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Lupus 3-6-13

Good Morning everyone , I am still sick as a dog i can not wait until my appointment with doctor on thursady morning ..  So while being sick  I have not got to much done …AS you know I do talk alot of Med’s to help control the lupus , as time goes on I seem to be getting more auto immune disease , they say once you have one your chances at more at are at 90 percent .. That is alot …Image

The key to all this is to find out everything there is to know about Lupus and the drugs that you have to take .. Don’t be scared to ask questions , I do all the time .. If you like something is not right please make an appointment to see a doctor ….

Well that’s enough for me right now i have finish other things up too .. But before i go i wanted to show and list the prizes for you …



4 ebook copies of this book will be given away 




One ebook copy of this book will be given away 




2 ebook copies of winner’s choice from CC MacKenzie  of her books will be given away 




One paperback book sorry not signed but just as good 




1 heart necklace  to one lucky winner I am still adding to the list ..  If you have any of these books please comment on the giveaway thread so we can give to someone who does not has the ebooks .. Thank you all and have a great Wednesday , Denise 



When Lupus Started for Solease.

Denise have given you a little about her story of Lupus. She has shared with you some great information. I will tell you a little of my story along with some facts to go with it. If I try to tell you everything I would need to write a book. Each day I will share a little more of me. I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus in 1999. It was my senior year in college. I thought I had the flu. Many times people have flu like symptoms when dealing with lupus. I did not have any knowledge of what lupus was so I took some Tylenol flu and continued on with school. I got so sick that I start having trouble walking so I went to the doctor and he too thought it was the flu. Many times doctors do not know the signs of lupus themselves and patients are misdiagnosed causing more damage because of the wait. I eventually got blood drawn and was told I needed a blood transfusion. The Doctor was unsure and drew blood again and it was getting lower from first time. I eventually lost my ability to walk and finished my last term in bed. On June 5, 1999 was the first day of dialysis (both my kidneys had failed and I was dying that day) and my extended stay in the hospital for a year. Lupus is a Disease that many in the medical field call the roaring Lion because just like a lion it attacks everything.  Lupus will attack everything on your body inside and out.


P.S. -I will continue the story of my life with lupus tomorrow.