Street Teams Available Here Is a List 2-26-13

Good evening everyone i have some street team announcements  you may join any of these teams just let me know which one you are interested in …. Image


Sandy Sullivan write cowboy romances !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




CC Mackenzie  write’s comtemporary romances with a thrill of an vampyre  series  great stuff i tell ya…




Kathi Barton best selling author  of  Forces of Nature  writes dark fantasy and contemporary romances 


That is three teams for ya  so all you have to do is pick one if you like to be a part of something special..  Any of these author’s are great people to chat with and got big hearts ..  Please beware the author’s do offer freebie but in return you do need to help promote and like and reviews the book in return …. If you feel you can do that .. Then please support the Author you love ..

Thanks everyone and have a great night , remember you can contact me thur my page’s  or contact the author of your choice 




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