring. Eventually, the girl plucks a carrot stick from the array of food and turns slowly to look over the room. Claire is about to tell Mia how she will be off to the bathroom in minutes to purge the carrot stick, when she gets a look at her face.

It’s Kate.

“Oh shit,” Claire moans. She turns her head quickly toward Mia and buries her face into the back of the chair.

“What’s wrong?”

“Girl I went to high school with,” Claire mumbles. She swings her head back and forth, veering wildly between wanting to hide her face and wanting to see where Kate is, in case she comes anywhere near their private armchair kingdom. “I have never, ever seen her alone, without the other two.” Claire catches another glimpse as Kate closes in on the snack table again. “It’s like seeing a guinea pig in the wild. I mean, you only ever see them in cages. I’ve never seen one in the wild.”

Mia laughs and pokes her clumsily in the arm. “I’m not sure that it’s completely owing to my state of drunkenness that I have no idea what you are talking about right now.”

Claire watches Kate accept a glass of champagne from the guy she came in with, a wide, tall guy with curly hair. She gives him a simpering smile of thanks. Claire just stares. She cannot believe Kate has turned up here, a completely unexpected and irritating intruder in what has turned out to be the most random of fun nights.

“See, I knew it was that kind of party,” she moans and presses her face against the sofa as Kate eyes the room again.

“That kind of party?” Mia laughs. “You make it sound totally sinister. Like we’re going to be injected with drugs against our will in darkened rooms and induced to perform bizarre sexual acts.” Still, she’s clearly sympathetic because she pours them each another shot, which they slug quickly. Then she picks up a jacket and holds it in front of Claire’s face.

Claire giggles. “Thanks.” She positions her head right in front of the jacket. “No, I just mean full of boring vapid idiots like her.”

“That’s okay then.” Mia looks over at the couple and then turns back to Claire, her brown eyes shining. “You want me to make up a story about her? Will that make you feel better?”

“Sure.” Claire settles into the chair behind her protective shield.

And Mia, with a surprisingly evil glint in her eye, goes off in a long-winded tale of debauchery and punishment, where nothing good has ever happened to Kate and her date. Sadly, it actually does make Claire feel a little better. Well, at least it makes her laugh.

And the game continues, accompanied by more shots of tequila and even more hysterical, face-numbing laughter. Claire shakes her head at her mental image of them in their corner. Who
knew the highlight of her night would be stuck behind a jacket in a corner on top of a pile of coats? The game escalates and the stories grow stupider, with more laughing than actual storytelling. It’s as if the whole night is this deeply funny joke, and they are the only ones in the room who get it.

Then it happens. She has no idea howit happens or who started it. In fact, if she were questioned in a court of law, she’s not sure she could answer truthfully. And when she looks back at it the next day, viathe lens of her mind-blowing hangover, it looks like a series of grainy jump shots from one moment to the next. There is no necessary cause and effect, no incident and consequence. One minute they are downing another shot and laughing hysterically, Mia’s elbow resting on Claire’s knee as she continues to hold up the jacket to hide her. Then, for a split second, they just look at each other. And then, mere seconds later, in a clash of hot breath, lips, tequila and tongue, they are kissing.

It’s not a long kiss, but long enough for the jacket to be dropped and hands to start grabbing for leverage. And it ends when Mia accidentally pulls at her hair, and Claire is yanked back to reality. She snaps her head back, eyes wide. And staring straight back at her is Mia, her eyes equally wide.

Then suddenly Mia begins to laugh as she pulls herself up to sit on the arm of the chair. “Umm…” Mia folds her arms over her chest and pulls an eekface. And before Claire can say anything, Mia grins. She leans down close and points at her. “So, inappropriate, drunken make outs are generally a solid cue for me that it’s well over time to go home. Which means I am out.” She sighs and hands Claire her glass. “See you.”

Claire takes the glass and nods, still too speechless to respond.

Meet the AuthorThirteen-year-old Emily woke up one morning with a sudden itch to write her first novel. All day, she sat through her classes, feverishly scribbling away (her rare silence probably a cherished respite for her teachers). And by the time the last bell rang, she had penned fifteen handwritten pages of angsty drivel, replete with blood-red sunsets, moody saxophone music playing somewhere far off in the night, and abandoned whiskey bottles rolling across tables. Needless to say, that singular literary accomplishment is buried in a box somewhere, ready for her later amusement.

From Melbourne, Australia, Emily was recently granted her PhD. She works part-time in academia, where she hates marking papers but loves working with her students. She also loves where she lives but travels as much as possible and tends to harbour crushes on cities more than on people.

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Pure Lust Series by M.S. Parker & Cassie Wild Blog Tour 8/20/15




“I’d always wanted my life to be a fairy-tale. Romance and roses, and a white knight sweeping me off of my feet. But at twenty-two, I’d come to realize that I’d been lying to myself; none of that existed.”

Gabriella Baine has a way with words. She dreams of one day becoming a staff writer for the biggest TV shows. But dreams don’t pay rent and during a job interview at one of the largest model agencies in the country, she meets fashion photographer, Flynn McCreary. Sparks fly and there’s an intense, visceral pure lust that culminates in the hottest sex Gabriella’s ever experienced. Soon afterwards, Flynn’s gone and once again she realize that her wish for Prince Charming will never come true.

Then she meets the handsome, romantic and mysterious Edward, a man who seems to have it all but is also keeping secrets that could destroy any chance of Gabriella ever finding her happy ever after.

You don’t want to miss the first book in M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild’s newest sexy and twisted collaboration, Pure Lust.



When Gabriella Baine began her whirlwind romance with rich, handsome Edward Bouvier, she never expected for her one-night stand, photographer Flynn McCreary, to make an appearance. She wants to put everything behind her, but Flynn can’t seem to stop playing things hot and cold. To make matters worse, she’s broke and needs a good-paying job – like modeling for Flynn again. Will Gabriella be able to resist temptation or will she lose everything?



Gabriella Baine is going to marry the man of her dreams…if her monster-in-law-to-be doesn’t drive her away first. As she struggles to deal with wedding plans, she’s also beginning to realize that, no matter how much she tries, she can’t stay away from her fiancé’s younger brother, Flynn McCreary. He’s arrogant, rude and lashes out at everyone around him, but that doesn’t stop her from going back to him for work. When the unthinkable happens, it forces Gabriella to make the biggest decision of her life.



It was almost here. My wedding day. The happiest day of my life. Or at least that’s what it should have been, but when Cody brought news that something bad had happened to Edward, I felt my world crashing down.

Twenty-two year-old Gabriella Baine is just about to get her happily ever after with her very own rich and handsome Prince Charming, Edward Bouvier, despite his mother’s attempts to tear them apart. Now, with the news that Edward’s life is in danger, Gabriella knows that she could lose everything.
Will this be the end, or only the beginning?

button teasersPureLust3Tease PureLust3Tease button About the author

M.S. Parker

M.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.

Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.

Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn’t retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

When M. S. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.

Cassie Wild

Cassie Wild loves romance. Ever since she was eight years old she’s been reading every romance novel she could get her hands on, always dreaming of writing her own romance novels.

When M.S. Parker approached her about co-authoring Serving HIM series, it didn’t take Cassie many second to say a big yes!!

Serving HIM is only the beginning to the collaboration between M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild. Another series is already in the planning stages.

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Naughty Desires by Ann Mayburn Blog Tour 8/20/15




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A steamy collection of scandalous novellas exploring women’s secret, naughty desires and the amazing men who bring those fantasies to life. The short stories Captive Fantasy and For Her Eyes Only can only be found in this anthology.

Captive Fantasy

Mary has always had a fantasy about a dangerous escaped prisoner kidnapping her and forcing her to sate his brutal, pent up desires. When she receives an invitation from the IWSS to live that fantasy out in one of their research facilities she jumps at the chance. Now she just has to convince her gentle giant of a husband to take control and make her his willing love slave.

Sensation Play

Retired German cage fighter, Jonas Becker, has a chance meeting with his dream woman at a charity ball. Unfortunately she leaves before he can get her contact information. When he sees her again at a coffee shop he overhears her talk about the perfect, kinky, opportunity for Jonas to win her over.

Erica signs up with the Collette’s List dating service, a dating site that specializes in pairing up sexually adventurous couples. Her request is simple. She wants a dangerous, rough, intimidating man to fake break into her hotel room and force her to submit to his wicked demands while giving her multiple orgasms. Using every ounce of his skill as an experienced Dom, Jonas hopes to win Erica over before the night ends. He can only hope that the pleasure he can bring her would make the beautiful woman look past his scarred and battered exterior to the man within who can give her sensations like no other.

Peppermint Passion

Shyla has dreamt about, lusted after, and fallen in love with her to hot as hell bosses over the past year that she’s for them. With only a few months left before she graduates and earns her teaching degree, Shyla decides to make her move at the company Christmas Party.

Trent and Jack have been fighting a losing battle to keep their hands off of their beautiful and innocent waitress, Shyla, until she graduates. When she surprises them by arriving at their Christmas party dressed like a wet fetish dream, and they learn she plans on being part of the submissive auction, the men quickly decide that the time to show Shyla who she belongs to, and who truly loves, her has arrived.

For Her Eyes Only

Amanda accepts an invitation from the prestigious Institute for Women’s Sexual Satisfaction. Volunteering for their study means she must divulge her deepest, naughtiest fantasies and then act on them. But one wicked fantasy involves watching her boyfriend do something so intimate, so forbidden that she’s afraid he’ll refuse and may even break off their relationship.

Jared can’t believe his gorgeous girlfriend wants to see another woman don a strap-on and take his anal virginity. But he wants to make her wildest fantasies come true — and maybe finally indulge some secret fantasies of his own.

Bound for Her Pleasure

Football star Tycen Preston has everything he could ever want, everything except the healing release of subspace that he desperately craves. After four years of searching for the right Domme, he finally has the opportunity to indulge in all the dark, forbidden desires that would ruin his carefully crafted image if they anyone every found out.

Lara Perez is tired of the weak submissive men that offer her no challenge. She yearns for a strong Alpha male to tame and call her own. A blind date seems to be the perfect arrangement for fulfilling both of their decadent cravings. Unfortunately a scheming paparazzi photographer is hot on their trail, and will do anything he can to get a scandalous picture of Tycen that would destroy his career.

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With over forty published books, Ann is Queen of the Castle to her husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she’s been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young Ann has had a love affair with books would read everything she could get her hands on. As Ann grew older, and her hormones kicked in, she discovered bodice ripping Fabio-esque romance novels. They were great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she’s never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her ‘sexy space’ and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.

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Lacey Black Publiversary Sale & Rafflecopter giveaway 8/20/15

TrustMe_1_SaleGraphic (1)

We are thrilled to celebrate Lacey Black’s one year Publiversary!  One-click this series while it is on sale for a very limited time.


Trust Me Rivers Edge Series – Book 1 (FREE)

After all of the devastating betrayals by the one she loved, Twenty-two year old Avery Stevens has spent three years raising her daughter alone, with her family and best friend as a support system, never leaving her small hometown of Rivers Edge, Missouri. Though Rivers Edge holds the pain of her past, it also holds the one person she wants but can’t have – her brother’s best friend, Maddox Jackson. When she learns the attraction might not be one-sided, will Avery be able to trust Maddox with the one thing she’s held onto tightly for the past few years?

Police officer Maddox Jackson is a ladies’ man with one foot out the door. Never planning to settle down, Maddox fights the attraction he feels for his best friend’s little sister, Avery. But can he continue to fight it when his body and his heart are leading him to the one woman he shouldn’t want?

When secrets are finally exposed, can Avery and Maddox trust each other enough to overcome the past, handle the present, and preserve their future? Can Avery trust Maddox with her heart? Will Maddox be able to convince Avery to take the chance?

**This book is intended for an audience of 18 or older due to graphic sex scenes and language.

Links to Buy:

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble


Fight Me Rivers Edge Series – Book 2

Jake Stevens has it made.  A local police officer with an open invitation to any number of beds around town, Jake has no desire to settle down with any of the ladies he entertains by night.  After watching his best friend fall in love with his little sister, Jake is certain that love and marriage just aren’t in his cards.  Heck, he’s not even playing with the same deck.

After Jake encounters a blast from the past one night, he finds himself swimming in uncharted waters.  For the first time, Jake has found a woman he can’t get out of his mind.  The kicker?  The woman wants nothing to do with him.

Erin Anderson returns to the small Missouri town of Rivers Edge for a job after a twenty year absence.  Erin spent years loathing the memory of Jake Stevens for his cruelness back in seventh grade.  Now, Jake appears to be the same self-centered player he was in junior high, and no one seems to be able to push her button the way the cocky, yet devastatingly handsome cop does.

Between circumstances that keep thrusting them together and Jake’s persistence to annoy her, Erin struggles to fight her growing feelings for Jake.  But, can Erin get past the hurt she felt all those years ago at the hands of a young Jake?  Can Jake show Erin that what they have is worth fighting for?

Links to  Buy:

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble



Expect Me Rivers Edge Series -Book 3

Travis Stevens struggles to move on and forget about the one amazing night he spent tangled up in the sheets with a beautiful woman who disappeared just before dawn. Now she’s just a memory that he can’t ignore. But what do you do when the woman invades your thoughts day and night?

Josselyn McCray spent one perfect night wrapped up in the strong arms of a handsome stranger before running out in the early morning light. Now she’s out of money and luck and forced to make some life-altering decisions about her future. A future that is going to involve the man she hasn’t been able to forget.

Brought together by one night of passion, Travis and Josselyn are now linked forever. Will Travis and Josselyn be torn apart by demanding responsibilities and the stresses of getting to know each other? Or will they overcome the odds and find their way to happily ever after?

One thing is certain: life isn’t always what you expect.

*This book is intended for an audience of 18 or older due to graphic sex scenes and language.

**Can be read as a standalone but would be better enhanced by reading the previous books.

Cover by Gin’s Book Notes & Designs

Links to Buy:

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble


Promise Me Rivers Edge Series -Book 4

Holly Jenkins watched her best friend finally get her happily ever after. While there’s no one more deserving than Avery Jackson, Holly can’t fight the longing and ache that settles in her chest when she thinks about her own solitary life. After kissing so many frogs, Holly starts to wonder if Prince Charming even exists.

Jase Bentley is worn out. As lead singer of the award winning rock band, Bent, Jase has everything he could possibly ever want at his fingertips. When you’re on top, the music industry moves everything within arm’s reach; money, fame, and women just ripe for the plucking. Everything except for the one thing he’s really looking for. The one dream he can’t seem to make come true.

What happens when two people from different worlds meet and are thrust into unfamiliar and unsettling territory?  Can Holly navigate the demands of dating someone with a high profile profession?  Can Jase walk away from the only lifestyle he’s ever known for the first woman who’s ever made him want to?

Promises are made, but can they keep them?

*This book is a novella. 36,000 words

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Protect Me-Rivers Edge Book 5

Nate Stevens loves three things: Work, Family, Women. In that order. Having absolutely no desire to follow in three of his siblings’ footsteps by settling down, Nate lives for his work as a firefighter.  That’s why his chance meeting with Lia leaves him unsettled like never before. There’s just something about the beautifully shy and reserved woman that he can’t walk away from.

Run. Hide. Keep moving. That’s exactly what Lia Walker has done for the last nine months. Escaping from her past, Lia continues to move from place to place before finding herself in the small town of Rivers Edge, Missouri. Following a chance encounter with her new boss’ brother, Nate, which leaves Lia feeling confused and vulnerable for the first time in months, Lia  has to make a decision: to run or to stay.

When pasts are finally exposed, Nate and Lia find themselves at a crossroads. Nate will do anything to protect Lia from her past, but the question remains: Will Lia let him?  When Lia’s past finally catches up with her, will running be the only way to protect the ones they love most in this world?

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Share-med-File_-Protect-Me-Author Bio

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.

Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014.  It spent several weeks in the top 100 in contemporary romance on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers for e-books. Fight Me, book 2 in the Rivers Edge series, released December 2014 and was followed by Expect Me, Rivers Edge book 3 in February 2015 and Promise Me: A Novella in April 2015.  All were Amazon Best Sellers in contemporary romance.









Signed Paperback of Trust Me

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HARD by Ava Jackson Release Blitz 8/20/15


Hard Cover


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The last time I saw her, she was asleep—and I’d just taken her virginity.

She was my best friend’s little sister. I’d broken the guy code, and the guilt had me running before she woke.

Ten years later, she’s a corporate bad ass negotiating across the table from me—and hotter than ever. I want my second chance, but she’s all grown up and isn’t about to hand it to me.

This time, I’ve got a whole different game plan in mind.


The last time I saw him, he was balls deep inside me—and I’d just lost my virginity. When I woke up he was gone.

Ten years hasn’t erased the sting of rejection. And now he wants his second chance?

I swore I’d say no … but then he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: when we’re working, we’re strangers, but at night? He’ll make my every dirty fantasy come true.

This time, I’m not going to be the one left wanting more. Standalone steamy, erotic romance. buy linksAMAZON US I AMAZON UK

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Ava enjoys naughty things. She’s drawn to the forbidden and taboo, and writes kink that makes you think. Raised in Idaho, Ava now lives on the East Coast with her husband, and two dogs.

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