Aurora Conspiracy By Ginger Gelsheimer, Christina Keats 5/28/14

Aurora Conspiracy
Aurora Conspiracy 

Science Fiction / Young Adul

Aurora Conspiracy Prequel
Co-Authors: Ginger Gelsheimer, Christina Keats

Inspired by the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Doctor Who and Ancient
“Best sci-fi time travel story going!” – S. Lennon (Amazon

Travel back in time with the Aurora Conspiracy Prequel Series
and follow Aurelius, a man from another world, on his adventure with generation
after generation of the Proctor family through some of the most important
events and discoveries in history.   Meet famous historic figures and
discover how they were impacted. The possibilities are endless with this cast
of characters, who must surely be out there somewhere.

Crash Landing: Aurora Conspiracy Prequel Series – Episode One

“I yearn for only one thing in life…adventure!” – Emily Proctor
journal entry, dated April 16, 1897

After crashing at Proctor Farm, Aurelius is pronounced dead by
Judge Proctor and the town doctor. Hiding him away from harm and spectacle,
they open a doorway that will ultimately change Emily’s life and the
world forever.  
Emily watches over him as he lies in a coma, tortured by the
unknown. Nursing him to health, she will do the unthinkable and fall in love
with him.  However, with a mission of his own, Aurelius must find a way to
return home to Erebus, which means he will leave Emily behind. If he’s
discovered alive, they’ll have much more to worry about than love.

Conflict Rising:  Aurora Conspiracy Prequel Series – Episode

“I can’t wait any longer. It’s time to take control.” Emily
Proctor journal entry – December 3, 1897

Devastated and angry, Emily will stop at nothing to get Aurelius
home, if she can only find him. On her new adventure, she will meet Liza, the
witch doctor, and just in the nick of time… but is it Liza of the past or Liza
of the future? Emily will also discover a secret that will change the Proctors
Meanwhile, Aurelius investigates the Underground, the true “Area
51” operated by the military and a strange society. He will cross paths with
arch rival enemy and future ally, Syrius, who will save the day more than once
throughout the Aurora Conspiracy saga. While he’s there, he is also introduced
to Nikola Tesla, who vows to get him home.
Emily will meet Syrius and discover that he knows Aurelius and
where the Underground is. When she decides to follow him, she finds herself in
the kind of trouble she never could have imagined, with a noose around her
neck. Will she make it out alive, and what does President McKinley have to do with

Calm Before the Storm:  Aurora Conspiracy Prequel Series – Episode

“Then we’re at war.” – Commander Zurtoch refusing to turn over the

Aurelius must follow the ruling of the Erebusian Committee after
breaking Doctrine Thirteen. Emily’s life depends on it, but there’s just one
problem—she’ll never agree to the terms.
Distraught, after Aurelius sends her home alone, Emily finds
another nightmare waiting for her there. She’ll have to rely on the help of
Syrius, Liza and a sacrifice.
After Aurelius realizes he can’t abandon Emily in her time of
need, he rushes to Proctor Farm for the big event. Besides an attempted robbery
by two infamous brothers, Aurelius and Syrius will have to survive the massive
shootout with the Celphian soldiers waiting for them at Proctor Farm.

Chaos Unleashed:  Aurora Conspiracy Prequel Series – Episode

“Like an instant flicker, it was a sudden blow.
As if all the time in the world led to this very moment…”

Emily and her son Reli are on the run, evading the Celphian
soldiers that want to kidnap Reli. Reuniting with Barnaby, they travel through
time and dimensions, never staying in one place for too long. The old, broken
wagon traveler is quirky with its landings, and they run into trouble with the
Founding Fathers, when Benjamin Franklin tries to steal the magic crystal.
Aurelius and Syrius hunt down Celphian breeding grounds, hoping to
eliminate them before Commander Rydar builds an army large enough to start the
war to extinguish the hybrids.  They are pulled away from their mission
when they receive a bad vibe about a dear friend and rush to save him.
With Reli growing up before her eyes, the reality of her mortality
becomes an obsession for Emily. She begins taking alien blood injections,
trying to achieve the same longevity that Liza had. Unfortunately, all it seems
to do for Emily is make her a little cuckoo, which is never good when running
from Celphians.

Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy
Co-Authors: Ginger Gelsheimer, Christina Keats

Quest of The Hybrid: Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy – Book One

Inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark,
Ancient Aliens and the Hunger Games

“If you are a fan of
science fiction such as Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis and other book and movie
franchises (namely Indiana Jones and the X-Files), then you will find this
novel incredibly exciting.” – Lucinda (Amazon reviewer)

The clock ticks down for 19-year-old Jesse Proctor as she embarks
on a quest to discover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance into a
windmill 10 years before–the very windmill conspiracy theorists believe an
alien met fate with in 1897 in Aurora, Texas. Desperate to find answers, she
uncovers an enigma–a dimension portal, which opens the doorway to some of the
most mysterious places in the universe including: the Bermuda Triangle, the
Pyramids of Giza and Atlantis. Could it also lead her to the love of her life?

After Jesse meets Aurelius, an alien from Planet Erebus, she
discovers a secret that will throw her into the middle of an age-old war with
the Celphians, who desires to extinguish the hybrid-infested human race. Danger
and mayhem await them at every turn. To make matters worse, her mother is being
held captive on Planet Celphi.

Or is she?

Jesse Proctor

“She’s ready, sir… these things don’t affect her.” – Sonya
Jesse represents the Proctor family well with her independence
and tenacity.  Very much like her ancestor Emily, who we fell in love with
in Episode 1, Jesse is curious and adventurous and won’t take no for an answer.
As writers, we both love Jesse and have thoroughly enjoyed
following her on this great adventure.  She is surely some combination of
both of us, as well as our daughters, and we are excited and strive to see her
reach her full potential.
She is a woman on a mission with a drive
that can’t quit
The audience joins Jesse Proctor on her adventure as she winds
through the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy.  She matures through her experience
from a young girl to amazing future leader.


“Emily stared at the victim and couldn’t understand the electric
vibe of energy that ran through her body. His skin was beautiful, olive in
color beneath its iridescence, and the shimmer of his violet eyes captivated
– Emily Proctor
Aurelius has known and loved the Proctor family through the
generations since 1897.  He watches over them and does his best to keep
them safe.
We both love Aurelius, as he is our true muse.  There were
times we honestly joked about and felt as though he was out there somewhere
channeling his story to us.  It literally spewed out at times to where we
just couldn’t stop creating.
He is to Jesse, as OB1 was to Luke
Aurelius forms the framework for the entire franchise, as it was
his crash in 1897 that kicked off the Proctor legacy.  He represents age,
wisdom and exploration and provides the audience with something to hold on to,
a way to believe that Jesse will be okay.


“She held his hand in hers. Her skin became warm and she could feel
the heat surge through her veins.”
– Emily’s inner thoughts
Emily lived a very secluded life on the farm. Doing her duties
and chores she kept to a schedule. In her free time however, she found solace
by the nearby stream in the wooded area that took up a good junk of their land.
It was there that she found peace. It was there that she had dreams of the
future and outside possibilities beyond the farm. It was also there that she
could lose hope in the same day. Until of course…her day finally came-Aurelius.
Emily’s belief in her purpose is what gave us as writers the
motivation to make her a key part of to the story. She took her chance and did
it responsibly and without greed. She understood what was right and did just
that, never veering from that path. Heartbroken yet strong she helped to raise
our future.
A quiet dream can sometimes save the world
Take in that small bit of time where it all began. Respect Emily
as you would any mother that nurtured, cared, and believed in herself and the
love she was given.
“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at
” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

James Proctor

“Dude, really? Why don’t you use a shotgun like normal people?” – James
James keeps to himself for the most part. Almost like he was
waiting for something. Stubborn like his sister, he doesn’t like to step down
from his beliefs. His willingness to change, however, comes with the new path
life takes him down as a once quiet and stable home he felt he was undertaking,
turns into a gateway to new worlds and thoughts that truly take him outside the
Invigorated and unadmittably scared, James will stop at nothing
to make sure his sister is safe. And he too, has the hunger for truth as he can
finally admit, and won’t take no for an answer.
Letting James loose and come to life was a fun part of this
story. Like many of us, it’s a step out to admit you believe in the
unbelievable. As an audience, in his own way, James learns the truth and has
faith in what he truly believes in. His loyalty cannot be matched. Step out
with James and together, we can see what others deemed impossible.
A man with a quiet past gives into the
truth out of love…and loyalty
The audience will appreciate James for his physical abilities,
his charms but mostly his struggle with change. Like him, they will learn that
to truly know what is out there in the world, one needs to be open. Against all
odds, he finds himself willing to do just that.


““He wasn’t really my brother, but he might as well have been; the
three of us had been musketeers since I was five.  Marcus was a natural
charmer with his celebrity smile and dark shaggy surfboard hair and he loved
messing with me.”  
– Jesse Proctor
Marcus grew up around the Proctors from the time he was eight
when his mother, older sister and he moved to Aurora to live with his
grandparents after his father died unexpectedly.  His family had known the
Proctors for generations.
Marcus is no doubt Ginger’s favorite secondary character for his
big smile and playful personality.  He’s also a protector and has a deep
heart which becomes more and more evident as the story plays out.
He’s the knight in shining armor
who sometimes needs saving
by the damsel in distress
We wanted Marcus to be fun for the audience.  His long
shaggy hair makes him look like something off the beach from California and his
pearly whites and Cheshire grin are irresistible to most women, but not to
Jesse.  The cat and mouse game between them was without a doubt one of the
most fun to create.  But he’s also solid as a rock and a strong foundation
for Jesse when the going gets tough.

Ginger Gelsheimer became part
of the surf & ski writing team in 2009, when the Aurora Conspiracy
franchise came to life over a great bottle of vino. What if he lived? We
wondered about the alien that crashed into a windmill in 1897… and that’s
how Aurelius was born.
With writing partner Christina
Keats, Ginger took a leap of faith and embarked on her own adventure of a
lifetime with the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy, kicking her corporate job to the
curb. Together, these ladies have explored the outer limits of where life
could actually take them. The freedom and boundary-less adventure in Aurora
Conspiracy has truly become a reflection of the freedom they have demanded
and achieved in their lives.
Ginger has also started another
series called The Dark Days, which is loosely based on a prequel to The Hunger
Games. She has written three episodes so far with her daughter, Taylor
Ginger lives in Tampa, Florida
where the ocean inspires imagination. She lives with Taylor and a house full
of black furry animals and four huge fish in the pond.
Stories, movies, writing and
the world of creativity have always been a part of Christina’s life and in
2009 things took a natural shift. The formation of the “Surf & Ski
writing team” set things in motion with her writing partner, Ginger,
when Aurora Conspiracy came to life.
A warm Colorado evening and the
curiosity of the unknown led to the birth of Jesse, Aurelius and the truth.
The Aurora Texas crash in 1897 may be known throughout the world but the true
facts of what really happened are not. Hence, the quest to bring out the
truth and its possibilities began.
From that moment on, they
explored these possibilities through the wild legends and great heroes of
Earth, time and space. This adventure continues to unfold between the coast
of Florida and the Rockies of Colorado, and this Surf & Ski team are
excited to share these new stories with you!
Christina lives her life with
true passion and where all things are due a good exploration. Living in
Colorado and an undeniable nature fanatic, Christina finds her solace in her
home, her family and her spirit for life’s possibilities, believing nothing
is impossible and nothing is untouchable.

How we came up with the idea for the Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy and
Prequel Series…

We came up with the idea
for Aurora Conspiracy on one of our “make sure to stay friends by seeing each
other frequently” visits in Colorado. Some good wine and great chatter left us
yearning for more than normal conversation. As we settled into the alien and
conspiracy TV shows that have always peaked our interest, it was as if direct
message flew in and plopped right down beside us. One particular story about a
spaceship that crashed in Aurora, Texas in 1897, caught our attention. The
evidence that it had actually happened was overwhelming – you had to try hard
not to believe it. We thought “what if he lived?” …and the next minute,
Aurelius was born. Now, he is our muse, renting space in our heads, and he is
LOUD and “high-maintenance”, demanding that his story gets told.

That sunny and relaxing
evening turned into a high-energy night with high-speed momentum. We had no idea
it would lead to a project we will probably work on for a decade. From the one
story we grew and began to intertwine other conspiracies and events from
history into an epic journey that runs through generations of the Proctor
family who nursed Aurelius back to health when he originally crashed.

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Quest of the Hybrid – Hunted

threw the fruit down and slowly wiped his face with the back
his hand. When he looked up at me, his eyes were as black as coal.
chill ran down my spine. “Marcus, are you okay?”

response. He just stared at me with cold, dark eyes.
pulled his knife out of his pocket slowly and held it up, ready to
a kill. Looking behind me to see what he was aiming at, I
began to back up, realizing I was the only one in range.
Talk to me!”

stood motionless with his blade still aimed at me. I continued
away from him slowly.

please, stop messing around,” I pleaded. “You’re
me.” I could handle a lot of things, but I don’t know what
with this.

not responding, he moved closer with white foam beginning
ooze from his lips like a rabid animal. My instinct told me to
it out of there.

ran toward my backpack just in time, as the blade whizzed by
head. I grabbed the bag successfully, but he beat me to my spear.
 “Marcus! Snap out of it,” I yelled, but it was
no use. Raising the spear,
ran in my direction. He was hunting me.

Quest of the Hybrid – Sam was here

the letters of my mother’s name, my fingers lightly brushed across the cool,
clammy stone. Somehow, it made me feel connected to her even though she wasn’t

you’re going to have to get over that fear of yours. Looks like we’re going
this way,” he said, edging toward the darkness.

my mom had followed this path before me eased any fear I had of caves. I walked
outside and grabbed my backpack, his knife, and the spear I had made.

lightly poked his finger on the tip of my spear. “That’d pierce an armadillo.”

not helpless. Here’s your knife.” I wished I hadn’t said that right before I
thought to ask him to make a couple of torches to light our way.

looked at him and before I could speak he’d read my mind. “Need something,
ass, make us some torches.”

Quest of the Hybrid – Buried Alive

eyes opened wide and she pushed on the lid of her coffin, which didn’t budge.
She didn’t expect it to.

can’t believe I let that asshole bury me alive to cover his tracks. He better
keep his promise this time,” she mumbled to herself. “Enough of him, time to
get me out of here,” she shook her head at the repulsion she felt inside the
death box.

Quest of the Hybrid – Far, far away

lightning lit up the entire sky, and there must have been hundreds of ghost
planes and ships circling in the mist. It was surreal and I couldn’t tell if it
was actually happening, or if this was a new vision.

to navigate, I managed to keep the plane upright, as it bounced back and forth
on each side. As if I didn’t have enough to handle, a huge schooner came out of
nowhere and was headed right for us. Dodging it was impossible, we were going
to crash.

braced for the impact with tears swelling up in my eyes, hoping James couldn’t
sense my emotions. I wasn’t ready to die. This was it, I was about to throw us
into a nosedive; the only thing I thought might save us…

Quest of the Hybrid – Far, far away

lightning lit up the entire sky, and there must have been hundreds of ghost
planes and ships circling in the mist. It was surreal and I couldn’t tell if it
was actually happening, or if this was a new vision.
to navigate, I managed to keep the plane upright, as it bounced back and forth
on each side. As if I didn’t have enough to handle, a huge schooner came out of
nowhere and was headed right for us. Dodging it was impossible, we were going
to crash.
braced for the impact with tears swelling up in my eyes, hoping James couldn’t
sense my emotions. I wasn’t ready to die. This was it, I was about to throw us
into a nosedive; the only thing I thought might save us…

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  1. Hi! It’s Ginger, half of the Gelsheimer/Keats writing team. Stopping by to say hello and send a big THANK YOU to Spreading the Word for featuring Aurora Conspiracy on your blog! We have had a blast bringing these characters to life and following them on their adventures! One of my favorites is Marcus because of his charm and fine looks! Who is yours?

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