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Revolution Z Blog Tour 6/12/14

Revolution Z

by GB Banks and Blaine Hislop




He was the first President of the United States

Now he may also be the last…

When the resurrected general George Washington discovers the corruption now ruling the US government, he vows to do something about it. So President Washington wages war on the nation’s capitol…with an army of zombie soldiers at his back.




GB Banks is a sufferer of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as “Brittle Bone Disease”, and has been wheelchair- and home-bound and cared for by his parents for all of his 48-years. But through the power of his imagination, he has been able to escape to far-off lands and go on magical adventures, and now he hopes to use that very same ability to better his life, to give back to his parents for everything they have done for him throughout his life, and to free himself of the fear of being left alone and placed into a nursing home when they are gone. He has published several works in small publications over the last few years, but his dream is to become a full-time, financially successful author so that he can finally live a more independent life and be able to travel to see the numerous places that he has only been able to explore in his fantasies.

Among Banks’ works are the novel “Three Hours to the Apocalypse” and the series WALKERS, which are stories based in the universe of The Walking Dead. His latest book is entitled “Revolution Z”, an epic zombie war novel.


Blaine Hislop is a writer from Canada who loves zombies, vampires and, basically, telling a good story. His other zombie novel is a post-apocalyptic thriller, “Deadlands: The Last Stand.” It is a novelization of a story by Gary Ugarek that features a desperate, tightly-knit group of people brought together in a world populated by ravenous zombies, madmen with guns and no conscience, doomsday weapons, and creeping terror. Each day, the survivors wake up not knowing what fresh horrors await or which one of them will be next. It is, above all else, an account of family and of survival in a maddened world where death and destruction can come at any time.

Also, as a lover of the world of Stephenie Meyers, he wrote “The Cullens”. It’s a story that focuses on the relatives of The Cullens and features dynamic characters and a growing love story between William Cullen, a handsome, young vampire, and Samantha Carlton…a Werewolf. It’s a serious and respectful parody about a great series. I’m a huge fan and I want to play in that great world and pay tribute to it. I hope you will take the time to check out “The Cullens” and support this growing series. His latest book, “Revolution Z”, was co-written with author GB Banks.

Privacy Code by Jordan Burke Cover Reveal 6/12/14

Cover Reveal


Book Title: Privacy Code (Shatterproof, #1)
Author: Jordan Burke
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2014
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Everyone has secrets. No one has secrets like Watts.

Catherine Kolb has found the perfect diversion from her life of nearly complete seclusion: a virtually anonymous correspondence with a man she knows only as “Watts.” Intelligent, intriguing, and with an insatiable appetite for sex, his words begin to draw her out of her closely guarded world.

Watts insists on privacy. He has no choice. In the wrong hands, his secrets could get people killed.

Including him.

And Catherine.

But curiosity and lust prove stronger than reason and safety. A planned one-time encounter sets into motion a series of events that bring Catherine and Watts to the edge of ecstasy and the brink of peril.

Two very private people. One risky night. A shot at love and redemption.

This is the first in a three-part serial, to be released over the course of three weeks beginning July 9. Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.


I knew him only as “Watts.” Since we had an entirely email-based relationship, he said he preferred to keep it anonymous.

Once, when I asked if Watts was his first or last name, he wouldn’t say, and told me he would prefer that I didn’t force the issue. I promised him I wouldn’t ask again, not knowing at the time that I would break that promise and the consequence would be so harsh.

This was part of his “privacy code.” Actually, it was the tamest part of his code, which I would eventually find out. For six months before we finally met in person, though, our contact was exclusively in the form of the written word. It was safe, which is what I wanted.

It was also stimulating in a number of ways, which was something I didn’t even know I needed until Watts entered my life.

His words alone—those seemingly simple black and white letters on a screen, strung together to form ideas—awakened in me something I had no idea even existed. An aspect of my being that at times I thought was better left unexplored.

When he sent me an email, it always arrived just before noon. It didn’t start that way, but I had mentioned to him in one of my emails that it sure would be nice to have something stimulating to read on my lunch break. I was always reading something, usually a novel and always in physical book form. While everything I read spoke to me in some way, nothing struck my core quite like the words Watts wrote.

Sometimes they were short emails, asking me if I’d read a certain book. He loved to discuss books, especially older ones.

Other times, his emails were laced with what I sometimes referred to as “sexual poison” because of the effect they had on my central nervous system.

I even admitted that to him once, including the phrase I came up with, and he responded by telling me not to worry, that he’d always have the antidote.

I made the mistake of trying to one-up him with the flirting, having no idea the effect his response would have on me.

I had written: “An antidote I would never need. You would probably say you’re too much of a man for me, and that I couldn’t handle it, right?”

Watts had written back: “Your last word makes me very curious. ‘It.’ What exactly do you mean by ‘it’? If by ‘it’ you mean me in general, the fact of being with me, I think you’d have a good shot at handling ‘it.’ If, on the other hand, by ‘it’ you mean my cock specifically, that’s an entirely different question. You may be able to handle it. At least with a little practice. Tough call.”

Meet the Author

Jordan Burke is the author of the erotic romance Shatterproof Series.

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Mine to Steal by T.K. Rapp Release Event 6/12/14

Title: Mine to Steal

Author: T.K. Rapp

Release Date: June 12, 2014

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In life and business, Trey Miller has always been the good guy. Nothing wrong with that, since it’s gotten him everywhere he has needed to be. His startup company is a success and growing so much that he is gaining the attention of larger corporations.

By all accounts, Trey has it all, but the one place he fails is love.

He thought he might have had something with Emogen Kane, but she was taken before he even had a chance. Now, he hides behind work, unwilling to take any risks in the love department.

When Trey finds himself vying for a huge account against Faith Young, he knows he’s going to have to play it tough to win. Faith is smart, attractive and rumor has it, she lands every account she goes after.

When Faith is thrown into his path at every turn, Trey starts to feel that it is more than a coincidence. Knowing that Faith has a boyfriend douses the flame that he was starting to feel, until he realizes that the guy might not at all be what he seems.

Trey let go once, but he’s determined to win it all this time. Does he have it in him to roll up his sleeves and get dirty? And if he does, will he finally end up with the girl?

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The brunette is in her own world, oblivious to the hungry eyes watching her. My legs are glued to the spot I was so eager to escape moments before because I’m captivated by this woman. The blonde sticks her bottom lip out in a pout and attempts to tug me toward her once again, but I pull her back to me. I do my best to convince my dance partner I’m into her, but my attention has been stolen. There are so many people around us, I can’t tell if I’m dancing with her, or the woman next to her.

There’s an idea.

We continue swaying to the music, all the while, getting closer to my intended target. I still have not seen her face, but her body and the sheer unencumbered way she moves leaves me with one goal – get this one.

My dance partner has taken to moving all over the place, and leaving me for someone equally as drunk as she is. She doesn’t notice I’ve turned my back to her as I fixate on the one I want. My eyes never stray from the sexy woman who is now within my reach. Her friends are dancing together, and she is in her own world, dancing alone, or so it seems.

In my current state, the dimly lit dance floor seems almost black, and I do something I was never able to do with Em. Take what I want.

My hands extend to touch her, but before they connect, she spins around to face me, and I find myself wishing I could make out her features through the flashing lights and alcohol goggles. She reaches up and places her hands on my shoulders as if she’s been waiting for this moment all night, but it’s almost like she’s seeing through me.

My hands fall onto her hips and grasp firmly while we move in sync to the music. The lights make it hard to see anything distinguishing about her other than the curves of her body. I wish I could tell what color her eyes are, or if they’re even open. Her lips turn up as I lean down to ask her name. Our mouths are inches apart, and I can’t help the way my body reacts to hers. I can finally see her eyes that are glassy and wide as she stares into mine, the music fading away.

As my eyes adjust to the sight in front of me, her lips part, as if she wants to say something, but she remains speechless. We continue dancing, both of us waiting for the other to look away, but neither of us do. Her arms glide from my shoulders to my neck, and I want to know what her lips taste like. I’m vaguely aware of the people around us as the music and lights come back into my consciousness. She tugs my head toward her and rises up on her toes, our lips mashing together in a fiery kiss.


Character Casting

Author Info

T.K. Rapp is a Texas girl born and raised. She earned a B.A. in Journalism from Texas A&M and it was there that she met the love of her life. He had a contract with the U.S. Navy that would take them across both coasts, and ultimately land them back home in Texas.

Upon finally settling in Texas, T.K. worked as a graphic designer and photographer for the family business that her mom started years earlier. She was able to infuse her creativity and passion, into something she enjoyed, but something was still missing. There was a voice in the back of her head that told her to write, so write, she did. And, somewhere on an external hard drive, are several stories she started and never finished.

Now at home, raising her two daughters, T.K. has more time to do the things she loves, which includes photography and writing. When she’s not doing one of those, she can be found with her family, which keeps her busy. She enjoys watching her kids in their various sporting activities (i.e. doing the soccer mom thing), having Sunday breakfast at her parent’s house, singing out loud and out of key or dancing like a fool. She loves raunchy humor, gossip blogs and a good book.

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