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Lupus -The story of Solease continues!

Good Afternoon, I will continue my story with Lupus.

Lupus the roaring lion attacked everything on my body except my brain.During my time at UofM hospital my kidneys were down and numerous things were being attacked, but when I was told I need a new heart, I  thought life could not get worse. My heart barely beat working at 8%. This was a extremely low point in my life. The doctors to this day do not know if it was lupus that attacked my heart or the infection that was in my heart. My story of dealing with lupus always seem unreal, but its not. It was my life. It was my nightmare, but I I made it and now… I live a better life today :).

Lupus is a complex disease. The post earlier talks about eating right. I do this on a daily basis. I’m a two time kidney transplant (I will get to that in my story) and I have to maintain a certain diet to stay healthy. I drink tons of water and yes I can drink alcohol, but I never get intoxicated lol (it’s not lady like). I really watch what I eat and that has reduce the intake of my meds. down a great deal. If you know someone or you have lupus I hope this information is helping you. I will continue my story with lupus later.



Lupus Awareness 3-12-13

Well good morning on this Tuesday , today we are going to talk about food .Image

Healthy Eating Tips for People with Lupus

Bad eating habits can make it harder for your body to fight lupus. Luckily, simple changes in what you eat can make a big difference in how you feel day to day and protect your body–especially your heart–from lupus damage. The first step to healthy eating: Cut back on the Bad and eat more of the Good.

The Bad

Fat: Fried foods, fast foods, and foods made with oil and butter are usually high in fat. Eating too much of these foods can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke anddiabetes. Try baking or grilling foods. Think fresh foods, not fast foods.

Caffeine: Coffee, tea and soda almost always have caffeine, which can irritate your stomach and keep you awake. Cutting out caffeine gives your stomach an important rest, especially if you take lupus drugs that already bother your stomach, and can help you sleep better.

Salt: You’ll need to cut back, especially if you have lupus kidney disease or high blood pressure.

Alcohol: Mixing it with drugs (even Tylenol) can be a danger to your health.

The Good

Fruits & Vegetables: These are great sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They should make up the majority of what you eat.

Calcium & Vitamin D: If you are taking corticosteroids to treat lupus, you are at risk for osteoporosis–a disease that weakens your bones. Low-fat yogurt, cheeses and milk are high in calcium and Vitamin D, which can make your bones stronger. Also, by drinking milk while taking certain medications, you can avoid upsetting your stomach.

Whole Grains & Wheat: Eat more wheat and whole grain breads and cereals that are high in fiber. This can prevent constipation and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Low-Fat Proteins: Fish, chicken and beans are better for you than fatty meats. Eat baked or grilled fish, like salmon and tuna that are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 oil.

Water: Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Drinking plenty of water is good for your whole body, from your kidneys to your skin, and can help you to control hunger.

Me personal don’t follow a diet which I really should , but does changing  what you eat make a difference ?? I am not sure about that but if you are a steroids i suggestion you make a food change because it does make you gain weight.. 



Alright you all have a great day , remember to entering the drawing we will be coming to a close on the 24th of march .. If you would like to share your story please contact .. Denise