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Voyeur Extraordinaire by Cora Reilly Book Blitz & Rafflecopter giveaway 10/10/14

Voyeur Extraordinaire

Book Blitz

VOYEUR Book Cover

Book Title: Yoyeur Extraordinaire
Author: Cora Reilly
Genre: Romance
Release Date: December 2014
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Living in a dank one room apartment and working as a waitress in a shabby bar, Nora didn’t think her life could get any worse. But that’s before sexy-as-hell Adrian Black moves into the apartment across from her bedroom window and she’s caught spying on him having sex. Now he has set his eyes on her.

Not falling prey to his panty-dropping smiles proves to be a challenge Nora isn’t sure she’s ready for – especially since the most action she ever had are the butt slaps from leery customers at work.

An encounter with Adrian involving a healthy dose of pent-up tension and too much alcohol leads to an awkward night that none of them will likely forget. But it’s only the beginning…

“Every night I take out my binoculars, direct them at the window of my neighbor Adrian Black and watch him banging a new girl, and every night I wish the girl was me. Where the hell is a shooting star when you need one?“

Meet the Author

I’m an author of erotic romance and New Adult novels. I live in one of the ugliest cities of the world with too many pets and only one husband. I’m a lover of good food, wine and books and I’m addicted to Dexter, Californication and Big Bang Theory.


I was about to pull the curtains shut when my eyes flickered toward Adrian’s window, and the air left my lungs in a whoosh. He was gazing out of it absent-mindedly, dressed in black trousers and a white shirt, the upper buttons open, revealing a slightly toned and muscled chest. I wanted to run my hands over it and rip every single button off his shirt. I shook my head, angry at myself for swooning over him like that.

I grabbed the curtains, determined to forget about Adrian, but then he looked in my direction and as soon as he caught sight of me, he held up a sheet of paper. What the hell? I couldn’t make out the words but he kept the message up. After a moment of hesitation, I grabbed my binoculars and directed them at his window, expecting to see an insult, but instead was surprised when I read the words written in bold letters.

Your dog isn’t ugly.

I fought the smile that was tugging at my lips. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Adrian turned the sheet and revealed more words.

Am I forgiven?

He raised his eyebrows, smiling charmingly.

I looked around in my bedroom for something to write on. I hurried toward my desk and grabbed a few sheets of paper and a black marker. My heart was pounding in my chest. I took a few calming breaths, then returned to the window and wrote on the paper hastily, my hand trembling a little. I was glad that Adrian was too far away to see how nervous I was.

I wrote the word as fat as possible, so it’d be visible even from the neighbor house. I held the paper up. A grin spread on my face when I saw Adrian holding up binoculars to his face. He wiggled them with a teasing smile before lifting them to his eyes. I nervously showed him what I’d written, waiting for him to read it. Suddenly I regretted my choice of clothing. I looked like a slob. I should have worn a sexy negligee or babydoll.

It didn’t take Adrian long to read the one word I’d written:


Adrian cocked his head. He looked incredibly handsome and his hair was beautifully disheveled. He lowered his face and started scribbling on the paper again.

My heart pounded even faster. I waited excitedly, curious about his next words. After a moment he lifted the sheet of paper.

Go out with me?

At least this time it was posed as a question, though I’d wished for a bit more pleading. I tilted my head to the side and chewed on the back of the marker, thinking about how I should reply. Should I go out with him? Amy would probably say no, but she wasn’t seeing him now. He was charming and cute and absolutely irresistible.

Adrian was smiling his crooked grin at me, which made thinking straight quite difficult. I didn’t know what to say. I scribbled down a single word on a new sheet.


Adrian read my uncertain reply and started writing after another moment.

Your dog can come too.

He grinned and winked, causing my heart to skip a beat. I couldn’t help but chuckle and rolled my eyes at him, though I wasn’t sure if he could see it from the distance.

Say yes?

I bit my lip nervously, my eyes scanning his body, how he was leaning against the windowsill. How could he look so relaxed when I felt like I was going to faint any moment?

Taking a deep breath, I quickly wrote my reply before I could change my mind.


He smiled at me brightly and brought the pen down against the paper again.

Tomorrow. 6pm?

I bobbed my head up and down because I wasn’t sure if I could write properly right now. My pulse throbbed in my veins as if I’d run a marathon, and my cheeks felt so hot, it was a miracle I hadn’t burst into flames yet.

I’ll pick you up. Sleep well.

My sleep would definitely be filled with tantalizing dreams…


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Limerence II Release Day & Spotlight 10/10/14

Limerence release poster









lime (1)



When you see life through the eyes of a vampire, you see the true colours of the world.

It’s been almost a year since Mia’s life was forever altered, and each day is a battle as she fights the dark vampire trapped within her. She is strong, and powerful, and she wants control. She will do anything to be free. Even if it means destroying them both.

Evan, a strong Bastion vampire is fighting a darkness of his own. And though their Queen won’t allow it, Mia’s connection with him is intense & addictive. They find it impossible to stay apart. But as their emotions grow stronger, Mia fears Evan’s secrets will destroy the very strength she needs to keep her inner vampire under control. 

Is she strong enough to survive a love which is not allowed, while fighting the monster within?
The Queen is sick and the world Mia has only just come to know is changing. In the end, there can only be one survivor.

teaser for L2


The door swings closed behind me, and I’m embraced in the darkness. I follow Lora along the darkened hallway, my hand clutched firmly in hers to stop me running away. We reach another door, and behind it I feel like I’ll find my nemesis, my saviour, and maybe even freedom. Lora turns to look at me with a sly grin, her eyes gleaming and red-tinged with hunger, and as I stare at the aura floating around her in a cloud of colourful commotion, I know that this was a ridiculously stupid idea. We’re friends—as much as selfish vampires can be friends anyway—but when it comes down to it, in her eyes her happiness, her freedom, will always come first. I will be forgotten and abandoned in favour of her own desires and needs. I don’t take offence to this: that’s just the way things are; that’s just the attraction of blood and what it does to you. Like any addiction, it strangles everything out of your life.

She swings the door wide open, pulling me inside with her, and I am swallowed into the lion’s den.

It’s dark in here also; of course it is—isn’t this the typical cliché of things to come? The room is full of writhing bodies both warm and cold. With the Queen away, it seems everyone has gone wild. Perhaps this is a normal vampire’s way of letting off steam. Perhaps. Or this could be just a normal way of life here in this particular coven. Either way it screams danger, fun, and temptation. And I know it was a stupid decision to come here, but I can’t back down now—couldn’t even if I really wanted to; my own inner demons are excited, my nerve endings spitting out sparks.

Music plays, but nobody dances; instead they sway, the music more like a backdrop to set the mood for everyone. Almost everyone is huddled with another vampire either talking, feeding, or…doing something that under normal circumstances would be described as inappropriate in public, but here it’s okay. Here everyone is safe. We protect our own, watching over them as they feed, or fornicate. Nobody feels shame: it’s hard to believe that this could ever be wrong when so many are doing it. And I feel myself being swallowed easily into the sensual atmosphere.

My body shivers in anticipation, travelling up and down my spine like a tiny trail of ants marching towards something dangerous.

We make our way across the room to another lounge area lit up with red lights like a cheap brothel, and Lora pulls me over to the human in the corner on tap for everyone to use. She kneels down between the human’s thighs and drops her face to his inner thigh, biting down and drinking deeply. I watch, growing thirstier by the second. Mad Donny is the steward tonight, of course—as if he would ever let one of his humans escape his clutches.


Claire C Riley is a Best Selling British Horror writer.

Her work is best described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements to develop storylines that pay homage to cult-classics while still feeling fresh and cutting-edge. She writes characters that are realistic, and kills them without mercy.

Claire lives in the UK with her husband, three daughters, and one scruffy dog.

Her works namely include, old school vampires and apocalyptic zombie ridden worlds, with several full-length books, and short stories to her name, with plenty more coming up in 2014.

Awards and Accreditations.

Odium. The Dead Saga is a top #100 dystopian selling book on for 2013, ‘Indie book of the day’ winner December 2013 and ‘Indie Author Land 50 best self-published books worth reading 2013/14’

Limerence featured book in the ‘Guardian newspaper for best Indie novel 2013’ and is a finalist for the eFestival of Words ‘best novel’ category.

Odium II The Dead Saga is a #1 Best Selling British Horror book and top #100 dystopian book.

She is also a very proud contributor to the ‘Let’s Scare Cancer to Death’ charity anthology as well as several other anthologies such as ‘State of Horror Illinois’ & ‘Fading Hope: Humanity Unbound’.

She can be stalked at any of the following.



Distant Love by Layla Merritt Release Day 10/10/14


Distant Love

Layla Merritt



Kate Braxton has fallen into the role most women do by putting someone else’s needs above her own. In reality, she lives day to day unable to overcome the scars of her past to allow herself to move on with her life. Her divorce and a new job just might open the door to a brighter future for her.

Brayden Bennett is sexy and successful in the marketing firm he works for, but has been used and discarded by women, leaving him hurt and guarded. The beautiful new hire in Atlanta captures his attention in ways he didn’t think possible and he can’t help but wonder if she holds the key to his caged heart.

Kate is taking care of her ill father in Atlanta and Brayden’s son ties him to Chicago. Can they dare to dream of a future together? Can Kate survive the freak accidents that keep occurring, or will their relationship end in tragedy before they can figure out a way to be together?

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