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Western Tuesday Reads from Smash Words 8/13/13

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Good Morning , today we are heading over to Smash Words

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The sheriff of a small town must pay for the life that he ruined many years ago. The past has returned and it will settle for nothing less than blood.

Six Ways Of Dyin’


Price: Free! Approx. 32,020 words. Language: English. Published on September 15, 2011. Category: Fiction » Literature » Western.

Greeley, Texas–a frontier town with a bad attitude and a reputation to match. Who lived in such a wicked place? Several compelling answers spring to life in this short story collection spanning more than a century of life, love and lust in the west Texas dust. This revised edition includes a sample chapter from Josh Langston’s new novel, “Resurrection Blues,” a tale of a town that doesn’t exist.

Six From Greeley


Price: Free! Approx. 3,480 words. Language: English. Published on July 30, 2011. Category: Fiction » Literature » Western.

Guest Ranch is a short story about a couple visiting a Guest Ranch. They meet a trail guide who is also a storyteller who tells them a tale of the Old West. The husband is in a bad mood over a traffic fine and he is slow to become receptive.

Guest Ranch

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Price: $0.99 USD. Approx. 4,080 words. Language: English. Published on August 7, 2013 by Western Trail Blazer. Category: Fiction » Literature » Western.
~ Exciting Dime Novel short ~ “I was interrupted one morning when my deputy pushed a disgruntled Wesley Wilkinson into the office. The surly man caused a ruckus in the Red Dog Saloon. As in the past, he spent the night as a guest in one of my cells. Then I was called out; a young cowboy was seeking a reputation at my expense. Think you want to be a frontier lawman? Follow me…” ~Lance Kelly

Trail’s End


Price: $3.99 USD. Approx. 78,970 words. Language: American English. Published on May 15, 2013 by Western Trail Blazer. Category: Fiction » Literature » Western.
I’m Will Green. Apache renegades murdered my family and took me prisoner when I was ten. Jacobi Kane saved me. Once we met Laura and settled on our place, Kane led a band of lawmen to find the renegades. Laura sent me after them, which proved a good idea. Later, my wealthy grandfather showed up to claim me. We faced a fight for our lives ’cause others wanted his fortune enough to kill us for it.

Kane’s Chance


Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 41,360 words. Language: American English. Published on February 11, 2013 by Western Trail Blazer. Category:Fiction » Literature » Western.
~The third novella in the Kane Trilogy~ Will, now 13, carries doubts of belonging in the Kane family. When his wealthy grandfather appears, Will learns the true meaning of family and where he belongs. As Will and his grandfather face a life and death struggle, Kane battles a man he would never have suspected. Can Kane bring them safely through a treacherous plan of death to fulfill Kane’s Destiny?

Kane’s Destiny


Price: $4.99 USD. Approx. 56,250 words. Language: English. Published on February 10, 2013. Category: Fiction » Romance » Western.

Bull rider Cooper Saunders has a shot at the PBR championship until a bull shatters his body, and puts him in very real danger of never being able to walk again. Physical therapist Nancy Phillips is not about to let Cooper give up, not after she worked so hard to get him back in shape for the finals. Now she must not only help him find the will to live, but also to get out of that wheelchair.

The Bluest Eyes In Texas

So there are today’s picks I hope you can find one you can enjoy

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