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Free Reads From Smash Words 9/6/13


morning and happy Friday to ya .. I am sharing Free Reads at smash Words today


Price: Free! Approx. 3,180 words. Language: English. Published on September 5, 2013. Category: Fiction » Romance » Adult.
Short Story Series Book #3: Hoping to resolve a business matter, Lia spends the morning with the wealthy and sexy Jase Warren. During their time together, Jase openly shares unusual details of his childhood.



Ford Fischer faces a dilemma, slashed or be slashed. His quest for blade sobriety is side tracked when the slashers of Draper, Carolina are targeted from within their own ranks. With his mothers only complicating things, Ford finds himself spread thin between family matters and a slasher community in peril.



Amy had everything she ever wanted. She was married to her college sweet heart and was living in the gorgeous state of California. Unfortunately, she finds out her husband got another woman pregnant. After filing for divorce, Amy makes up her mind to go back to her home town.



Impatient to get home, she sprints to the bank of elevators. Her latest romance has derailed, it’s Christmas Eve, and she’s beginning to think of her life as a mine field. A temperamental elevator, a sizzling male acquaintance, and a scenario even her fertile mind couldn’t have constructed combine to offer arguments for the reality of kismet.


Price: Free! Approx. 3,930 words. Language: English. Published on September 2, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » Lesbian Erotica.
She said she loved getting home before I was done with my shower because that was the only time she got to hear me sing. Said my voice filled the bathroom, overflowed into our bedroom, where she could feel the air vibrating with my sorrow or happiness…



Riley, the shy PR assistant to a big-time billionaire, is having some trouble in her personal life. Her asshole boyfriend has just left her alone with more bills than she can handle, and her best friend, Aimee, isn’t much of a shoulder to cry on. Her father is sick, and his medical bills are more than her mother can handle. Will she accept the Billionaire’s morally questionable proposal?


Elaina’s children are safe and Malachi has come home, but danger still lurks in the form of Lilith St. James. Lester, her long time lover, returned the children instead of passing them off to her ex-husband, Charles. The pilot Lester convinced to change course is missing and presumed dead, Charles house is locked down tighter than a federal reserve. Lilith’s wrath forms allies from enemies.



Genevieve Cain has just one dream in her life and she intends to do anything necessary to keep it. Sweet Seduction is her passion, her business and the most popular café/chocolatier/music store in town. But when her ex-boyfriend threatens her dream, she’s forced to seek legal counsel. The moment dream-like lawyer Dominic Anscombe walks into her life, things get complicated… and deliciously sexy.



Sally lives a dream life on the Garden Isle of Kauai, but living in a huge empty house has made her achingly lonely. She can’t even remember the last time a man was in her bed. So when a sinfully sexy cowboy wanders onto a deserted strip of beach she is ready for some casual sexy fun.


It seemed a harmless game until she found out who he really was. She was passing him off as her husband when all the time, he was plotting against her! By the time the truth was revealed, it was too late–she’d already fallen in love. Can true love bridge the gap between their backgrounds and set the stage for baby-making happiness?


There is some great books to choose from grab them now and have a great Friday everyone