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Q&A with CC MacKenzie about her lastest adventure The Vampyre Chronicles

I just wanted to say I have read and review both your vampyre chronicles books. People messaged me asking me what I thought about your books , so I figure it’s your adventure so we should ask you.. 1. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE VAMPYRE LEGAL CHRONICLES.
Denise: What made you decide to write about Vamyres?

  • Christine: I’ve always loved the genre. My favourite vampire authors are Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan’s ‘Dark Carpathian’ series and JR Ward’s Black Dagger series.

    Denise: Can you tell us what to expect from the The Vampyre Legal Chronicles?

    Christine : I write paranormal romance. So within each book is a love story, set in the present day where magic is leaking into our world from portals from an alternate reality. The portals are being manipulation by an unseen foe. The lawyers are Vampyre Princes who protect the secrecy of their race and also protect humanity. These stories are a prequel to the main series set in an Urban cataclysmic future, where humanity has almost been destroyed by a swine/avian flu outbreak. Basically, I’m destroying the world before rebuilding it in 2049.

    Denise: What kind of Vampyres are they?

    Christine : I think you’re asking if they’re evil. No, they’re the good guys. They’re provided with synthetic hemoglobin from a global pharmaceutical company run by a Vampyre Precedential Elder, Constantine Mabille. The only fresh blood they drink is from the woman who is destined to be their mate and part of the ritual is to take their woman’s vein. Each heroine in the story has a special talent. One is a witch, another empath, one has latent Vampyre DNA etc.

    Denise: Where do they come from?

    Christine They’ve been among us since the 17th century. Where the come from is a secret.

    Denise: Where can we get a copy of book one of The Vampyre Legal Chronicles, Big Trouble In China?

    Christine : You can get a free copy of book one of the series, Big Trouble In China from: – iTunes – Barnes & Noble – Kobo – Smashwords

    Second book questions:
    Denise: In the second book you decided to add more characters to the plot, can you tell us what made you decide to do this?

    Christine : Although each book is a stand alone love story, the backstory plays a big part and so do the secondary characters who dip in and out of the love stories. There are six individual stories in total with the Vampyres trying to stop a human calamity as well as save themselves.

    Denise: Can you tell us what kind of characters to expect?

    Christine: Two more hot Scottish Vampyres and two Italians, and their mates. The Vampyre Witch Ezekiel and Vampyre medic Saira Pattullo will get their own story and we’ll meet everyone again in the future.

    Denise : How many more books are you going to have?

    Christine At the moment six, depending on how well the series does. This is a niche market and I’ve been busy with my contemporary romances too.

    Denise: When should we expect the next one?

    Christine: March 2013.

    Denise: Why do you think some people don’t acknowledge this series from you.

    Christine : My contemporary romance readers are probably not paranormal romance readers. It’s unusual to have a cross-over. I think they might be expecting blood and gore. When in fact it’s more mystery, thrills, spills, laughs and hot lovin. Always I try very hard to surprise readers, to throw them a curve. So I hope they read the first in the series, which is free, and try something new.

    I would like to thank Christine for this and If anybody else would love to ask CC Mackenzine question please feel free to do so ..