Archive | March 24, 2013

Winner’s announced from lupus giveaway 3-24-13

good morning here are the winner’s and their prizes


Joni Payne Heart necklace please pm me your address thur facebook or thur


next winner is Jennifer Zorko- Legan she won the Paper back novel please pm your address


Nancy Crocker you won a  e book  of this please pm your email address to me  at or thur facebook  also is that for nook or kindle ??


The winners of CC Mackenzie book winners choice is Ginny LaMere and Mayas  Sanders  please pm your email address thur facebook  or    for nook or kindle ???


The winners for ebook of this tile from Author Solease is   Jane Bowan, Kathy Alp, Lucy Wright and Diana Tan Barros  please pm your

email address thur facebook or thur  this is only available thur amazon


The winner of the ring is Annie N Ray please pm me your address thur facebook or thur


Winner of  this sign is Kathi Barton


Last winner is Teresa Oslck Allhouse  is she is a winner of this sign , please pm your address thur facebook or thur


Me and Author Solease Barnes would like to thank everyone who came out for this event and our hopes is that you have learned some information on or about Lupus ..  congrt’s to all the winners Denise , Solease..

There are three ways to contact me you can leave your info on this blog or thur facebook or thur contacting thur ,my email  is