Kathi S Barton New Release Samuel’s Pride book one 10/30/13/


Morning everyone , as I sit here wondering what the hell I am doing I figure i would make a stop over here and share a new start of a series

that I really enjoyed reading .. It might not be for everyone but hey I enjoyed it ..   Samuel’s Pride


grab it from B&N


My review of it *****

This is a start of a brand new series Samuel is a weretiger and at the beginning you learn he is an strong Alpha
that know one can tame him but little does he know that his mother has hired a cook name Kennedy and when he
meets her they do not get along of course who wants to read a book that they fall into your laps .. You got strong Alpha
and kiss ass woman in this store I can not wait to read the next and see who else join the amazing Pride . This is a dark fantasy & romance reads to those who does not like or read dark fantasy this is not for you just sayin ..



Meet Kathi Barton

I woke up one morning and decided to give play time to the people in my head who were keeping me awake. Little did I know that they would be so relentless and want their time right now! I wrote for the pure joy of it and to entertain my family and friends. But mostly it was to get more than an hour of sleep without a story playing out. Of course, the more I write, the more they want. So…well, as a result of sleepless days (I work through the night as a gun toting grandma – nope not a vigilantly but an armed security guard) I have lots of stories written.

Hello! My name is Kathi Barton and I’m an author. I have been married to my very best friend Sonny for at times seems several lifetimes – in a good way, honey. And together we have three wonderful children and then the ones we brought into the world – Paul and Dale Barton, Jason and Wendy Barton and Danielle and Ben Conklin. They have given us seven of the greatest treasures on Earth. They don’t live at home seven days a week! No, seriously, seven grandchildren – Gavin, Spring, Ben, Trinity, Sarah, Kelly and Kian.


Kathi  S Barton has some amazing books and series that are now available you need to check them out .. She writes Dark Fantasy Romances among others


Also I am having a contest on my FB page so stop on by    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spreading-The-Word/113263318845485?hc_location=timeline

Need to enter on my FB page NOt HERE on this blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1391648_207931292712020_581390290_nContest Time , Everyone knows that I promote some of the greatest authors so here is a chance a winning one of their books from me !
1. Comment below what author
2. What book you want
3.and from, where B&N or Amazon
4. I will choose a winner OCT 31st Happy Halloween everyone

List of authors you can choose from
Melody Anne Kathleen Brooks Ruth Cardello Cali MacKay Kathi S. Barton Author Solease M Barner Sandy Lea Sullivan Sandra Marton Author Elaine Raco Chase
Maeve Christopher Christina Tetreault , C C MacKenzieAuthor Terri Marie Fan Site Marie Astor, Liliana Hart , Charlotte Blackwell



So you have a contest over at FB you can enter and a new  start to a great series



Have a great Hump Day  everyone ..

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