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some great reads from Secret Cravings Publishing 8/1/13


Today I am going to share another site  with some amazing authors and their books


7d1699d5e67d8c6094cf19b1d69e67d5.image.125x187Rand Bartlett, tall, dark and a loner,  is not a man to be reckoned with – but tell that to Darci Hart. According to Rand , Darci would try the patience of a saint. After a one-night stand, Darci finds herself pregnant. Rand, a loner, wants to marry Darci, but she has other plans – and they don’t include Rand. Despite all of Darci’s attempts to keep Rand out of the picture, his persistence pays off. It’s a love-hate relationship that keeps Rand and Darci on their toes.

Own Her Own this book is 3.99


ecf3d68bb2bd3d0956d0af055a086a96.image.125x187Eve desperately needed to find Christmas magic to help get her through the holidays. Noel needed to fill the cavernous, lonely void in his heart. Decked out in her sexiest holiday finest, Eve strolled into Noel’s life more unsure of herself than ever, yet determined to find joy for Christmas. Noel was having trouble learning to live ardently again, but one look at Eve roused his dormant masculine desires. When they met, their smoldering chemistry thawed the frosty passions lying latent within each of them. But, can love really happen when two strangers meet by chance? Or is it only a momentary seasonal gift? Noel must help Eve destroy the bitter remnants of her past, while opening himself up to adoration once more. Finding a creative way they can both release their doubts and .

Eve’s First Noel   this book is 2.99


0f2d01075704c382057e41717e53e79e.image.125x187Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, roper Chance Ryan. When Carrie takes her ten year old nephew, Tyler, to the All American Quarter Horse Congress, fate pushes Chance back into her life. Chance ran away from her ten years ago, when his father’s unexpected death made him responsible for his ranch and family at the tender age of twenty. Now he says he is back to stay. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance is going after her and she will be his. Like a calf in a shoot, he is going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.

Roping Love    this book is 2.99


73e7dbb32c1b68fc3a63c2862d9c2cd4.image.125x187Mesa Arraguso writes about hot cowboys for a living. Being a romance writer has it perks and its drawbacks. She spends a lot of time alone in front of her computer, but she gets to fantasize about incredibly hot men wearing cowboy boots and Stetsons. While visiting San Antonio, Texas for a writer’s conference, she finds herself stranded on the back roads of Bandera only to be rescued by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever encountered, be it fantasy or for real. Joel Young is a cowboy. From the top of his Stetson to the tip of his dirty cowboy boots, he’s cowboy through and through. Along with rescuing women when they do silly things like running out of gas miles from town on a dirt road, he spends his days herding cattle, fixing fences and breaking horses. 

Make Mine A cowboy Cowboy Dreamin’ 1    this book is 4.99



94b1a5d3bad80f968ffe4e1eb70a15de.image.125x200Touch Avril Ashton Heat Level 4 Six months after a brutal attack, Dahlia Pierce still jumps at her own shadow, but the green-eyed stranger holding…

Touch    this book is a freebie


bc23690e7dca8766c51b796407f0b206.image.125x200A Brown-eyed Handsome Man Sable Hunter Western Heat Level 4 This story is complete Sheriff Kane Saucier had no intention of falling in love, again -…

A Brown-Eyed Handsom Man    this is a freebie book


4ef1885d2c1700d43724d81fdd092f33.image.125x200New Installment Every Tuesday Now and Forever: The Beginning – Love Knows No Boundaries Jean C. Joachim Historical Heat Level 3 Can a serious young…

Now And Forever : The Beginning  this is a freebie book


Here are some picks for today I hope you enjoy them .. Always remember to leave a review



Have a great day everyone , Denise