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freebie Paranormal Romance from amazon 7-20-13



Good morning today i am going to do some amazon freebie’s hurry while they are still free


Centuries ago, his ancestor fell in love with a woman cursed by a jealous witch. 
No one believed him until it was too late.

Eric Fontalvo was determined to prove one thing…
that a family curse didn’t cause his father’s death.

The plan was working until the day he found her…again.
Suddenly his life changes forever, and he is forced to question everything he believes.


After Evangeline Wolcott learns her family is in trouble with the Vampire King of North America, she reluctantly agrees to marry the blackmailing vampire in an attempt to save them from financial ruin. This act spurs Adam Perez, the King’s avowed enemy, into action.

Adam, leader of the Blacktail werewolf pack, believes Cyrus kidnapped his sister in retaliation over attacks against his coven. Fueled by hatred, Adam takes something of his, a spirited beauty who sets his soul on fire.

Wrought with grief over her predicament, Evangeline soon finds herself falling for her enigmatic captor. Will Adam and Evangeline’s love prevail when she is destined to belong to his enemy?


Will Caylee’s salvation come from the solitude of the cold, dark grave or from the sinful delights of surrendering her body and soul to the seduction of a wickedly sexy, dark and dangerous, powerful immortal?

From the beginning of time, Haden’s kind has fought to stop the deadliest forces of darkness from destroying mankind. He has never feared defeat until now. He would sacrifice anything, even his life, to protect Caylee. But despite possessing the dragon’s fierce nature and power, there’s little hope he’ll save her from a lust-crazed vampire that a rogue demon is aiding. Instead of completing the ancient ritual that’ll give his eternal breath to her and bind their souls together for eternity, will Haden be forced to kill Caylee to prevent her from suffering a never-ending thirst for blood?


Better Off Dead: a Lucy Hart, Deathdealer Novel
by Eva Sloan
One Too Many Men
by Mercy Walker

Better Off Dead:

New Adult Paranormal Romance

What if you discover your fiancé is a werewolf, and worse, his creature-of-the-night girlfriend is trying to kill you?

Lucy Hart, eighteen-year-old queen bee and captain of the cheer squad, faces just that. She loses everything–money, social status, and even her home–when her father is arrested for tax evasion and immigrant slave trafficking. Reduced to flipping burgers, she plots to get her old life back, blackmailing her father’s slime ball lawyer, and scheming her way into a gig pretending to be a rich young man’s “fiancée.” The pay: enough money to let her write her own future. The bad news: the guy is a condescending pain in the butt.

In no time at all Lucy finds herself fighting for her life as her faux fiancé’s vampire girlfriend tries to slaughter her, and on top of that, getting royally grossed out by her own spanking new paranormal ability: necromancy. Yet somehow, while she gets back her life and kicks vampire butt, she also manages to fall in love/lust with her fake fiancé.


Alexis has fallen for the man of her dreams — literally. He visits her every night while she sleeps. An impossible romance; she knows it’s crazy, but she can’t stop herself from falling for him. 

But when the man of your dreams seems a little too perfect, you’d better hope that dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare…
Eros Sicarius, a reclusive Volaticus assassin, is confused by the modern world and his attraction to Aymee, the beautiful, sexually confident human woman who ignites his desire. Saving her from would be rapists puts him in the position of taking care of her while she heals, and he further learns how her inner strength, love of life and humor enchant him.
Just when Aymee decides that all men are jackasses and completely writes off any dream of happily ever after, Eros, her secret crush, comes to her rescue. Falling head over heels for the deadliest assassin in the world might not be the smartest idea, but she can’t help how she feels.
Will he cherish her love or break her heart?
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