Coco Swag pack contest 7-15-13



Morning everyone instead of posting freebie today i am going to post a contest I am having on my face book it will run until the end of the week ..

Here is the pic of goodie you could  win just by entering 



Please go to this link and enter under the give way tab on the right hand side

All entries must go there  now you can download this book for free at

Image The Trouble With Coco Monroe    by CC MacKenzie
Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 100,440 words. Published on May 28, 2013. Fiction. 
Coco Monroe is the apple of her Billionaire father’s eye. But it’s a love that comes with conditions. Desperate, Coco makes a bid for freedom. Head of Global Operations & Security for Monroe Industries, Rafael Cavendish lost Coco once. When her life is in danger from the Russian Mafia he has no problem taking matters into his own hands. But Coco’s had enough.

Price: $2.99 USD 

Use the code SW100 at checkout
to get this book for FREE during our
site-wide promotion!
(Offer good thru July 31, 2013)

 Make sure you enter the code to check out this freebie also the first book in series is also a freebie …

 This swag pack was made by me for the promotion for the release of this book . Good luck everyone and enjoy the free read . winner will be announced friday or saturday morning ..



 No shit that what I was thinking as well .. Little humor on this hot Monday morning … Try to stay cool everyone . Denise  

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