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Spiral by Zara Cox Book Blitz & Rafflecopter giveaway 8/2/14

Spiral Book Blitz

Book Blitz

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Book Title: Spiral
Author: Zara Cox
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2014
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Seven Nights. Seven Highs.

Welcome back to The Indigo Lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen…

SPIRAL is the latest story in the sizzling Indigo Lounge Series, geared for fans of The Crossfire and The Stark Series.

Sinfully sexy venture capitalist, Noah King – a man with a haunted past and dark cravings – is a short fuse away from being consumed by his needs. When his desires propel him to the Indigo Lounge, there’s only one course of action – unleash his innermost hunger or lose his mind.

Leia Michaels has spent the last five years trying to find her way out of a shattered labyrinth of pain and tragedy. In a daring move, she takes a chance on a sizzling adventure aboard the Indigo Lounge.

Within seconds of meeting on the luxury, decadent adults-only jet, they realize they’re better off apart…but their chemistry defies logic and their needs have gone far too long unanswered.

Seven Nights. Seven Highs. He will strip away her inhibitions and show her that edgy existence between pleasure and pain. Will she survive his dark secrets and risk revealing her own, or will her world spiral out of control?

Meet the Author

Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn’t until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone but her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she loves to hear from her readers.


I’m keeping you…

Leia wasn’t sure whether to be shocked or pleased at the outcome of acting out on that crazy instinct. The shock of finally having Noah King’s mouth on hers had been beyond explosive.

So she’d bitten him.

She’d bitten him!

She stared at the red spot on his finger and watched, mesmerized as he brought it to his mouth and licked it off.

“God, I’m so sorry. I’m not sure what came over—”

He stopped her words with a forefinger on her mouth. “This time, I’ll take care of it. Next time you lick it off.”

She gasped at the vivid imagery and his finger moved to the side of her mouth. Tracing. Exploring. “I… There won’t be a next time.”

“Yes, there will,” he drawled. His tongue snuck out and soothed the tiny cut on his lower lip. Savored it.

The intensely sensual action spiked fire between her legs. Her panties grew damper, her clit throbbing incessantly against the seam of her leather pants. She moved in the seat, desperate to alleviate the discomfort.

His gaze dropped between her legs and darted back to her face. “You’ll bite me whenever I tell you to. And I’ll bite you right there, between your legs.”

“I’m not a biter,” she said in a rush.

“You’ve just proved otherwise. You’ve made me so hard I can’t see straight.”

Another blush threatened but she forced it away through sheer strength of will. She was done blushing in front of this man. Her stupid blushes had nearly made him walk away. The recollection hollowed out her stomach, the way it had ten minutes ago when she feared he would.

His finger traced her lower lip and brought her attention back to him. He watched her with such intensity, his gaze compelling her as his finger slipped into her mouth. The soft pad caressed her lower front teeth as if testing their sharpness. He reached her left incisor and pressed down.

Leia squirmed. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing you’re not enjoying.”

She shook her head but the feeling of his finger lazily exploring her mouth was like nothing she’d felt before.

“You want me to stop?”

She moaned.

“Words, baby. Use words.” He pressed again and she saw his pupils dilate. “Tell me what you’re thinking. Do you like what I’m doing?”

Such a simple thing, nowhere near indecent or decadent. And yet it felt so erotic, her sex clenched and unclenched with sharp, hungry need.


He smiled and removed his finger but not before he circled her lips with its wet tip. “The first rule is vocalization. Whatever you’re feeling, you say it. I don’t want to have to guess what’s going on in your head. Agreed?”

Fun Facts

  1. I’m British but am often mistaken for an American.
  2. I’m a HUGE Formula 1 Fan. As in DIE-HARD ADDICT!
  3. I once spoke to Gary Barlow (lead singer of TAKE THAT) on the phone!
  4. I write in bed (where I get my best ideas!)
  5. I’m painfully shy and often cover it with talking too much!!
  6. The No.1 thing on my bucket list is to tandem sky-dive attached to a super-hot guy (what a better way to plummet to my death?).
  7. I read three or four books at the same time and often have books scattered throughout my house so I always have reading material to hand.
  8. My husband thinks I’m afraid of spiders. I choose to let him believe that.
  9. I’m obsessive about my book boyfriends, especially the one I write!!
  10. In another life, I’d love to be an inventor of sex gadgets. Or a racing driver!

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One Day Soon by Edie Hart Cover Reveal 8/2/14

Title: One Day Soon
Author: Edie Hart
Cover Reveal
Genre: Romance
Release Date:
Tour Organizer: N K Author Services
After Lexi witnesses a murder, she becomes a target for a cold-blooded killer.  Will Burg, the detective assigned to her case, be able to keep her safe? 
While checking out a house for a showing, realtor Alexandria Edwards stumbles upon a savage slaying. Now witness to a murder, she soon becomes the target of a cold-blooded killer.
Jonathan Burgess,, Lexi’s brother’s best friend, is the detective assigned to protect the sexy blonde. Burg has always thought of Lexi as a little sister, but seeing her all grown up has turned his innocent thoughts into forbidden fantasies. Will Burg be able to keep Lexi safe while also keeping his growing feelings for her in check?
Edie Hart was born in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, where she now resides with her husband, two children, dog, and three cats. After spending her childhood making up stories in her head, she finally decided to put them on paper. What came of it was her first novella, One Bad Day. 

Edie also admits that “Edie Hart” is a pen name and an alter ego to an otherwise boring wife and mother. Edie is 20 pounds lighter, loves to skydive, travels to foreign places, and is a total sex kitten as compared to the uninteresting other half who is none of those things.
In reality the other half of Edie is a lackluster 40-something-year-old, whose main goal is to keep The Big One (The Boy) from torturing The Little One (The Girl). This week he hit her in the head with a 12-pack of Juicy Juice. Last week he left ravioli handprints on the back of her white T-shirt. The week before that he told her she was adopted and she believed him.

Edie is a die-hard romantic and believes that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally—both in print and real life.

Grab Book 1 in the Series
After doing a favor for her boss, Tessa ends up being a mistaken target and falling for the sexy cop determined to keep her safe.

Tessa is having one seriously bad day. After agreeing to dress as a cheesy mascot at a convention for her boss, her clothes get stolen, she gets chased through a sinister parking garage, and her apartment gets broken into and turned upside down. 

Gray, an off-duty police officer, can’t resist the sexy legs he sees in costume at a hotel convention. When he catches sight of her running for her life through a dark car lot, he’s determined to find out what her story is and ends up promising to keep Tessa safe…even if that means taking her home with him.
With one swoop, Burg
lifted her in his arms. She made a squeaking noise and grabbed hold of his
neck. Her softness smelled of wildflowers in the sunshine. Smiling, he
shouldered the front door open. “Which way to your bedroom?”
“Down the hall and
to the left.”
He made his way through
the kitchen, past soft pastel furnishings in the living room, and down the hall
to her bedroom, which was decorated in varying shades of blue.
He set her gently on
the bed. “Where are the clothes you think you want to wear?”
“In the closet and
in that dresser over there.” She pointed at a mirrored dresser in the
corner. “Top drawer.”
Burg went to the
dresser and pulled out matching lacy panties and a bra. Skimpy, lacy panties and bra. Perspiration beaded across his upper
lip. Jesus, everything about this woman
is hot.
He set the underwear on
the bed then went to the closet. “Which outfit do you want?” he
asked, turning to her.
“That black skirt
there.” She pointed. “And the black blouse next to it.”
Burg pulled the
clothing out of the closet. Then after placed the clothing on the bed, he went
into the living room to wait. “Let me know if you need any help,” he
called out.
Wandering around the
living room, Burg went from picture to picture, watching Lexi and Nate grow. In
one picture, a very young Lexi sat next to a little girl that looked almost
exactly like her, except the other child had green eyes instead of blue.
Burg heard a small moan
coming from the bedroom. He stood outside the door and called out, “Do you
need help?”
“I don’t want you
to see me in my underwear.”
“You’re like a
little sister to me,” he said, knowing she was not like his sister at all. Also knowing his feelings for her were
not brotherly in any way. He slowly pushed the door open.
“Like a
sister?” Clutching the hospital gown to her chest, she searched his face.
“Like a sister.
Scout’s honor,” he said, lifting two fingers.
“Come around
behind me.” With one hand still clutching the gown, she reached for her
bra with the other. “No peeking. I’ll put it on, and you just fasten it
for me.”
Burg moved and sat
behind her on the bed.
She glanced over her
shoulder. “Are you peeking?”
“Nope.” His
breath fanned the stray hairs that had become loose from her ponytail along her
neck. Burg had the sudden urge to kiss along the path the hair followed.
She shivered and
fumbled with the bra and gown, attempting to keep herself covered from view
while putting on the bra.
She managed to get the
straps halfway up her arms but was unable to get them over her shoulders.
Burg grasped the straps
and settled them over her shoulders, trying hard not to look at the sides and
tops of her breasts that became exposed before the bra was in place. Who was he
kidding? They were the most beautiful breasts he’d ever seen. He wondered if
her nipples were a rosy red like her lips or more of a pink color.
“Um, yeah?” A
couple of small freckles dotted her shoulders, and she smelled like flowers in
the spring.
“Could you please
fasten it for me?”
“Uh, sure.”
He managed to get her bra fastened after only one try, which he thought was
pretty good considering how much of a distraction she was.
After grabbing the
blouse they had picked out, Burg came around to face her again. He held out a
sleeve and helped her slide her arm into it. Pulling the shirt around her, he
helped her put her other arm in the sleeve and slid it up and over her
shoulders. He dropped his gaze and glimpsed her breasts spilling out the top of
her bra. It was the most glorious sight he’d ever seen.
Clearing his throat, he
made a point to look at her from the neck up. “You…ah…want me to help
with the buttons?”
She managed to button
the bottom of the shirt, but the top two buttons were left undone, leaving her
bra and the tops of her beautiful breasts exposed. “Yes, please.”
He fingered the top of
her shirt and lightly brushed the skin above her breasts. Lust coursed through
him, leaving him shaky.
She drew in a breath.
Pretending that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, he forced his
fingers to button her shirt without laying her flat on the bed and kissing her
senseless the way he ached to do.
Taking a little extra
time and making sure to brush his fingers across the pulse on her throat, he
straightened her collar. “There you go, sis.”