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Talking about Sandy Sullivan books and Contest

Hello everyone , Let see who can show off today I am picking Image

I have read the Montana  Cowboys Series and wow it is hot .. So I am going to share some of her books with you … I am reading this book know so I will share this one first 



Amy Russell has sworn off men until she runs into Tanner Lewis. His muscular chest, soft brown eyes and drop dead gorgeous, sexy dimpled smile has her rethinking her decision. Can she learn to trust again, especially a cowboy, after her ex broke her heart? Will she let Tanner penetrate the shell around her heart?

Tanner’s been burned. Yeah, he was in love once, until he caught his fiancée in bed with his best friend. Now all he wants is to get his singing career on the right path. Just when he thinks things are going perfectly, he runs smack into Amy Russell, horse tamer extraordinaire and registered nurse. As he watches her take a difficult horse and turn it into a docile pussycat with nothing more than soft words and a kind touch, he’s fascinated, but Amy doesn’t want a relationship. Can he convince her there’s nothing better than a cowboy’s love?

Note: This book contains anal sex.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Let me just say  It is very steamy ….



Home. They say home is where the heart is, but can coming back to Red Rock, Montana really be home? Natalie Bennington is about to find out.

Finding herself in a blizzard and stuck in a ditch, the last person she expects to rescue her is gorgeous ex-high school jock, Cade Weston. His light brown hair and baby blue eyes had many a teenage girl all a twitter including her, but being the shy band girl didn’t garner attention from his type. When Cade’s best friend Kale, and ex-football jock shows up, the stakes have just shot through the roof. Both men want her and she can’t undersand why.

Cowboy and all around good guy, Cade Weston is a born and raised Montana boy. Yes ma’am, no sir, hold the lady’s chair, open her door—those things were ingrained in his upbringing, but every man likes a pretty woman. Natalie Bennington has grown up into one gorgeous female and he can’t get her out of his mind.

Kale Dunn can’t get over the changes in the shy band girl he remembers from high-school. Natalie sure turned into one hot woman. All legs, gorgeous body and breasts big enough to fill a man’s hands. Would she be willing to share? He and Cade liked 
to partake in threesome’s on occasion, but from what he remembered of Natalie, he didn’t think she’d be the type. Was he wrong?

Wined, dined and loved by two men. Can she make the decision to love only one or will their possessiveness drive her back to Oregon?


Small town America. Laurel Hayes, Homicide Detective from Los Angeles What 
the hell was she doing in Red Rock, Montana?

Trying to convince her sister Elizabeth it wasn’t normal for a husband to beat 
the shit out of her until bruises and welts formed, she decides to take matters 
into her own hands and lay the man out flat in the middle of the local 
honky-tonk. What she wasn’t prepared for was for devilishly handsome Kale 
Dunn to step into the fray.

The mass of red hair and big blue eyes stopped Kale in his tracks as he 
watched the gorgeous woman deck one of his ranch hands. When he heard 
her accuse the guy of abusing his wife, he couldn’t help but admire her grit. 
Thoughts of harboring all her fiery passion in bed, keeps him in a constant 
state of arousal every time he runs into her.

Laurel is harboring her own wounds and he must decide whether he wants to 
attempt to overcome her mistrust of men and she has to decide whether she 
can put his past ménage with Cade and Natalie behind her.


Emma Weston, tomboy and small town Montana girl from hole in the wall Red Rock. Nothin’ ever happens here except tumbleweeds catching on Rancher Adam’s fence and shortin’ out the electrical so the cattle escape, new wildflowers painting the prairie with a burst of color or an occasional rodeo accident to liven things up. So what the hell is country music’s hottest singer’s bus doin’ embedded in the front end of her beat up old pickup? And why in the hell is she seein’ double?

Beau Tucker is tired and cranky. Keepin’ his wild ass brother in line, drivin’ the tour bus, bookin’ shows and tendin’ to the money flow is gettin’ old, but he promised he’d be there no matter what. Well he just ran into what when he runs a stop sign in the middle of Montana and cave’s in the front end of a pickup belonging to one of the prettiest women he’s ever seen. But will she see him for anything besides Brandon Tucker’s brother?

Brandon Tucker is country music’s hottest commodity. What Brandon wants, Brandon gets—except for Emma Weston. Yeah, she used to be a fan until he shot off his mouth and pissed her off enough to break his CD and throw it into the bushes. Can he sweet talk her enough to find out if she’d be interested in a threesome? Maybe, but he’ll have to do a lot of ass kissin’ and a whole lot more to smooth her ruffled feathers.

Little Miss Emma has one problem. She’s hot for both the Tucker brothers. Brandon has been her wet dream for the last five years and now that she knows he has an identical twin, she’s havin’ all kinds of fantasies of being sandwiched between the two. What happens when the bus rolls out of Red Rock onto the next stop?

Well this is just some of her series which I have already read  four of them so far , Let’s move on shall we ,


She wanted him. He wanted her, but best friends don’t fall in love…or do they?

Lin thought for sure she could convince Trace to take her virginity on the night before he left for college. One night in the barn to ignite her dreams for the long years to come. She didn’t count on him walking away.

Faced with taking his best friends virginity, he couldn’t do it. He loved her, but four years of college called him away and he refused to leave her with only one stolen night.

Can misunderstandings be forgotten and long dormant feelings resurface after so many years apart? Find out as Lin and Trace come face to face and reignite possible lost love.


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