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Erotic Fantasy at Secret Cravings Publishing 8/9/13


Hello everyone I am sharing some Erotic Fantasy  today .. Let’s call today Freaky Friday I have had a hell of week , let’s begin


Mike Sneider is one lucky guy. He has a gorgeous wife who is always in the mood for sex. Anytime, anywhere.There is only one problem in their lives. Mike can’t give Lainie the one thing she desires most. Her own penis.

A local woman might be able to help. Lawanda has potions that could make their lives perfect and give Lanie the one thing she wants more than anything. After one whirlwind weekend in each other’s bodies, the possibility of making it permanent looms on the horizon.

What happens if they do?

All The Time

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Jaynie Reynolds believes in her team. She promises them top jobs and wants to deliver on her word. The man she fantasizes about blocks her path.  Being ambitious comes at a price, locked away behind years of study and hard work a sensual woman lurks wanting to break free. With the company Halloween Party coming up, her main competitor is in for the surprise of his life.

Brendon Marshall enjoys his job. Strategy and tactical surveillance keep his mind alert and his skillset one of the best. One woman crawls under his skin and he burns to give it to her good. Setting an easy trap he sits back and waits for his plan to come to fruition.

All Bets Are Off


Joe is a blackmailer with exceptional sexual skills who teaches at every step.  Jill is a girl just graduating high school, but with some very special skills and a lust for all of life.  Joyce is a liberated psychologist with a firm belief that sex is good clean fun and pleasure is a career goal.  Jimmy is a shy narcotics cop, a gentle martial arts wizard, a giant of a man with a dark past.

What starts out as a forced seduction takes a radical turn when Jill teams up with Joyce, who shows her that good sex is an art and that the pursuit of pleasure knows no bounds, especially when pleasure is a weapon.

Throw in one big cop with total control of his own body – protector, teacher, friend and lover – and one very secret mission, and this will be a graduation to remember.



During a massive archeological dig, identical twins Clay and Cliff Ramstaff uncover a rare, but incredible find.Legends has it whoever uncovers the Golden Phallus will have tremendous powers and inexplicable sexual prowess.

Which man will become the proud owner of the Golden Phallus and woo the woman he loves? Will the twins survive the intense tropical dig to find how the statue works?Will the love of a good woman prove to be the best medicine a man can get?

The Golden Find


Desperate for sex after years of abstinence, Yoni buys a love slave, a criminal from a neighboring planet.  Nubile, young and fresh, Sasha is all he could have hoped for. But he can’t bring himself to touch her because the nature of her crime, to him, is not really a crime.  In desperation, he is forced to resort to self-pleasuring.

Sasha would rather be a love slave than a prisoner on her own planet but can’t understand why Yoni doesn’t touch her.  When she catches him self-pleasuring she wants to please him. The floodgates open.  She responds to Yoni’s love-making with gusto.

When she suggests that he be the love slave and she the mistress he refuses. But what if he’d be missing out some really great sex? Will he insist on them keeping their rightful places? Or will he allow a slave to take the upper hand?

Love Slave


I hope you have a great Freaky Friday and go out and enjoy yourself , Denise