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Step Up By Lauren Calhoun Cover Reveal 7/1/15

Title: STEP Up – A STEP series novel
Author: Lauren Calhoun

Tentative Release Date 7/31/15

Kyleigh hasn’t been home since high-school. When one email changes her mind, she packs up her five year old and heads back for the weekend.
Jason has spent five years searching for her. Contacting any friends he could think of left him with nothing. Even building an app to connect with people couldn’t connect him with the one person in the world he wanted to see again.


What brings the two together again? A wedding. Not just any wedding, Jason’s mom and Kyleigh’s dad have decided to tie the knot.
Lies torn them apart before. Their parents keep them apart now. Secrets change the game for everyone.


Will love concur all? Or will the taboo keep them apart?
© Lauren Calhoun


About The Author:
Lauren Calhoun is a 26 year old, small town country girl. She has two amazing children and is married. Lauren and her husband have been together for seven years, married for five. She also has two fur babies, Kuda Bear and Kmora. When Lauren isn’t writing she is spending time with her kids. She loves to take them camping, fishing, hunting, to the park and pool. She is a very family oriented person. Lauren is an avid reader. She mainly reads Erotica, but every now then, she will branch out to paranormal. She does read mostly Indie/ Self-published books.
Connect with Lauren:

“No matter what, stay true to yourself and your family. In the end it’s all you have left.”~Lauren Calhoun
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