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Getting to know ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 7/27/13

ImageThis is me Denise 

ask question if you like or just share a thought with me .

I am 43 years old I suffer from  many auto immune disease’s , I have one foot in the grave and one out , I am Married with two son’s myself One is 21 and the other is 15 and will be 16 at the end of this year ..How
 I got into all of this ??? I suffer from Lupus four years ago  Lupus hit me hard I had attack .. Needless to say it affected my brain and my speech I went through a rough patch until the day I picked up a book to start reading that was one of the best days of my life ..   It gave me hope and took me away from reality for awhile and escaping is what I needed to do besides reading is the best thing for me to do it’s help me  not to forget how to spell and write .. Which by the way I am not very good at it but I try .. I read about a year before I found Author Melody Anne I had already had read of  some  her books and I thought I was just in heaven like she was a big as a rockstar and what amazed me that she talked to me .. I quickly became friends with her on
facebook  and found many more and great author’s like Terri Marie , Ruth Cardello, Kathi Barton, Sable Hunter , Kathleen Brooks ,Sandy Sullivan, CC MacKenzie  these are authors that I have read their books before coming friends with them .. The shock that came over me was unreal that they are so down to earth and so easy to talk to .. Plus I have meet some great Author and have read some great series as well .. The reason behind all of this promoting ?? I enjoy what they write and i believe I do well in promoting I am never one to shy away , I have a hugh mouth and I use it ,  I worked retail so I am good at finding ways to promote .. I do this out pure enjoyment it gives me something to look forward to each day which I need … If you ever need to know about auto immune disorder’s please let me know I suffer from about 10 diff auto immune disorder , I understand what is like to be disable and not wanting to get up every morning .. But this is who I am I have learned to accept it and moved on , I am just so greatful for all the people in my life …
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