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New Release By CC MacKenzie

Coco Monroe narrowly escaped with her life after being attacked by a stalker.

Six months later, Coco’s decided to take control of her future from her over-protective father. She’s convinced herself to devote her time and energy to a secret project, running the charitable trust for victims of domestic violence, First Step.

However, helping a woman and her baby flee from her powerful husband once again brings danger to Coco’s door.

Rafael Cavendish, head of security for Monroe Industries, regards Coco as nothing more than a magnet for trouble. When he receives a 

tip-off that Coco’s in danger, he’s determined to take her to safety, whether she likes it or not.

But Rafael soon finds uncovering the truth about Coco is unsettling, exciting and dangerous to his heart.

A truth that will change their lives for ever.

The Trouble With Coco Monroe is a fun, page turning, sexy read that also asks questions about trust and relying on others





Stunned by his brutal arousal, Rafe watched her face.

A tiny tremble of her bottom lip, full and pouty, attracted his attention.

Her breathing was shallow and too fast.

He bent his head towards her mouth.

The light floral perfume she wore mingled with a scent that was pure Coco. It spun around him, wonderful and hot.

Heat pulsed from the frantic beat under her ear.

He tried again to see through those damn bangs to her eyes.

A quick flick of a pink tongue on her top lip gave his cock a sharp jolt.

Body held utterly still, she studied his face.

Rafe laid the palm of his hand on her cheek.

God, her skin was so soft and smooth.

And all the time she watched him.

Not once did he ask himself what the hell he was doing.

Not once did he wonder what might the consequences of his actions be?

It didn’t matter.

Because he simply couldn’t stop himself.

The look in those wide violet eyes, wary, needy, did something to him.

His eyes never left hers as his head dipped and his mouth met hers.

He kept the kiss soft on her tremulous mouth as he enjoyed the warm, sweet flavour of her and slowly and gently pulled her closer, body to body.

Her hand lay flat on his chest, then it slid up to his shoulder, around the back of his neck, and those beautiful eyes went hazy.

The way she was trembling in his arms warned him to take it nice and easy.

She tasted fucking amazing.

His tongue traced her bottom lip, slid into her warm mouth and did the dance of love with hers.


For a first kiss it was incredible.

Her mouth was so exquisitely soft and adorably hesitant, lips that quivered under his in anticipation.

God knew he wanted her.

And he might not like having it thrust down his throat by gossip columnists, but he knew sex was nothing new to Coco.

But the way she kissed him, so intimately, so passionate in her response to him disguised nothing. She was kissing him as if she was pouring her heart, her soul into the act. Her physical need of him obvious by the way her breath shivered in and out of her lungs, by the way her pelvis tilted, pressing and rubbing her mound against his rock hard shaft.


Her fingers dug into his neck as she clung to him.

Then she sucked his tongue between her lips.

The long, low moan from her throat went straight to a titanic erection that was fast getting out of control.

Testing, his knuckles gently caressed the tip of her breast through the silk of 

her dress.

Her nipple went so tight so fast it had her gasping into his mouth.

Christ, she was so terribly responsive to him.

He did it again and she whimpered.

Sliding a hand under her skirt he lifted the expensive fabric, pressed his leg between hers and pulled her tight silk clad bottom into him.

And she rode his thigh in a way that rubbed his aching cock against the friction of her silk dress.

God, her moans were killing him.

One hand gripped the back of her neck to keep her still while he devoured her warm and willing mouth.

His other hand slid over her silk clad bottom then under the elastic to find her.



This was wrong.

Coco knew it but simply couldn’t stop herself. One part of her brain was screaming, begging to know what the hell she was doing? Was she crazy? The other part simply gave in. His mouth devoured her. She’d been kissed before, 

too many times to count, but she’d never been kissed like this. He used his tongue like a weapon of pleasure. And she had no trouble imagining what that tongue would do to her secret places. The mere thought made her moan out loud and push her pelvis into his searching fingers as they slid into her wetness and she spread her legs wider surrendering herself completely to his clever caress. Oh, yes! Her clitoris swelled, rising erotically out of it’s silky sheath to meet him. How many times had she wondered, dreamed, what it would be like to have his clever hands touch her like this?


Tearing his mouth away, Rafe’s forehead rested on hers and he took a shuddering inhale.

‘Brazilian. Very nice. Very soft. Very hot,’ he muttered.

The way her breath was sawing in and out of her throat, the way her whole body shuddered with pleasure, had him close his eyes tight. With great care he slid his fingers through her tender flesh to find the tiny jewel of delight.

‘Look at me,’ he whispered. ‘Look at me when I touch you here.’ She did. And his fingertip skimmed over her delicate sex, so moist for him, and her eyes went wide. Her breath shivered in her throat. ‘You’re trembling. I need you to.’ Her brow creased as a low moan escaped. ‘I need you to come in my hand.’

‘Oh, God.’

‘I need you to take nice deep breaths, baby. That’s it. Jesus, you’re so wet.’

Her heart was pounding.

He could feel it beating in her clitoris against his thumb.

‘Rafe…’ His name was a plea for more even as her mouth went wide in the shape of an O.

And all the time his thumb slid rhythmically round and round as her clitoris swelled, went too hard and all the while he watched her.

He’d never seen anything so hot in his life as Coco crying out loud and coming apart in his arms.

‘Shh, deep breaths in and out. In and out. There you go.’

Her sensitive flesh was so smooth so soft and so terribly, terribly slick, for him.

And all the time he knew she was close, so very close, to losing it.

His thumb flicked the swollen cherry of her clitoris as one long finger entered her then another.

The stunned cry of her orgasm, the way her whole body went rigid in his arms, had his breath shudder into her mouth.

Jesus, he’d nearly come in his pants like some out of control pubescent boy.

Never had a woman shattered in his arms like this.

His need for her was a wild and wicked thing, as it burned low in his belly, clawing his loins.

At last common sense demanded to know what the hell he was doing?

Today was not the time or the place for this.

She was too delicate, too fragile under his hands.

When he took Coco, and by God he would have her, she wouldn’t be humping his leg. And he wouldn’t be behaving like a randy teenager with no control, no finesse.


By the time he eased back, she was shivering.

He stared into eyes dazed and dark with arousal and knew the feeling.

That didn’t mean he had to like it.

‘Well, well, well,’ he said in a soft voice. ‘Who’s got a little trigger happy girl boner?’

The flash in those violet eyes was the only warning he received and it coincided with the crack of her hand on his cheek.

Since she had the muscle tone of a tealeaf it didn’t hurt.

He could tell by the too wide eyes, the jerky inhale of breath, that she’d shocked herself.

And that was Coco all over.

No restraint.

All temper and tantrums.

Her hand fisted.

He gripped her slim wrist and he could feel the too hectic pulse under his fingers.

‘Lift your hand to me again I’ll have you over my knee and give you the thorough spanking you deserve.’

Heat flashed into her cheeks, and then slid away leaving her bone white.

She tried to jerk free but he held her delicate wrist tight, just in case.

But then that mouth went mutinous and her chin jerked up.

Little cat.

His lips were still glistening wet from hers.

Then he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, as if tasting her. A move so erotic it made her sex clench, and Coco knew she’d never been kissed like that, touched like that, before.

And the liquidly empty ache in her womb was a wild and wicked thing. A need that made her clench her jaw.

‘We,’ she said in a tone that would melt solid steel. ‘Are not having sex.


Now available

New release 2nd book in panther series plus giving away a free copy


Khan will be released June 1st. Are you ready for him???

“Is it her?”
Khan didn’t turn, but shook his head.
“Are you sure? Because you smell like her, and if what you say is true, then you won’t mind if Caitlynne and I take her back to Washington with us.”
Khan didn’t remember moving or that he’d taken Walker to the ground. He was just suddenly over him with his hands around his throat. When he realized what he was doing, he let him go and stood up. Backing away from him, he looked at the rest of his brothers.
“I won’t claim her. You know how I feel about this and I won’t have anything to do with her. None of you can make me either.” He flushed when he realized how stupid he sounded. “I’m going home and I don’t want any of you to come near me. Take her with you, I don’t give a shit. You can have her.”
Khan Bowen doesn’t want a mate, especially a human one. He pushes her away at every turn. But…no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to let her go.
Monica Preston is hurt bad and not for the first time. It seems like every time she runs, Tony Barr, a homicidal stalker, finds her and hurts her again. Her boss, Marc Bowen, finds her beaten and takes her home to heal. All Monica wants to do is leave because Tony will kill anyone in his way to get to her.
Monica has had it up to her eyeballs with Khan ordering her around. The man didn’t know how to ask, just order. She didn’t want a mate either, whatever that was. But when Khan reveals who he and his family really are and lets his panther come out to play. Monica discovers a side of Khan that she can fall in love with, if she doesn’t kill him first.
Things heat up when the body count mounts as Tony tries to find her. In his twisted reality, Monica is the solution and the cause to all his problems. And he won’t stop until he has her.
Hot sex, danger and intrigue follow the fiery couple. Can they stay a few steps ahead of Tony? Can Khan keep her safe or will Tony play the final hand?



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New Release By Ruth Cardello 5-21-13


Dreaming of Alethea gave Jeremy Kater the strength to survive a difficult childhood. Now that he has influential friends who owe him some big favors, he’s determined to become the kind of man Alethea would be interested in: rich and dangerous. Jeisa Borreto was hired to help Jeremy morph into that man. It’s a job she would enjoy, if it weren’t tearing her heart to pieces.

How can she help him change once she’s realized she’s fallen in love with the man he’s always been?

Hint: Sleeping with him doesn’t help.

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Rise of the Billionaire Raises the Bar for Laughs May 20, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Jeremy Kater never gives up when he wants something. Unfortunately, he wants the wrong thing, but it doesn’t take him long to realize his mistake.Jeisa Borreto has been hired to teach Jeremy social skills and how to be the man he has imagined he wants to be, even though she has fallen in love with the man he has always been.

Ruth Cardello has once again given her fans a book with a hero to love. Jeremy is the most adorable, decent, and honest-to-a-fault computer geek–oh… and did I mention sexy? As he works to improve himself for Alethea’s notice, he figures out he has the wrong goal in mind and needs to prove himself to Jeisa. Through this challenge, we get a marvelously fun ride, laughing all the way. Jeisa is just the perfect blend of sassiness, charm, and uncertainty–you will love her project to help make the world be better. We get to visit old friends from the previous books and see how they are doing. Conversations with Dominic, Jake, and Jeremy can bring tears of laughter to your eyes. As an extra bonus, we get to spend Thanksgiving with the Andrades in all their family hilarity. And, Lil is back acting like the Lil we all love. Keeping the whole gang sane, Marie Duhamel continues as the maternal force behind `her boys.’

The entire Legacy series is a must read in my book, but this one “rises” to the top in humor and adventure. A five star rating all the way!

I’m so excited about the release of Rise of the Billionaire: Book 5 of the Legacy Collection. Come join me for fun and chances to win cool prizes. Invite your Facebook friends. I have special surprises for if we reach 1,000 attendees. Games and giveaways will continue until May 25th.



Win An Ebook Of Catching The bad guy book two




Hi There , I am honor by doing A blur for Marie Astor On Catching the Bad Guy book one and two , I know isn’t that great


Image book one is on sale  for a limited time for 99 cents


“There is my favorite investigator.” Dennis Walker sauntered into Janet Maple’s office without bothering to knock. Dennis Walker never knocked. He simply barged in unannounced, the same way he had barged into Janet’s life a little over a year ago, turning it upside down.

Her fingers tingling from furious typing, Janet looked up from her computer screen. “Today is the big day, huh?” Janet kept her voice cool, making a mental effort not to ogle Dennis’s freshly tanned face. The man would look good even if he were pasty white, not that Dennis’s silky-smooth complexion had ever been pasty white, not even in the dead of winter. But now he looked dangerously handsome. “How was your vacation? Puerto Rico, was it?”

“Turks and Caicos, and it was wonderful.”

Janet nodded. She knew that. She had known the destination of Dennis’s getaway ever since he had posted his vacation schedule on the department calendar two months ago, and she had spent weeks visualizing his trip: Dennis stretched on a lounge chair, sipping one of those resort drinks from a coconut with a dark-eyed lanky brunette lying by his side, or perhaps a blue-eyed blonde. When it came to women, Dennis had only one requirement: they had to be drop-dead gorgeous. Apparently, Janet Maple was not gorgeous enough for Dennis Walker.


ImageBook two


Catching the Bad Guy (Book Two of Janet Maple Romantic Suspense Series)

Janet Maple and Dennis Walker make a good team: she is a top-notch white collar crime investigator, and so is he. Both Janet and Dennis are thrown in for a loop when Janet’s treacherous snake of an ex-boyfriend, Alex Kingsley, is appointed as their new boss, and the case that was supposed to be the highlight of their careers is dismissed for lack of evidence.

To make matters worse, Alex is asking Janet to get back together, and the one man she wishes would ask her out sees her as nothing more than a coworker. Janet’s love life soon becomes the least of her worries, as she begins to suspect that Alex’s rekindled interest in her is driven by ulterior motives. She is determined to get to the bottom of things, but she can’t do it alone.  

Together, Janet and Dennis team up to solve a tangled white collar crime web that leads to powerful politicians and corporate executives. Armed with their keen instincts and skills, Janet and Dennis are bound to succeed. There is just one glitch: both are attracted to each other, and both refuse to admit it. Will Janet and Dennis solve the biggest case of their careers or will their attraction to each other get in the way?

*Catching the Bad Guy is book two of the Janet Maple Series, but it can easily be read on its own.*


Available at:





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Welcome To Kathi Barton Blog Hop enter to win all kinds of prizes

Welcome to the blog hop ,

Kathi's Blog tour

About the author:
Kathi Barton, author of the bestselling series Force of Nature, lives in Nashport, Ohio with her husband Paul. In addition to writing full time Kathi likes to spend time with her eight grandkids, three children and three children-in-laws. She writes to relax and have fun.
Her muse, a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Hugh Jackman brings them to life for her readers in a way that has them coming back time and again for more. Her favorite genre is paranormal romance with a great deal of spice. You can visit Kathi on line and drop her an email if you’d like. She loves hearing from her fans.
Follow Kathi on her blog:
Son of Our Blood
Mac McManus has everything going for him, but he doesn’t see it that way. All he sees is his limitations. Like his father, Aaron, he is a vampire—forced into the darkness and to sustain himself on blood. He hates himself for what he has become and would rather meet the sun than remain immortal as a vampire or drink from another. It’s not anything he wants his family to know about.
He strikes a bargain with his aunt, the Queen, to get what he wants—an end to his suffering. In the bargain he must save a woman, his mate, from another vampire, Zachariah Roberts, a murdering fiend that has been plaguing Mac’s dreams since he turned. But the woman he must save, the one the Queen is making him save has turned out to be more than he bargained for. More than he ever wanted.
Brandi Daniel, Andi to her friends, has been on the run for years. Never staying in any one place long, she has managed to stay just one step ahead of her step-father—a cruel man with a nasty temper. Andi has a talent of her own. She can move things with her mind and her step-father thinks he can sell her to a science lab for a quick buck.
Andi is caught squatting on Bradley Wolf’s land and is given an ultimatum. She can work off the debt or spend a few days in jail. She figures she’ll make a quick buck and leave before her step-father finds her. She has learned to rely only on herself and isn’t bargaining for a gorgeous overbearing vampire, Mac, stepping in and dictating her every move. A man who can and will fulfill her every fantasy and desire…
Mac’s dreams of Zachariah have gotten worse and he knows that Andi is foretold to be one of his victims, but the danged woman won’t stay put. The entire Kiss is banding together to keep Andi safe and it pisses her off in the process. Will an entire Kiss of vampires and an entire pack of werewolves be enough to protect one stubborn human? Has Mac found a new purpose in life? Will either of them live long enough to find out?

let’s see some reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Son of our Blood February 26, 2013
By Cindy
Vampires, werewolves, fae, magic, murder, fear, retribution, romance all wrapped up with a gorgeous cover, what more could you ask for? Kathi Barton gives us all that and more. Mac MacManus doesn’t want to be a vampire, he hates that he has become one. Brandi is on the run from what we don’t know at first. She is her own boss and that’s the way she likes it. When Mac meets Brandie, something in him changes, even he doesn’t recognize it right away. All he knows is that he wants her. Mr. Bossy thinks he can tell her what to do, how wrong he is. Very strong women are a fixture in Mrs. Bartons stories and they do not like being told what to do. Everyone in this family tries to control what Brandi does, of course they aren’t meaning to hurt her, in fact, they only want to help her. Mac finally realizes that Brandi is his mate and the story takes off.
Will Brandi let her new “family” and mate help her? Getting to that conclusion is often times filled with fun happenings. I for one, enjoyed seeing how Mac and Brandi’s story was going to play out. This was a fast read for me as I tend to get wrapped up in the characters, and I loved the end. Looking forward to more from Kathi Barton.
My Review of the book

5.0 out of 5 stars a must add to the series, April 22, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Son of Our Blood (Aaron’s Kiss Series) (Kindle Edition)

Well I must say I loved Mac Story.. He is all grown
up.. He is still the charmer.. Mac was not Happy about
his life but Mel had ask him to do her a favor ..
It was to watch over a woman that had kids
little did he know he would find his own mate ..

Blood Body Mind 1800x2700

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What I do for fun…Auctions.

My hubby and I try to hit one every weekend.  We will drive out little red truck all over the place in pursuit of them just to see what sort of junk we can find and take home to clean up and use.  We live for the warmer weather so we can go and get our mental fix.

We buy boxes of household stuff for a couple of bucks and let out kids take what they want.  We buy whole tables of someone else’s treasure just for one thing that caught our eye.  Bedroom furniture to fill a need for someone in the family.  Garden tools to spread to the boys in our life so they can mow, till a garden or just dig a hole.  We buy lawn and deck furniture for next to nothing, swing sets for the grandkids and cookie jars because one of our daughter-in-laws collects them.  We’ve gotten boxes of sewing material for our daughter, jewelry for our other daughter-in-law and go carts for the kids.  We love auctions.

We spend the day hanging out together, laughing at someone who paid way too much for something and enjoy watching others try to figure out what the hell they just paid a dollar for. (I’ve done that several times myself.)  We eat our lunches at the carts there; use the port-o-potty when nothing else is close.  My husband and I mostly just have fun.

From April until November we rummage through junk, old houses and barns and bring home things that we would have paid a great deal more for had we gotten it new.  But mostly we do it because its fun, relaxing and my muse…well, he does get a lot of information that he normally wouldn’t if I just let him write all the time.

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15155_452653294811833_67155014_n 603818_451570138253482_854402521_n

About the Author     Kathi  Barton

I woke up one morning and decided to give play time to the people in my head who were keeping me awake. Little did I know that they would be so relentless and want their time right now! I wrote for the pure joy of it and to entertain my family and friends. But mostly it was to get more than an hour of sleep without a story playing out. Of course, the more I write, the more they want. So…well, as a result of sleepless days (I work through the night as a gun toting grandma – nope not a vigilantly but an armed security guard) I have lots of stories written.

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Give Away Just In time for Mother’s day

Good Morning I am Honor to do a blog on Sable & Jess Hunter  and His book For A hero , 

let  me just  say this I am half way through this book and it is wonderful .


Heroes are not born, they are made – they are made by defeating enemies, by overcoming impossible challenges and by walking through fire. David is such a hero. He has devoted his life to saving the hopeless, yet he can’t accept the fact that he is worthy to be loved.
David lost his family and he blames himself, so he fights Fire to repay a debt he never really owed. Day after day he does his job and goes home alone to face a future of solitude and regret – until Jenna comes into his life.
Jenna sees a hero when she looks at David. She sees a man who is bigger than life and deserves to be loved. So, Jenna sets out to prove to him that he is perfect just the way he is. And starts by buying a date with him – to the tune of $15000.
Before David knows it, his life is full of excitement, passion and more love than he can handle. But will he be able to keep it or will the demons from his past snatch happiness from his grasp?

** Warning: Contains Explicit Scenes and Content, Intended for 18+ Audience

This book has gotten 14 5 star rating so far and after i am done with the book is will make 15 , Let see what people are saying about this book ..

5.0 out of 5 stars Great new author., May 10, 2013
Debbie Lemon (Medford,Ore.) – See all my reviews
This review is from: For A Hero (Kindle Edition)

Check this book out.I’m always looking for new author’s, so was pretty excited to hear Sable Hunters brother was writing a book.I’m sure everyone on the planet has read one of Sables book’s. But anyway I was not disappointed when checking out Jess Hunter book.It has it all suspense, sexy characters and love.David and Henna are perfect.I don’t want to ruin the book for you.All I can say is please check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Bertie (Baltimore, Maryland USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: For A Hero (Kindle Edition)

This book totally Rocked. It had all the right moves in all the right places. David was a hero from the start. Jenna and David made such a great team. Can’t wait for the next book to find out what David needs to do to help Blaine.

This is going to be one HOT series.

Also you may contact Jess Hunter here
Sable And Jess Is Giving Away Two Copies  of this book
 Just In time for a mother’s day , who would not what to read a great romance ??
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So start spreading the word about this amazing book and drop by Jess Hunter facebook  page to just say hello .. Also please take the time and drop by his author page as well and give it a like .. Also the winners from this contest if you can please take the time  to  review the book for this new upcoming and amazing Author  ..
 Good Luck Everyone , and Have a Happy Mother’s Day !!!!!!!!