Archive | May 9, 2013

Up coming events and pre orders and a freebie starting friday

Good morning , I wanted to share some exciting events happening  on facebook in the coming weeks .

This start’s on Friday Morning


To attend just follow the link ..



Also Sandy Lea Sullivan  will be offering this book for free starting Friday  morning thur Sunday evening..  This is a good book and also book one in series …






Next event Image

To attend just click the link

pre order now from amazon , itunes

amazon links


to attend just click the link


you can pre order this from I tunes


you can preorder this at amazon or itunes

amazon link


Some events has started please feel free to come and join in on some fun and great prizes , just click the links to join any of them remember tho the free book  will start on Friday Morning which i will also have it running on my FB page as well