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My story on lupus and why the author’s are important to me / 3-13-13

Good Afternoon ,

my name is Denise as you know , but I have not told my story yet … Well here goes , I was diagnosis with auto immune  hepitits  first  and I had become  diabetic and of course i was an insluin user  and then came Lupus and which made me anemia  and i need blood of course , about 6 bags and then everything started to go ok for me .. But one day about 6 years ago Lupus had attacked my brain and speech , well my mother retired early to help me through everything and help with my son who was 9 at the time .. Well they seen the damage and wanted me to go to therapy for my speech and to read words off of flash cards I of course said no because at that time , I felt very stupid so instead of doing therapy i decided to pick up a book .. I remember the first book I read was Grave Site by Charlaine Harris , Of course i bought the whole series and loved it .. I started speaking better and my brain started to help me remember words that , I seem to have forgotten .. As many people know i can’t write or still spell real well but I try..  Well my husband didn’t want alot of books laying around the house so he deciced to buy me the nook and then there was other books amazon had, so my husband went out and got me the fire then , so I had two devices to read from .. I have been on facebook for years and then I found Goodreads , Melody Anne was the first Author that I became friends with and then as i read a book that I like I started become their friend’s on goodreads and then of course I was amazed when everyone came to facebook  to me Author’s are like my hero’s because without them writing such amazing stories and me   being a bitch about everything I would have never picked up a book .. That is the best therapy that I could have given myself..  Everyone is diffrent  in handing thing and trying to figure out what works for you , this is what works for me … Now my speech still gets messed up when I am real pissed or stressed but I can live with that … I don’t drink which I am allowed every 6 months like having two or three beers .. Lupus has damage my liver and it does have scar tissue and i will need a new liver sometime down the road .. But lupus awareness is very imporant issue  because people can live their lives and never knowing they have it without having a flare .. That is why me and author Solease thought this would be a personal gain for us. As people become aware of this deadly disease.. I hope this helps a bit but like I said alot of us handle thing in such diff ways .. That is why if you have a story and would like to share it please feel free to contact me …. Denise 



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