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Free Did I mention Free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Nick Dante, number one pitcher for the California Condors, moves back to his native Brooklyn after an injury in the last game of the season. Once he discovers his ex-wife, Jenna has also moved back to New York, he has a singular intent – find out why Jenna divorced him in the first place.

Jenna Valentine can’t but still pine for the man who was the love of her life. But what will happen when Jenna finally confesses the secret that drove her to end their relationship? Will she break his heart all over again? Or will Nick forgive her and prove he’s …Playing for Keeps.

Mia Sinclair, publicity director for the New York Thunder, is also the boss’s daughter. Quinn Rafferty, fun loving star goaltender for the Thunder defies authority and Mia’s overprotective father. They begin a torrid affair that threatens both their positions with the team, and causes…

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Comming To The End Sable Week

Good Morning , as we come close to the end of Sable Hunter week , I would like to ask Sable Hunter some questions ??? How about you ?? If you had a chance to ask Sable something What would it be ??? I will be taking some of your questions and passing them on to her to see if we can get some answers.. If you would like to ask Sable a question please comment below , so I know what kinds of quesrtions you would like to ask .. Now on to Sable’s Texas Country Heart Series


Sparks fly when Annalise walks thru the door of Ethan Stewart’s Bed & Breakfast, turning his life upside down … again. Six years ago she had simply vanished into thin air after eight short days of earth-shattering passion. Ethan had searched desperately for her, but never found Lise. After being apart for so long can they simply pick up where they left off?

Annalise Ramsey has come to face with the man of her dreams. She has never forgotten what it felt like to be loved by him. Tragedy tore her away from him years before, and now she fears the shadows of that secret will keep them apart forever.

Can Lise overcome the fear of rejection that keeps their love in the dark?


Alex Stewart has been roped into playing wedding co-ordinator for his older brother Ethan’s wedding; and nothing is going right. To make matters worse, he gets off on the wrong foot with the bride’s delectable sister. Before he knows it, Alex is suffering from a raging case of Scarlet Fever, and is determined to claim this woman for his very own, even if it means making a sacrifice he never thought he would make.

Scarlet is taking a trip to see her sister get married, and to experience a small taste of a normal life. After setting eyes on her too-gorgeous soon-to-be brother-in-law, Scarlet decides Alex is way out of her league, and strikes off #1 from her bucket list – losing her virginity to someone she trusts. When Alex finds her list, and discovers the secret she is hiding from everyone, he is determined to help her anyway he can. Can he break through her stubborn pride and make her see she deserves a life? Preferably with him!


Bobby Stewart is a man of many talents. He can ride a bull, catch a football and please a woman – it’s all in a day’s work for one of the most eligible bachelors in the Texas Hill Country. He’s wanted by the Dallas Cowboys and half the female population of the Lone Star State. But one stormy night, he meets Cecile Fairchild and she turns his world upside down. Bobby falls head-over-spurs for this ‘older’ woman, who he pursues as hard as a defensive lineman out to sack the quarterback. Come with Bobby as he takes Dallas by storm and shows Cecile he’s one hot-hunky-Cowboy who just won’t give up on love.

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Thanks everyone and have a great day .