Secrets of the Ghosts: The Sleeper by Solease Barner/ 4-16-13

Good morning ,

I got to say over the weekend i had a chance  to read this exellent  book by Author Solease Barnes 

let me tell you , It’s one big adventure ..



Book One in the Trilogy

WHO- Holiday Towley is a loving perfect wife and mother that holds a deep dark secret. 

WHAT- Holiday’s dark secret is revealed when her daughter’s safety is compromised by unforeseen circumstances. Holiday’s life becomes more complex when she finds out the truth of who she really is. 

WHERE-In a richly beautiful suburban neighborhood surrounded by astonishing views in Michigan.

WHY- Holiday soon finds out she has a special gift that will change her life and maybe protect her daughter from the secret life that she has kept hidden.




Posted February 14, 2013

 This book was well written.. It kept you guessing as to what the

This book was well written.. It kept you guessing as to what the next step was. Is Evey and Joe gonna be alright? Will Ava let Joy live? Will all the sisters live… How is Holiday going to handle her life with Joe and David. All i can say is, the book ended to soon.. Just as it gets going real good and you want to know what is going on it ends.. Now you HAVE to buy book too, She kept the suspense up right through the end of the book…
I truthfully didnt want it to end..i wanted the second book to be out already to find out what is gonna happen next. Well done, Well written… This book is most definitely a book i will tell others to read and pass on.. I CANNOT wait for book 2 to come out.. Solease, This book was the most awesome book I have read. Not alot of romance which i read alot of , but also alot of suspense and intrigue.

I absolutely LOVED the book


my review of the book 5 stars 

this was a excellent read .. this book was a adventure , mystery and it keep you sitting at the edge of your seat .. I will be buying the next one .. Thank you author Solease for writing such a great book…

 The book Is available at 

amazon .com 

and Barnes and Nobles…

I would grab a copy if you can before her new book is out 

thanks everyone have a great tuesday, Denise



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