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CC MACKENZIE - USA Today Bestselling Author

Happy Valentines Day!

The links to a free copy of Big Trouble In China are HERE!

My thinking behind the title of this post is that the word procreation was a better choice, more polite, than shagging. I could have gone for beget, breed, conceive, create, make, multiply, reproduce, sire, spawn. But since this is me you’re dealing with I went for shag.

According to certain people in the know in the scientific community and certain organised religions, the urge to shag is a primal one, meaning to shag is the reason we were put on earth, which would explain a lot.

Have you ever seen mismatched couples? I see them all the time. As a romance writer, I’m nosy an avid observer of the human condition.

So while I was watching H measure out four ounces of wholemeal pasta per person (we’re on the 5.2 diet) for our pasta…

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She is giving me Dean Cain hahahahaha Just kidding



I spent all night wondering how I should go about presenting this article today – should I make it a biography? Should I only talk about my book? Should I emphasize love (ok lust) and sexiness?  Then it occurred to me, I can do all three and still be myself. And being true to myself is very important to me. I am unique and silly and I don’t need to conform to anyone’s previous interviews.  So without further adieu… Ladies and Gentlemen, Beneath the Wall has the pleasure of being one of the first 100 romantic novels where this man has graced the cover. He is strong, handsome and as sweet as can be.  He is the face and body of my Sgt. Mack Roberts – He is Jason Aaron Baca!

First of all, thank you so much for joining me on my blog and for becoming the face (and…

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